Skinny Guy Builds Muscle (HIS STORY!)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 12, 2019
  • The one thing every skinny guy trying to build muscle will tell you is, it’s not easy. In this video, Jesse from ATHLEAN-X is going to take you through some of the successes and failures during his muscle building transformation that have gotten him to where he is now and are setting him up for greater mass gains in the near future.

    If you are not aware of Jesse, you likely haven’t been watching the videos on this channel for very long. For those who are seeing him for the first time, it takes a glimpse back in time to appreciate just how far he has come with his body. Jesse started at just under 130 pounds of body weight. He was painfully skinny and very weak.

    Beyond that however, Jesse had a history of head trauma that prevented him from leading a normal life and certainly made it difficult to engage in physical activity without repercussions. As a youth lacrosse player, he suffered multiple concussions which left him with severe post concussion syndrome and he was forced to stop playing all together. The risk of another concussion was too high and it was feared that any additional head trauma could lead to permanent brain damage.

    As he began his quest to try and build muscle while still maintaining the athleticism and all around performance ability he had on the field, he was met with complications from exertion during lifting. Even the slightest amount of stress, strain, overtaxing of the body during a lift would leave him with a headache. Sometimes, he would even black out during a set which became an incredible risk to his health considering he would be doing this with weights in his hands or on his back.

    Doctors forced him to scale back his training greatly while they helped him to identify the exact causes and triggers of his issues and how to better prepare for them over time. He essentially had to rebuild from the ground up. Not to mention, along with the neurological issues, Jesse brought with him a host of postural imbalances and dysfunction that further contributed to his disability and made proper form lifting a challenge.

    Over the last couple years, he worked very hard on overcoming the postural imbalances that were holding him back. The fixing of his pelvic tilt, neck, rounded shoulders and thoracic extension limitations were key to getting him to function better everywhere, not just in the gym. In addition, while the body was being fixed the aggravation of his neurological symptoms was improving as well. Ultimately, in February of this year he was cleared to begin increasing the exertion of his training.

    In just the last few months, Jesse has added a considerable amount of weight to his lifts and is performing them with good form and solid control due to the removal of compensations from his movement patterns from his early restricted work. His legs have grown in size and he is noticeably bigger in all areas of his physique. As you will see, he still has some things that he is struggling with while building muscle. Namely, his love of endurance training and long distance running combined with a healthy eating plan that makes it difficult for him to consume enough calories to put on extra muscle.

    The bottom line however is, he is on the right track and continues to be a motivational figure for any skinny guy who ever struggled putting on muscle. The sky is the limit for him now that he is able to push himself in his training without restriction. I fully expect him to keep getting stronger, bigger and maintain his overall athleticism while continuing to be able to enjoy the athletic endeavors that have driven him to where he is today. We will all keep rooting for this skinny guy to keep overcoming the issues that have once held him back.

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  • Mister Keys
    Mister Keys  10 hours ago

    Jesse, you are the man. As someone who started looking just like you did, you've been such a Goddamn inspiration!

  • MalcSkizz1
    MalcSkizz1  yesterday

    Jesse you gained alot of muscle as long as you stay consistent of course you will go no where but up. The progress not really something to focus just something to keep you going when you get there. Good luck !!!

  • Harsh Barot
    Harsh Barot  2 days ago

    Anyone know his instagram? taking about jess

  • AlabamaAfghan
    AlabamaAfghan  2 days ago

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you to you and Jeff. Confidence is up, and more importantly, gains!

  • TheAnalyzer 10
    TheAnalyzer 10  14 days ago

    Love the progress Jesse mentally and physically✊💯

  • Alessandro Firmani

    Awww we all love jess :)

  • Goose Fraba
    Goose Fraba  14 days ago

    Thank you for this channel guys :) although i discovered it after i started gym and was already motivated from within.
    So i recently started working out (29th oct,19) and my body weight was 60.5 kg (133 lbs) with 6’2 (185 cms) height at the age of 30. There was a time when i was 47 kg LOL.
    Now i weigh around 64 kg (21st nov,19) working out 6 days a week and have maintained a healthy diet. From day 1 in gym, i never cared about how i look with my bamboo stick legs and arms and chest flatter than flat earth. Feels damn good working out now and seeing how my body is recovering from the state i was in.
    This is just a start for me and my motivation is my own health. I think that’s important for the long term. The quote ‘health is wealth’ is kinda stuck in my head now.

    I will now write down my schedule + diet. Any suggestions would be helpful. I don’t really count calories but its a struggle to eat a lot. My mother helps a lot with my diet, so yeah.

    So nowadays, i try to wake up around 4:30 am to drink half a scoop of whey+200 ml milk and eat 2 bananas and sleep again. Then wake up around 6 and drink lukewarm water (i add ors for the taste + salts sometimes 😅) and then eat two bananas after 10-15 mins and head to the gym. I drink some water while working out. Around 8:15 to 8-30, i am done with the exercises and consume 1 scoop of whey mixed in milk immediately.
    Then i walk back home and eat 3 boiled medium sized potatoes mixed in homemade yogurt and 2 eggs along yolk (yeah i don’t eat just the egg whites). I also add some chopped mint,coriander and 4-5 spinach leaves along carom and cumin seeds. (With added rock salt, black salt and black pepper)
    Way better than eating boiled potatoes and eggs alone.
    Around 11-12 am i make dry fruit shake.
    I add a fistful of almonds, 4 dried figs, 7 wallnuts, some local variety of raisins with seeds (remove seeds), and 4-5 dates and soak them overnight in water. Then i add milk and use mixer for few seconds, it leaves some chewy chunks which i like, without making the shake unbearably thick. It fills two 350 ml glasses, of which i consume one immediately and other post lunch around 4 pm.
    Then comes my lunch around 1:30 pm (typical indian wheat bread with yogurt and lightly cooked chicken or pulses)
    Around 5:30 pm we drink fruit juice (currently local variety of oranges and pomegranate) and dinner(similar to lunch) around 8 and try to sleep before 11pm.

  • Videogueimeiro
    Videogueimeiro  21 days ago

    I never noticed your legs before, they are huge!! Congrats on your gains!

  • MiiLkyToKes67
    MiiLkyToKes67  21 days ago


  • MiiLkyToKes67
    MiiLkyToKes67  21 days ago


  • MiiLkyToKes67
    MiiLkyToKes67  21 days ago

    I love Jesse and Jeff's interactions

  • Idris Salik
    Idris Salik  a months ago

    Jake Gyllenhaal

  • Deejay Baccam
    Deejay Baccam  a months ago

    I'm gonna be the only critic and say something... Could it be possible that Jesse is doing too much of what Jeff wants and not enough of what Jesse needs? I'm sure Jeff has protocols specific for him but I was thinking if Jeff's theory on having high enough protein intake for positive nitrogen balance to make gains even in a deficit is true then I feel like after 2 plus years and from what I've seen stalling a bit after the 1st (granted I know progress slowing down each year is going to happen) maybe it's not diet related or health but you need a change in routine? Not trying get lynched by the squad was just a thought 😬

  • Holly Macdonald
    Holly Macdonald  a months ago

    Jesse looking good, good job Jesse and Jeff

  • Omega The Boss
    Omega The Boss  a months ago

    We love Jesse!!!! Keep up the hard work!

    Edit: No homo, lol.

  • Fade!
    Fade!  a months ago

    I love jesse!!!

  • Rudy Williams
    Rudy Williams  a months ago

    Great job Jessie, keep it up

  • Bryan Naylor
    Bryan Naylor  a months ago +1

    “I do have one thing” Porn stash and facial hair

  • Oinkaka
    Oinkaka  a months ago +1

    Jesse you inspire me so much so I just wanna thank you man🙏