Weird NHL Vol. 28: Epic Regular-Season Finale

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 11, 2019
  • Strap in for an epic 2018-19 regular season finale featuring the linguistic stylings of Daryl Reaugh, bad luck bounces, failed selfies, Phil Kessel, broken sticks, undercover goalies and the wet-willy of the year! For the latest hockey action, subscribe to our channel by clicking the big, red shiny SUBSCRIBE buttonWatch live hockey wherever you are: news, scores, stats, analysis & real-time highlights: https://www.nhl.comFeeling social?Twitter:


  • Noah Puffenbarger  2 months ago

    “Sometimes, you just have to pee in the sink” this man is a national treasure.

  • Qwerty Keyboard  29 days ago

    Booty Pounder Why the hell not? A wasted man isn’t a logical man. Knowing that, some guy definitely has pissed in a sink before.

  • B  2 months ago

    "he's stopped more shots than a mormon at an irish wake" ....can he be the commentator for every game?

  • Emile Willaerts  8 days ago

    When was that?

  • Christopher Siefken  2 months ago

    B yes, be a Stars fan. We love him

  • Kyle Sander  2 months ago

    I lost it at ‘diarrhea infected goose’

  • It's Me  6 days ago

    And Jamie Benn is one of my most admired players as a stars fan

  • deBebbler  2 months ago

    Gus Nyquist was not pleased by the reference.

  • Dallas Stars  2 months ago

    Razor is the GOAT

  • Kannon Sunday  1 months ago

    Yes, yes he is

  • Kannon Sunday  1 months ago

    @Ranger Dan21 Thanks, his been great

  • Elias Nathenson  2 months ago

    Daryl Reaugh, the undisputed king of adjectives

  • brokenfingers98  2 months ago

    Ray Hudson is comparable

  • KR6363 Vainglory  2 months ago

    Pull his pants down and spank it home

  • JrNitro24™  2 months ago

    Whoever lined up that Pastrnak commercial deserves a massive raise.

  • No Name  20 days ago

    @roguishpaladin *_"...or it's just a coincidence"_*

  • roguishpaladin  20 days ago

    @No Name Yes, she said that she felt like they had it planned. I said that it's hard to plan around someone who has taken a small number of PIM all year, so as to debunk her statement.

  • Mariella  2 months ago

    No one:Daryl Reaugh: "this is double penetration"

  • sixarmed Octopus  2 months ago

    Cassandra Breit not off the top of my head. You should be able to YouTube the clip “Razer double bennetration”

  • Cassandra Breit  2 months ago

    @sixarmed Octopus does anyone know what game that is from?

  • Kaos  2 months ago

    Wait wait wait. A Weird NHL without a New Jersey own goal??? that is something special.

  • Andrew Rutherford  a months ago

    Kaos lol

  • There were so many own goals that I'm afraid we'll see some during the playoffs even though they are not in.

  • Will Farrell  2 months ago

    Sometime, you just have to pee in the sink.. Truer words were never spoken.