FIFA 19 Re-Review: How EA Broke Its Promising Game

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  • Published on:  Friday, February 8, 2019
  • Read Nick Akerman's full "Re-Review" of FIFA 19 here: 19 has had a terrible year. Whether you sink time into Ultimate Team, Career Mode or just play casually with friends, the game has failed players miserably. Bleacher Report gave the game a positive review back in September but we decided to re-review the game due to numerous problems since release.


  • koolyo2foots  5 months ago

    This video puts a *BIG SMILE* on my face. Finally EA is being called out more and more about their garbage display of a game.

  • Punisher Lee  3 months ago

    So what? PES 2019?

  • AgimDupDap  5 months ago

    yup dude , Fifa more too 'scripted' game

  • KingArthur  1 months ago

    Watch their tournies, it's hilarious how broke their game is. The game works on what I assume is layers of If someone scores you can instant retaliate from kick off. This kick off thing is described as a glitch, but it's been in fifa for so dang long and its not inconsistent with 19.

  • Bobbytheman98  5 months ago

    Fifa and 2k are trash this year. Bro, WE NEED A BETTER MANAGER CAREER!

  • mvhttew  4 months ago

    @Lord Ramsay i have pes as well as fifa and neither are even close to playable this year. it's sad.

  • AFJet 89  5 months ago

    Yea I stopped playing fifa it’s just had to many flaws like scripting finesse shots are op not fun franchise anymore

  • AFJet 89 yea the scripting is jus ridiculous

  • eldoktore  5 months ago

    we shoul ALL boycot Fifa 20! What EA has been doing for the last few years is an uncanny impertinence

  • 2way2times ___  5 months ago

    It feels like the game gets worse after every update

  • Rok in igor show  5 months ago

    Where is THE CHAMPIONS,?

  • LisciousOne  5 months ago

    The problem with this "game" is that it takes so much control out of your hands. I swear it's like the game is playing me instead of the other way round. That and the absolute lack of effort put into career mode makes this game trash. All they did was literally re-skin the champions cup and called it a new feature. FOH EA.

  • John Beton  5 months ago

    LisciousOne thank you. Have the same experience

  • Bird Person  5 months ago

    Shouldn’t even be considered an esport

  • Juan Munoz  5 months ago

    Which is precisely why I no longer buy FIFA games.