Lamar Jackson doesn’t have the MVP locked up yet – Max Kellerman | First Take

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 9, 2019
  • Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Marcus Spears debate whether Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson has secured the NFL MVP title.

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  • icculus19
    icculus19  14 days ago

    Lets look at lamars stats, he didn't even play 16 he played like 14 if you count all the 4q he never had to play in. Max is an idiot and SA is a steelers fan and molly well she basically a live prop. Not an intelligent thought could be found on this set

  • Thomas Jefferson
    Thomas Jefferson  1 months ago

    Hey Hating A. Smith , How many TD passes does Lamar have in those last 5 game's ?

    IMUSA ASUMI  1 months ago


  • Cooper Hunt
    Cooper Hunt  1 months ago

    Max literally the week before: "Lamar is the best player in the league and the MVP"

  • The 5-Star Review 2020

    I must watch Lamar Jackson. I don't watch my home team, the Falcons. I must watch history as if unfolds. I watched Vick. I got that feeling again.

  • freelancehd
    freelancehd  1 months ago

    Haters goin’ be haters! Quit playing! The man that wouldn’t to be able to communicate in the huddle, should try out for WR, didn’t have the throwing ability ... just in last game alone 20 something passes and 5 were TDs. What are y’all smoking? Max, stick to boxing. I like you there.

    The most IMPORTANT part is look how Lamar’s teammates rally around him, play for him, are passionate about him ... all without him EVER, EVER demeaning his teammates, is a RARITY in the NFL and the true mark of an MVP, the likes of which we have not seen in a very long time!

    A man that enjoys the GAME and comradeship! Are y’all watching the same things we are?

    I don’t watch football like I use to. But, when LJ plays, I tune in and watch every play! Casters forget what a REAL person/fan watches/feels!

    I hope y’all are not REALLY haters and affecting ratings!

  • Darth Maul
    Darth Maul  1 months ago

    Its either him or russel wilson. But lamar deserves it

  • kaznpak
    kaznpak  1 months ago

    Talk about a player that pads his stats like no other. Lamar is absolutely lucky to have been drafted by the Ravens and to come into a winning football team situation that was already top offensive line, top defense. Lamar literally doesnt even need to throw to allow ravens to win. That said. He is the king of padding stats. He only starts throwing if the his team has a comfortable lead. When its competitive, you notice they dont want to leave it to lamars QB play. Just his legs. People with all this hype, they dont realize that he was literally given every QBs dream of a team. Amazing offensive line, great RBs, great defense. Even LAST YR when Lamar had 6TD-3INT IN 7 GAMES, they went 6-1. But sure, buy into all the hype, and claim him to be some game changer.. sadly.. eventually when people realize that hes not clutch and cant carry the ravens.. he has more backlash about him than what goes for him. I can guarentee that this will be his best year. He will always get his rush yards because ravens allow and design it for him. Which will also create RBs not to want to go or be with ravens. They need to build their resume too. Ingram would be leading rusher/td leader and possibly MVP if Lamar was a better passer. WR will never get paid or get notoriety. Here's the bottom line, and anyone who knows football knows this. Aside from all the blind hype. Lamar is easily the luckiest QB ever drafted. He went to a team already established and successful so he piggybacks on their success. Top off line which is why the rushing yards are easy. Top defense to keep lamar comfortable and keep getting him the ball back. When a QB can literally pass for less than 200yds and throw multiple TDs on just a few attempts tells you the strength of the team. Lamar IS NOT the reason ravens are winning nor is he a game changer. His success relies on their defense more than anything. Wait until the playoffs. Ravens will never win a superbowl with lamar as QB. But itll be fun to watch and talk about. But he isnt a guy that's clutch or carries a team. The team Carries Lamar. That's the diff. This will be his best year for one. And two.. slowly hes going to have to distribute and play like a QB in the NFL because skill position guys need to build on their resume stat wise.. RBs and WRs need the ball. Having one of lowest YPG. WR suffer. Lamar carrying the ball as much as RBs do and splitting time in a RB committer with the QB, RBs will suffer. And eventually they'll have to pay the defense and offensive line or they'll leave. Watching all the film and every snap of every play Lamar has this year. Not just his stats, but every play every quarter. He is like the NBA in blowouts.. he pads his stats like no other and the coaches allow it to "justify" their QB scheme. In closer games, they dont ask lamar to throw often, but once they get comfortable lead, they throw alot. Everything the ravens say, they contradict. Hes not a RB, yes he is. If he has equal runs attempts to his RBs and yards .. hes a RB. You cant argue that because he has the lowest YPG YPA and completions. Which is also why his passer rating and comp% is high. It's a matter of odds and difficulty. 2-1 is 50% 20-40 is 50%. Its manipulating numbers. Lamar just happens to be in a fortunate situation where the team is so well coached and setup for success that Lamar doesnt even need to play QB for them to win. It's just a added bonus that he can run. Which is why all his stats are manipulated, self serving, selfish,unnecessary, and most of all padded. The stats dont tell the story of Lamar. He is easily the luckiest and most over rated QB in recent history. And wait till stuff goes sideways, all the excuses about defense and protection and blah blah blah.. but that's like that for every QB except they have the skills to overcome most of the time, especially if your talking about elite qbs. Lamar is easily the best situation a QB can ask for in the NFL this year. QBs would give their right nut to be the ravens QB. Top offensive line inc TE, Top defense, Top run game, Top coaches. A below average QB can look amazing in those situations and history has proven this. And history has also proven that once some of that goes away, the QB falls apart and is blamed for the decline of the QB when in reality.. that was the qbs talent level all along. So enjoy this. But lamar will never win a SB. He can get the popularity award (MVP). Doesnt mean jack anymore, it's just a media tool for ratings. Sorry, I'm not saying lamar sucks.. I'm saying hes average at best. He isnt a high IQ high level QB. He cant pick apart NFL defenses with his arm. Hes a one read designed throw, other wise dink and dunk passer with world class legs. And just like everyone else in the nfl, itll be short lived. One day the team wont be able to carry lamar. Like Russ with one of the worst defenses in nfl right now, but theyre still 10-3 and he has amazing stats( which he NEEDED to have and be clutch for his team to win). Almost every game has been on average of 3pts diff. Where as it's the perfect situation for lamar and hes padding stats in blowouts to really try to be MVP. It's so desperate, it's sad. Hes the ultimate role player and the coach rewards him with stats in blowouts. What a elite QB.. not. Coaches are trying so hard to make lamar look relevent this year as aQB. When the truth is, hes a RB that throws basic passes and TDs in garbage time blowouts. The truth always comes out eventually. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  • myles francois
    myles francois  1 months ago

    I don’t know why mad is trying to put Russell in the convo, just stop🤣 he’s not catching Lamar

  • myles francois
    myles francois  1 months ago

    Yes Mar has been through the Gauntlet

  • Jamo Vlogs
    Jamo Vlogs  1 months ago

    Lamar got it on lock it’s over

  • Eyem Dunn
    Eyem Dunn  1 months ago

    It’s official. Max is a Lamar Jackson gating for not thinking he’s the mvp. I mean the amount of disrespect max is giving him right now, I just can’t take it. The hate needs to stop, he’s only in year 2 max GOSH

  • Jon Mikelonis
    Jon Mikelonis  1 months ago

    lamar needs to pass more instead of running 2/3 of the time more like 60 to 40 or 50/50 run pass plays in order to be a real complete elite nfl QB

  • allaboutfacts
    allaboutfacts  1 months ago

    It's crazy how the media/ NFL doesn't factor in rushing yards and rushing TD's for a Qb because they want to continue to push their narratives that you need to be a pocket passer. Last time I checked TD's are what wins the game. And just because he doesn't throw for 300 yards his TD's doesn't count? Wow Really! Lamar has 35 TD's in total. 28 passing which leads the league and 7 rushing which is 2nd to Josh Allen. He has 2,677 passing yards, and 1,017 rushing which is 3,693 total in 13 games. Wilson has 26 passing TD's and 3 rushing which is 29 total. He has 3,422 passing yards and 312 rushing which totals to 3,734. They have almost the same total yards. But lamar has 6 more TD's, sat out four 4th quarters, has beat Wilson, has a better record, is breaking records, and he has beaten the top teams. He's MVP.

  • DJ L Beats
    DJ L Beats  1 months ago

    Ok so here where I think your wrong @ 1:30 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • JohnWeakFlurry
    JohnWeakFlurry  1 months ago

    Just give it to Baker Mayfield. More commercials>wins = MVP

  • Jackpots After Dark
    Jackpots After Dark  1 months ago

    Molly is horrible. Someone please tell her that she isnt on the panel.

  • The Pooa Principle
    The Pooa Principle  1 months ago

    LAMARKABLE is a better name than LAMARVELOUS.

  • Rob Erickson
    Rob Erickson  1 months ago

    Lol if he doesn't win it's been fixed

  • Sunset Island
    Sunset Island  1 months ago

    This is a very bias opinion because I am a ravens fan since 02 but long story short. Yes!