Two Excavators stuck in deep clay - Heavy Recovery - Terribärgarn, Sweden

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 28, 2017
  • Stockholm Sweden, Two excavator are stuck in deep mud. An 35 ton heavy excavator was removing a temporary construction road. Halfway done, the excavator sank in the blue clay.


  • Lots Lasagna
    Lots Lasagna  yesterday

    selling land on a mud pit...Looks like the world is full of crooks

  • Dennis Delaney
    Dennis Delaney  yesterday

    I was working on a parking garage in Chicago A bulldozer broke a water line and the tracks kept digging it self deeper,down to the seat.A wrecker like this one in the video could not budge the dozer everyone was standing around scratching their heads. When a old black guy showed up with a truck wheeled air compressor and a wand like you use to dust down a floor or street.He shoved the wand like a spear under the struck cat and hit it with a lot of air it came right up.I never got to use what that guy taught me but I always remembered it

  • Тот Сириус

    у нас парни на зиле 157 из такой же грязи экскаватор вытащили ) а тут целая операция ....

  • Johns Does
    Johns Does  2 days ago

    glade towing bills not mine !

  • helder henoch
    helder henoch  2 days ago +1

    muito bom trabalho e porficional

  • Jeff Jefferson
    Jeff Jefferson  2 days ago +1

    The Voiceover is just phantastic!!! :D

  • Dallas Hobbs
    Dallas Hobbs  5 days ago

    I have never seen buckets like that, that can rotate, that is handy for some things

  • jackie oman
    jackie oman  5 days ago

    A beautiful thing !! Awesome machine !

  • Amando Marques
    Amando Marques  5 days ago

    The guy in the yellow escalator is a pro, doesn’t need any help for the logs.

    DENMONKEY  6 days ago

    Glad I'm not the one paying for this

  • John Brim
    John Brim  7 days ago

    Well done guys!

  • Konstantin Chuev
    Konstantin Chuev  7 days ago

    Вот это был секс, как в том анекдоте про фею и танк.

  • brian moore
    brian moore  7 days ago

    andrew camarata could have done that job

  • mjr102395
    mjr102395  7 days ago +1

    I bet that cost 30 grand for that recovery.. I would have done it in my corolla with a 2 ton winch for 1500 euro and a case of beer.

  • Carlos Spicy wiener

    Looks like those tiltrotator buckets are the way to go

  • Wayne G
    Wayne G  7 days ago

    Great job getting it out. Just goes to show you the sucking power of mud/clay. Once it gets a hold on you it does not want to let go.

  • Jack d
    Jack d  7 days ago +1

    About five years ago me and a colleague went out to place were the ground was just bog where a quarry owner had taken a short cut through the end of a forestry lot, he was stuck similar to this, we both had 13 tons but the digger that was stuck was 20 ton. We dug for 4 hours to get him out but then as my colleague was tracking, away the ramp down we had dug gave way his digger fell side was rendering him trapped in the cab it took me an hour and a half to get him put 15 minutes after he tracked out the whole thing collapsed into itself. That ground wasn't as bad as west cork

  • Wilbur Finnigan
    Wilbur Finnigan  7 days ago

    Dumb Swede made a real mess !!! WOW !!!

  • ThePaulv12
    ThePaulv12  7 days ago

    This guy could ice a cake for the local show with that excavator.