The Impossible Landing - United Airlines Flight 232

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 8, 2019
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    United Airlines Flight 232 was a regularly scheduled United Airlines flight from Denver to Chicago, continuing to Philadelphia on July 19th, 1989.

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  • Armen Miskarov
    Armen Miskarov  2 hours ago

    Two lessons to be learned:
    1) In situation when you have less than 50% chances to make to the runway there is no reason to land on wheels. I guess they can be used to slow down the airplane and try to see if using wheels allows making right and left turns, but for sure wheels must be folded back before landing. This will allow landing on the belly of airplane which in field landing situation might be the best option.
    2) Having fire fighter crew at the end of the runway is also not the best option.
    Several crews must be present with concentration in the middle of the runway area. This will allow firefighters to get to actual the landing position much faster. In this emergency situation every second counts toward saved lives.
    Thank you pilots for doing your best and for all saved lives.

  • Dave
    Dave  9 hours ago

    Wish there was a story teller reading the thing blows

  • Lloyd Morrison II

    As a student pilot, I watched all episodes of "Air Disasters" to learn as much as I possibly could to help me be a better pilot. I remember this episode and it was a God Gift of the remarkable pilots that saved so many people's lives with true grit, and the Finest Airmanship I have ever witnessed. Hearing of the passing of one of our great heroes, I am heart broken, but I know our heavenly father was smiling as he entered into heaven.

  • James Viles
    James Viles  3 days ago

    Was this the crash depicted in "Fearless"?

  • Dion Wagner
    Dion Wagner  4 days ago +1

    To be that calm under those circumstances is something I don't have the vocabulary to describe.

  • aerlial360
    aerlial360  7 days ago

    The aircraft was written off. Ha ha. You sure that wouldn't just buff out?

  • Jake Mcfee
    Jake Mcfee  7 days ago

    Captain hayes You're a hero and I'm sure god welcomed you in heaven with the gates wide open. What you did that day was literally impossible for a human being and you did it. Flying that massive airliner without hydraulics is just incredible. Captain hayes and captain sully who landed the plane in the Hudson are those immaculate unique pilots. They were probably birds in their previous life. That would explain how they were able to make the impossible possible.

  • Young Nuetron
    Young Nuetron  7 days ago

    Why can’t we hear the real audio

  • Dan Carrison
    Dan Carrison  7 days ago

    What heroes!

  • Dave k
    Dave k  7 days ago

    I only fly Southwest Airlines. I don't trust the other airlines mechanic staff.

  • Jenean McBrearty
    Jenean McBrearty  7 days ago

    That the men stayed calm under such pressure is surely a testimony to good training and personal fortitude. Had it not been for the fire, everyone would have survived. Truly amazing that so many did survive.

  • grumpy old fart
    grumpy old fart  7 days ago

    i'm never flying again after the harrowing experience I had last time. The fat ugly old bitch at the security line fondled my nuts.

  • David K
    David K  7 days ago

    I was on a flight, sitting 1A. A woman boarded and was met by the cabin crew, shaking hands and hugging and she came and sat in 1B. She asked for a cotton blanket and she got it. So we took off and I started chatting with her not knowing who she was. I learned she was a (senior?) flight attendant on Flt 232. What a chat we had. She was on her way to Washington, DC to speak in front of Congress lobbying for no more lap children. During the crash of 232, she watched lap children shoot through the cabin because they were unrestrained. I saw tears well up in her eyes. I teared up as well. I will never forget that flight with her. Hero's all.

  • David Scott
    David Scott  7 days ago

    There is an extremely well researched book on this.

  • dobie gal
    dobie gal  14 days ago

    4 heroes and legion Angel's that day. The made for TV movie with Richard Thomas is a wonderful portrayal of the event.

  • JoMama123451234
    JoMama123451234  14 days ago

    Wow. Incredible. I've read about other incidents where aircrafts have lost all hydraulic power and all of them did not make it. This is truly a miracle. And the fact that they had the flight instructor on board was a stroke of luck. Right place, right time is an understatement.

  • Venkatesh Sheshadri

    How many DC’s have crashed till date?

  • Steven Spencer
    Steven Spencer  14 days ago

    older vids were better buddy

  • mark kostinec
    mark kostinec  14 days ago

    Stilll think they should have put it into lake by yankton sd - lewis an clark lake - or 100 miles further up into the lake behind fort randall dam - Lake Francis Case. But over all still an amazing story and high survival rate for such a horrific crash

  • Pete P.
    Pete P.  14 days ago

    There used to be a version of this video with exactly the same “narrative” and CG airplane views—albeit different text font and date reference in the text regarding the surviving pilots —except, after the impact with terrain it didn’t go to black, but switched from simulated graphics to actual footage of the airplane flipping as broadcast on the news, and while conveying the findings from the investigation it didn’t show videos of DC-10s in various airlines’ liveries, but of first responders/investigators amidst the wreckage. So this video seems to be a re-compile using some source materials that were used in the original. True? If so, I’m wondering why the real crash footage was suppressed. Copyright issues? Or was it deemed too graphic for general viewers?