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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
  • Hey guys! So I was just rewatching my wedding video and realized I never shared it with you guys! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

    Videography by: Rob Adams Films
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  • DailyVlogs With_LisaAnn
    DailyVlogs With_LisaAnn  2 months ago +565

    I have been waiting to see this video Nicole! Thank you for sharing it my friend much love xo going to watch it😘❤️ Nicole that was so Beautiful, and touching you should have told me to bring the Kleenex girl LOL I laughed so hard when his friend said when he met you that your eyelashes looked like bat wings was it part of your costume 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Anna Lipiec
      Anna Lipiec  26 days ago

      I love you

    • Judy  Flores
      Judy Flores  1 months ago

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    • Patricia Vargas
      Patricia Vargas  2 months ago

      DailyVlogs With_LisaAnn
      I can't wait to have this beautiful moment one day

    • DailyVlogs With_LisaAnn
      DailyVlogs With_LisaAnn  2 months ago +2

      HairMusic Videos sorry about your dad 😢 believe in me when I tell you he will be with you in spirit on that special day when it comes❤️ There are angels all around us xo Nicole’s Wedding is what every woman dreams about❤️ And DREAMS do come true! Xoxo

    • HairMusic Videos
      HairMusic Videos  2 months ago +3

      DailyVlogs With_LisaAnn ... I cried when she came down the stairs to her dad. I know I can never get married bcoz my dad passed, and the thought of not having him walk me down the aisle pierces deep into my heart. I could never do it without him.

  • kim k
    kim k  34 minutes ago

    I just cried my face off..... beautiful

  • The One
    The One  11 hours ago

    How much did your wedding cost? That's what I'm wondering 😆

  • 7eventee 8 Luck
    7eventee 8 Luck  21 hours ago


  • Tehrah Creasey
    Tehrah Creasey  yesterday

    I love abolish wedding big fan

  • andrea l
    andrea l  yesterday

    I love her wedding it's so magical!! Love you snooks

  • Darina K
    Darina K  2 days ago

    Snookie you look BREATHTAKING, and wow the artist making a picture of the first dance is amazing- what a wonderful piece to have.

  • Darvi Large
    Darvi Large  2 days ago +1

    That was beautiful!! Thank you!!

  • Alabama Girl
    Alabama Girl  3 days ago

    2 of those most annoying and shortest people in the world

  • BayouBabe82
    BayouBabe82  5 days ago

    Girl I cried through the entire thing! Y'all are the cutest couple ever!

  • The Paramount/Viacom Fan guy 102

    This video is heartwarming

  • Angelica Zuniga
    Angelica Zuniga  5 days ago

    Beautiful!! I bawled like a baby through out the whole video! Thank you for sharing your special day with all of us!

  • Kristin Bilicki
    Kristin Bilicki  6 days ago


  • Julia Sarnelli
    Julia Sarnelli  6 days ago


  • Sweetnessjess
    Sweetnessjess  6 days ago

    I bawled this entire video! Not only did u look FTD AND GORGEOUS, the highlights of your wedding were so stunning, sentimental, emotional, and just BEAUTIFUL!!! My parents actually live 2 blocks from the Venetian and it was such hot news u getting married there! The venue is beautiful (I’ve been to a couple weddings and events there! Congrats on your beautiful life and being an amazing wife! 😜!
    Love u ! #jerseygirl #queen #slayinit

  • Davina Torres
    Davina Torres  9 days ago

    Thank you for sharing your wedding video so cute and sweet. I cried through most of it!!! You too are the perfect match. I'm glad you are happy and have the cutest little family you deserve to be happy.

  • Dee Dawson
    Dee Dawson  9 days ago

    Wonderful wedding story.

  • Biscuits Mitchell
    Biscuits Mitchell  9 days ago

    ...omfg...WHO is THAT ARTIST?!?!?!?!?/...WHO was ur band?!?!?!?! Everybody seems to Luv them!...seriously tho...who the fuck is that artist? Xoxooxo

  • singergrrl77
    singergrrl77  10 days ago

    I was crying this entire video. Made me so happy. So beautifully done !! Blessings to your family Nicole ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Kelly Bush Bich
    Kelly Bush Bich  10 days ago

    THIS IS SO SWEET UGH 😭😭😭😭 I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! 💜 can’t believe it was so long ago 😩