Gamify the Midterms: Can We Reward You For Voting? | September 12, 2018 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 12, 2018
  • Most Americans didn't vote in 2016. What can convince them if not the general dissolution of the entire world politic? How about a cleanly designed app that pays you money? Hopefully it's that, because that's what we made for you. Download the game here:

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  • PandiiMan
    PandiiMan  2 months ago

    It is decidedly NOT AWESOME that Civic Tech works 4:42

  • TC IronBear
    TC IronBear  2 months ago

    I tried out your game today. I think it might be broke. I went into dead mode after a correct answer. Also no one won today. Surely someone won if there i not a break in the game.

  • michaelccozens
    michaelccozens  2 months ago

    A complementary strategy for increasing voter turnout is non-partisan local social engagement. Whatever groups or clubs you might be a part of, consider creating a notice or event giving election information (eg, early-voting, updating voter registration, etc.) or creating a "group voting" event on Election Day, or even volunteering as a group to, say, help transport seniors to their polling places. No need to bring any politics into it at all, beyond a fundamental shared belief in our democratic experiment.
    Democracy is the worst form of government, aside from all the others. Historically, that's not a pleasant lesson to have to learn first-hand.

  • Capped At 30
    Capped At 30  2 months ago

    So the ad says and I'm quoting here "Did you know more people download mobile games than people vote in the election" so I want to ask
    Do you guys not know 67% of children prefer mobile games over a console
    That may have something to do with it

  • Davitski P
    Davitski P  3 months ago

    Ok thanks, I'm voting red.

  • MAGA Matt Bell
    MAGA Matt Bell  3 months ago

    How desperate are democrats 😂😂😂

  • Real100Talk
    Real100Talk  3 months ago

    A Canadian trying to get me to vote Democrat in an American election is all I need to know to never vote dem again.

  • Aaron Mullins
    Aaron Mullins  3 months ago

    I’m pretty sure this is illegal.

  • MM 27
    MM 27  3 months ago


  • Mees Lopez
    Mees Lopez  3 months ago

    What’s with her #vocalfry? She sure can speak w/o it.

  • Pranay
    Pranay  3 months ago

    6 million more votes, the problem is the confederate electoral college.

  • Emilia Kaplan
    Emilia Kaplan  3 months ago

    She represents most of us who have no voice. The GOP wants us poor, barefoot and pregnant. We are like a livestock to them. Something to be used when they want to. This is why Trump loves Putin because in Russia women are slaves. I just saw a movie Eastern promises on cable which is very close to real life.

  • 20killershot
    20killershot  3 months ago

    I live in California our votes here dont matter because we will always be a blue state even after we had a republican governor we still voted democrat. The thing people need to know about people is that people have their own autonomy. I did not vote for Hilary I didnt. I knew my state was going to go blue regardless but I didnt vote for her and people like having their own autonomy. The democrats rallied behind a person NO ONE LIKED. No one likes a loser. She lost to Obama and she needed to stay on her lane. Aint no one was gonna vote for her. I just think its important for people to be able to have autonomy but do good for the country.

  • Josefin S
    Josefin S  3 months ago

    So basically... Pokémon GO TO THE POLLS ;)

  • Sean Warren
    Sean Warren  4 months ago

    Link in description, sheesh.

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany  4 months ago

    Anyone have a referral code?

  • Ben Blevis
    Ben Blevis  4 months ago +1

    When the first ever question is which old white man is not a president.

  • King Kong1453
    King Kong1453  4 months ago

    The idea of a game , will definitely work , 😂😂😂

  • xcw4934
    xcw4934  4 months ago

    Voting is extremely important but at the same time highly illogical for any individual to make the effort. The odds of any one voter's vote being decisive is outrageously remote in a large scale election with more than a few hundred voters. Australia's Founding Fathers realised this so voting is compulsory and if you fail to show up you get fined. For some reason failing to vote in a state election here in New South Wales (fine of A$55 ~US$40) is more expensive than failing to vote in a federal election (A$20 ~US$15). Also all our elections must occur on a Saturday. We're still baffled US elections are held on a weekday.
    However, we don't elect our judges or police chiefs(I guess you'd call them sheriffs) so we have far fewer elections we have to pay attention to. The plus side is we don't get judges who base their decisions on whether they will look good on a TV ad but we do have the potential for shockingly bad judges sitting on the bench waiting to retire and no one is incentivised to boot them out. I'm not sure how big a problem this really is but it has been satirised so I'm guessing it's not unheard of.

  • clumsiii
    clumsiii  4 months ago

    FYI --- (techies) -- there is a significant % of Americans who HATE cats... ok.. moving on