IT'S OFFICIAL! Khabib and Conor McGregor both make weight for UFC 229 Main Event,UFC 229 W-ins

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 5, 2018
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    UFC 229 Weigh-ins,
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  • Strother Pitzke
    Strother Pitzke  1 months ago +749

    I promise, I watch all of your videos.
    I’m from Alaska, and am in VEGAS for the fight!!!!!!

  • Connor Bronson
    Connor Bronson  1 months ago

    Did Mcgregor win?!

  • Phexism
    Phexism  1 months ago

    all these new comments are khabib fans hahaha, I mean that's what I expect, that's what toxic fans are like, even the mcgregor fans.

  • angelo palmer
    angelo palmer  1 months ago

    Don't say I didn't tell you guys that khabib would win and that there would be trouble.

    • Phexism
      Phexism  1 months ago

      sorry I don't even know who you are, what did you say? you didn't say khabib would win that's for sure.

  • Chris Grieve
    Chris Grieve  1 months ago

    How long does everyone think until we see a 165lb division now that Conor has lost? You know he's going to push for it and have an easy match up so he can go down in history as the only man to win 3 belts in an organization and not defend one.

  • Eduard
    Eduard  1 months ago +2


  • mudassar nadaf
    mudassar nadaf  1 months ago +2

    Khabib the Eagle nurmagomedov preyed on Connor the rat. Hahaha

  • mbajsel
    mbajsel  1 months ago +1

    Damn you guys were right. Conor got messed up but his cardio held up longer than many of us expected. Khabib's striking seemed to improve a lot too.

    • L s
      L s  1 months ago

      Cos he spent most of it on his back

  • Jologo
    Jologo  1 months ago +1

    And the Irish are not back

  • Diego Ramos
    Diego Ramos  1 months ago +1

    And still!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Usul_aut
    Usul_aut  1 months ago

    Someone told me he saw Tony wrestle with the cable on the way to the weight in. Since he was there i guess he won this time.
    6:18 a face that only a mother can love (if she is blind, of course)
    If my child would look like that, i would smash it in the trash, throw it away and try again.
    I know, i know, that is not politically correct and what not...

  • the bull
    the bull  1 months ago +1

    1:54 the beast has steel balls.

  • Paul Batterson
    Paul Batterson  1 months ago

    The weigh in time is so stupid.

  • Valenzuela.702
    Valenzuela.702  1 months ago

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  • Bryan Padilla
    Bryan Padilla  1 months ago

    I swore I heard Ariels whipers that he does at these weigh ins

  • Bryan Padilla
    Bryan Padilla  1 months ago

    Connor looks a lot better at 155 on weigh ins than he did at 145lbs. He look super drained n skinny at 145lbs. Idk how max n Ortega making that weight at their size

  • mpforeverunlimited
    mpforeverunlimited  1 months ago

    360p today? 🤔

  • markbuenaobra Paday
    markbuenaobra Paday  1 months ago

    The crowd is on mcgregor all bullshit

  • Fun Box
    Fun Box  1 months ago

    Make sure to check for bombs with all the allah akbars around!

  • Emil Wharton
    Emil Wharton  1 months ago

    Conor, you lost. Lmfao.