The Mattress Industry is One Big Rip-Off

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 5, 2018
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  • William Kirchhofer
    William Kirchhofer  53 minutes ago

    The only thing he knows about mattresses is the one his boyfriend presses his face into.

  • Valeriebug1
    Valeriebug1  2 hours ago

    The last time I was mattress shopping I already had a nifty, incredibly
    inexpensive, 22" high inflatable queen size bed in a box in my trunk. I
    decided to check out a large mattress store before breaking open and
    trying the cheap bed out but couldn't find any sales people in the
    store. I finally found a lady sleeping in a recliner behind a desk in
    the middle of the store. It was hard to wake her because she was using
    headphones. She finally showed me a mattress I had seen advertised and
    pointed out the fact that it was crap. I told her I was driving around
    with the new inflatable bed in the car and she advised that I was better
    off to keep that one. That was more than one year ago and I am very
    pleased that I did.

  • tim gersh
    tim gersh  2 hours ago

    so pretty much this is a long way to say nothing

  • Judson Zhao
    Judson Zhao  2 hours ago

    Google Zinus and thank me later

  • cpfalcon51
    cpfalcon51  3 hours ago

    Sooooo... are there any useful pointers for mattress shoppers, or is this video simply b*tching for the sake of b*tching? Like, are we supposed to just buy the cheapest one, or what.

    WHOMST'D  3 hours ago

    The most annoying person in the world right here

  • fundip51426
    fundip51426  4 hours ago

    Owo look at the sparkle

  • duduoshunn
    duduoshunn  4 hours ago

    Hey you Adam, where's eve?

  • Nevaeh Toepler
    Nevaeh Toepler  4 hours ago

    The podcast is SO TRUE

  • Belinda Crawford
    Belinda Crawford  4 hours ago

    All the dislikers were mattress company employees

  • Clay Williams
    Clay Williams  5 hours ago

    Freddie Mercury? What are you doing working for a matress company?

  • PstScrpt
    PstScrpt  5 hours ago

    Mattresses really have gotten better, though. You don't see waterbeds much anymore because memory foam is almost as good, and less trouble to maintain.

  • Innocuous Block of Wood

    And coming up next week, on *Adam clutches at straws*

  • quieness
    quieness  5 hours ago

    This applies to almost any product ever honestly xD

  • Scott Henderson
    Scott Henderson  6 hours ago

    Get a Purple mattress! Problem solved

  • Mark Szekely
    Mark Szekely  6 hours ago

    College humor, now that is an oxymoron.

  • Hexalys Walker
    Hexalys Walker  6 hours ago

    Anybody got any idea where the Purple matress stands in all of this?

  • Noah's Cesspool
    Noah's Cesspool  6 hours ago

    calm down ppl buy a mattress like once a decade. and the people who buy mattresses more than that can probably afford the prices

  • DreamTech Oz
    DreamTech Oz  6 hours ago

    I've been sleeping in the same hammock for the past 4 years. It cost me $40 (AUD)

  • Gusty
    Gusty  7 hours ago

    buy a blanket and throw it on the floor. apparently its better for your spine than using a mattress anyway