Game of Thrones Top 10 Moments

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 25, 2011
  • This is my personal opinion of the Top 10 Moments of Season 1.I could not add much of the #2 scene due to nudity but here is the full scene for anyone interested: Mentions for Top Moments:Khaleesi eating a HeartNight's Watch Speech + March outside the wallJurah finally suiting up and battlingAny of Tyrion's scenesNed beheading a deserter with his sons witnessingAlmost any dire wolf scene where they protected their masterFor anyone who wants to read the books you can download the mobile version for your phone here: can buy all 4 paperback version of the books for a total of 20$ on AmazonYou can also buy the hard copy versions for 20$ each on Amazon as well. The books are well worth the read.Hope to have more Top Moments for Season 2 which will be based off Clash of Kings! Also by "Rebirth of the Dragons" I simply mean the Dragons in general are back. Not that those certain dragons have been born before.


  • Laurie Jane  4 years ago

    Things that taught me life isn't fair:5% school95% ned starks death

  • Mining Diamonds  25 days ago

    Severus Snape?

  • maniac9565  1 months ago

    King Robert had all shit under control and people respected that drunk fuck. After he died all shit went to hell

  • Mauricio Parada  5 years ago

    i wonder why syrio doesn't grab a real sword from the guards

  • Sandor Avagour  1 months ago

    Some people say it was not Syrio ... it was Jaqen H'ghar

  • plamen ivanov  1 months ago


  • Objective Ninja  4 years ago

    All Ned had to do was say the words *"I demand a Trial by Combat!"*. Is it that hard to say those six words?

  • C P  17 days ago

    That's only when you plead not guilty. He had already confessed.

  • Sleksk Kdks  24 days ago

    Amagen if he knew the giant wun wun :D king would say gregor clagane ned would said wun wun and he destroys mountain

  • Kulsky  3 years ago

    i would ve loved to see khal drogo vs the mountain or jame, or the hound. he was such a freaking beast

  • maniac9565  1 months ago

    Khal raped the mother of dragons so taking out the hound or the mountain would have been a boring undertaking

  • Shakeb Mirzaii  1 months ago

    Drogo would have kill them all, in the same day.

  • Dont Care  1 years ago

    King Robert:" Let him go!"Guards:" Oh thanks god..."

  • dovestones  3 years ago

    Khal Drogo vs the Mountain That would have been some fight

  • Count chocula  1 months ago

    Wavvy baby I think the mountain is worse but I still think they’re comparable.

  • Alex R  3 years ago

    Jamie Lannister Season 1 vs Jamie Lannister Season 5... Now that's what I call Character Development!

  • Big Boi 2000  1 months ago

    This comment did not age well 😂

  • Steffen Schuchardt  2 months ago

    @Stefan Constantin Dumitrache She has to loose everything. Oh, your comment is 2 years old. Yeah, she overcame the death of Tommen pretty easy it seems.

  • Slaughter_Pact  3 years ago

    what about the 2nd time Tyrion slaps Joffrey? that shit never gets old...every time I wanna be in a good mood I just watch Joffrey getting slapped by Tyrion, Bitten by Nymeria, and Slapped by Tyrion again, then I finish it up by watching him die. it's great

  • Bernd Kiltz  1 months ago

    Lol, made my day

  • Veteran  1 months ago

    Thats brutal

  • Lanksey  3 years ago

    Stupid guard just had to ruin that 1v1

  • sanjay kumar  4 months ago

    Its karma,

  • jokeonyou89  3 years ago

    Dark Souls Gank Squad all over again ;D

  • David Butler  4 years ago

    My personal favourite was when deneary buys the army and becomes a true bad ass in the space of 30 seconds. 'Dracarys!'

  • Bolo_ the_akham  2 months ago

    ‘Dracarys’ for kings landing was so hyped! Wait a sec,this commend was 4 yrs b4 LOL

  • djole _a.m  4 years ago

    @Lauri Leppänen Esi mi dobar lauri?