Babysitting SIBLINGS as a Mom for 24 Hours! (Parents secretly SPY w/ hidden camera)| Rebecca Zamolo

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 21, 2019
  • Rebecca Zamolo babysits Familia Diamond in their new house but don't realize the parents are actually spying on her! Rebecca Zamolo and Matt spent 24 hours in a tesla that drove them to a mystery location. We aren’t sure who has taken over the tesla but Daniel thinks it’s the Game Master trying to hack in while Rebecca believes it could be the red hood hacker. They realize the house is La Familia Diamond’s new house so Rebecca sends a message on instagram asking if they can stop by. Rebecca says they want to give a housewarming give and can be there in 10 minutes. Matt and Rebecca along with Daniel compete in a 5 minute shopping challenge. When they return Rebecca asks in they want her to babysit the family. Daniel and Matt don't think she is ready so they set up spy cameras. Later when the parents return they watch the hidden footage and were surprised that they were playing so much fortnite. A mysterious man with a briefcase knocks on the door and leaves a card that says same food challenge as the Norris Nuts. Do you think Txunamy's crush Biggie sent it or was it the Game Master? Can Rebecca get it together before the parents confront her? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!SUBSCRIBE to La Familia Diamond! #gamemaster #babysitting ▶Join the Game Master network! ▶ Get ZamFam merch! http://www.rebeccazamolo.comWatch my friends awesome videos! WHICH SIBLINGS MAKE THE BEST TWINS FOR $1000 - Norris Nuts Twin Challenge 2 Labrant Fam | We're Stranded On The Side of a Mountain With Our 2 Kids... We Need Help! Rockelle | 24 Hours Being PREGNANT Challenge in PUBLIC with TWINS **FUNNY REACTIONS vs Bro | Our Daily Routine in Alphabetical Order! Rivera | SONGS IN REAL LIFE (MY LITTLE SISTER'S FIRST BOYFRIEND) Key | Whatever You Draw, I’ll Buy It PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE & How To Make Lion King Visa Art Rebecca!Instagram Challenge Spy Videos


  • Familia Diamond
    Familia Diamond  28 days ago +4535

    OMG THIS WAS INSANE!!! 😱 But since this was your first time babysitting 4 kids we think you did great 👍🏼 We Loved seeing you guys ❤️

  • Mrs Mercury
    Mrs Mercury  14 days ago +402

    Who else is here from the Norris nuts (biggy😏)

  • Gacha Nova
    Gacha Nova  14 days ago +242

    💖❤💖💖 I love you Rebecca!!
    this is how many people love Rebecca!
    👇 (liked my own comment 😅)

  • Bts Taelephant
    Bts Taelephant  7 days ago +80

    Im here after watching norris nuts tiktok 😂 (Biggy)

  • Ava Hall
    Ava Hall  14 days ago +102

    Txunamy said something about biggy from Norris nuts what is it

  • Rebecca Zamolo
    Rebecca Zamolo  28 days ago +1097

    How do you think i did babysitting as a mom for 24 hours? Stay tuned for La Familia Diamond's video coming out soon!

  • Angelina Garcia
    Angelina Garcia  7 days ago +31

    I’m watching this because you said that Txunamy said something about Biggi

  • Laetitia Parker
    Laetitia Parker  21 days ago +77

    OMG, I watch the Norris Nuts and they did a video of eating the same coloured food, Rebecca!!

  • Gacha _Life
    Gacha _Life  14 days ago +39

    Rebecca: Matt I'm your wife,
    Rebecca: I'm going to be a mum someday
    Me: Wait WHAT????

  • Roda Askar
    Roda Askar  14 days ago +29

    Biggy and txunamy during on a tree KISSING

  • tom Seery
    tom Seery  28 days ago +488

    This is how many people love rebecca
    And Daniel
    And rz twin
    And the game master
    And basically everyone else on
    The GM network
    And rocky
    And flip
    How did I forget them

  • мarιaн
    мarιaн  5 days ago +12

    7:54 everyone whos looking for what rebecca says about txunamy -> biggy❤️😂

  • Gwendolyn Henry
    Gwendolyn Henry  7 days ago +11

    Biggy and tsumini's ship has left the dock! 🌹❤️

  • Holly Rivera
    Holly Rivera  14 days ago +16

    You should get the am welcome home mat.. or like a pretty Hawaiian painting to go on there wall.. rebecca

  • Ella Bullock
    Ella Bullock  2 days ago +4

    I love you rebecca. My sister eve love's your videos you are my sister's favorite YouTuber. My favorite YouTuber is the norris nuts

  • Puppet Master
    Puppet Master  28 days ago +117

    The hacker said they are watching you. Does that mean the parents were watching you at some point other than this video?

  • Melanie Flores
    Melanie Flores  6 days ago +5


  • Norrisnut Fan
    Norrisnut Fan  14 days ago +8

    I would leave you with my kids because I don’t have any 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Santiago Duque
    Santiago Duque  14 days ago +9

    I liked and I subscribed turned on notifications can I please have a shout out in your next video❣️

  • KittiesR2 Cute
    KittiesR2 Cute  6 days ago +3

    In the norris nuts video you said txunamy said something about biggy what is it XD