Cooking My Boyfriend’s Favorite Dessert!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 8, 2019


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  • KenNy McCorMick
    KenNy McCorMick  an hour ago


  • Bling-Bling11 Superstar

    7:56 Me when I look in the mirror

  • The Blondies
    The Blondies  9 hours ago

    Come for ryland
    Stay For shane
    Laugh with andrew

    He got a little boodie toodie bubble, we need to get it out 😂

  • Demi Rodrigues
    Demi Rodrigues  10 hours ago

    It’s a stand mixer no?

  • Arantza Arslanian
    Arantza Arslanian  10 hours ago

    I love how dedicated Shane is about making his confetti egg😂😂

  • Amanda Blythe
    Amanda Blythe  11 hours ago

    Ryland, can't you do this once per week?

  • rebelxoswald
    rebelxoswald  11 hours ago

    the funniest thing i noticed that made the brownies turn out bad was the use of water instead of milk or a milk-like substitute. bless rylands heart, it was in the right place but his baking skills were not. 😂😂😂

  • pumpken_playz
    pumpken_playz  yesterday

    Jojo and Shane have the same net worth at 12 M.

  • Jolina Munoz
    Jolina Munoz  yesterday

    9:55 though

  • potato baby
    potato baby  yesterday

    Andrews laugh honestly makes my day

  • Zoe Beard
    Zoe Beard  yesterday

    'are you filming?'

  • LimzVlogz
    LimzVlogz  2 days ago

    remember last cooking video
    shane putting a pot on his head n trying to crawl in the oven “turn it on”

  • Kamen rider Verde

    At this point I have stopped questioning shanes own sanity

  • Amelia Reynolds
    Amelia Reynolds  2 days ago

    I love you guys so much if I’ve had a bad day I watch you everyday and you make me laugh till I die “shook”
    You guys are the meaning of life, I’m a young person and you just make my day.
    Your my number one favourite youtubers if I had to watch anyone for the rest of my young life it would be you guys.
    Can’t spell America without Erica, also I’m from Australia ❤️😂

  • Holly Belle
    Holly Belle  2 days ago +8

    No one:

    Absolutely no one:

    Shane: “but Alisha Marie!”

  • Andrea Rodriguez
    Andrea Rodriguez  3 days ago

    5:34is so cuteeee😂🥰🥰

  • Alisa Maria
    Alisa Maria  3 days ago

    I will never get tired of this video.

  • Jacqueline Rios
    Jacqueline Rios  3 days ago

    yessss I love Jordan skinny syrups!

  • Alexandra Mignevitch

    when ryland was afraid the nail would catch fire LMAO i cannot