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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 9, 2018
  • We tweeted and asked you guys to ask us some tea questions and then we answered them while hooked up to a lie detector... Here is the TRUTH to your questions.


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  • taytay🌻
    taytay🌻  7 hours ago

    "I promise I don't have a micro penis"
    Me: ope😳😂😏

  • Lisa-Rae Maplanka
    Lisa-Rae Maplanka  17 hours ago +1

    Ethan: "Who is more materialistic?"
    Gray: "You"
    Gray: "You wear gucci satchels everywhere"
    Ethan: "I have no gucci on right now"
    Gray: "How much was that shirt?"
    Ethan: "NeXt QuEsTiOn!"

  • Alejandra Carrillo
    Alejandra Carrillo  19 hours ago

    That one lucky girl who stole grays v card

  • buttercxp uwu
    buttercxp uwu  yesterday

    0:28 i just realized Ethan was singing XD

  • Aditya Chauhan
    Aditya Chauhan  yesterday

    Well I am allergic to fruits.(14:09)

  • Malishka Vedak
    Malishka Vedak  3 days ago

    Do this with your parents

  • Hope Sheehan
    Hope Sheehan  4 days ago

    Turtle mans bk

  • Libby Foxy
    Libby Foxy  4 days ago

    omg when they both say i love you bro, jrays face.

  • Kaja Sandberg
    Kaja Sandberg  4 days ago

    I didn't know they were THIS chaotic and I love that

  • bella grace
    bella grace  4 days ago +2

    omg the lie detector guy john literally laughed

  • France Yee
    France Yee  4 days ago +1

    18:24 is so cuteeee 😩

  • Ella Vad3r
    Ella Vad3r  4 days ago +1

    16:48 that no was adorable for some reason

  • Irma Olofsson
    Irma Olofsson  5 days ago

    Part two, I mean wtf🙄

  • casey the dancer
    casey the dancer  6 days ago

    is this the same john that did larray and twamiz

  • Besh Zh
    Besh Zh  7 days ago

    I’m slowly becoming addicted to your videos guys Help

  • Cyan B
    Cyan B  7 days ago

    If Ethan is allergic to FRUITS🍍 and he loves PINEAPPLE pizza🍍🍕...That means he is also alergic to pineapple pizza!🍕
    But waiiitt?...😕
    Like, if you agree👍

  • Faith DiMuccio
    Faith DiMuccio  7 days ago

    You boys were in the suburbs but then y’all went to the city

  • Elisha Bamfield
    Elisha Bamfield  7 days ago +2

    this lie detector guy has be came a part of youtube, like who hasn't seen him before!

  • Caite Corriveau
    Caite Corriveau  7 days ago

    omg who is the girl u both kissed