This Guy Thinks He's A Superhero

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 4, 2019
  • yeah... this guy thinks he's an avenger and i believe itMY IRL CHANNEL ► PROJECT ► (my merch) ► ► ► :1. What equipment do you use?My camera - lens - mic - lens - drone - mic (commentary) - computer - tripod - COMMENT: 123


  • Abigail Gregory
    Abigail Gregory  6 months ago +1390

    W E I R D F L E X B U T OK

  • JLam
    JLam  1 months ago +303

    maybe he's 6 inches tall and it's a Hotwheels tire... what kind of Hotwheels do u get

  • Da Tina
    Da Tina  14 days ago +171

    He protecc
    He attacc
    But most importantly you’ll never get your cars window bacc

  • Fileaf
    Fileaf  4 months ago +311


  • daniel harris
    daniel harris  21 days ago +87

    supersage: can u make it past me in my chair
    Me: (shoots him) Yep

  • Julia Kathleen
    Julia Kathleen  7 months ago +796

    his superpower is unnecessarily destroying objects and then just awkwardly smiling at the camera

  • Nelly Grogan
    Nelly Grogan  5 months ago +166

    Swear this is district One and Two in the hunger games irl

  • Alexis
    Alexis  5 months ago +62

    Apple is ripped in half.
    thinks of jongho immediately

  • Sydney Abramson
    Sydney Abramson  3 months ago +53

    “can literally only be described with one word”
    “what the frick is going on” 2:18

  • xxmistyymusicz official
    xxmistyymusicz official  5 months ago +44

    No one:
    Super sage: who’s your daddy lol

  • Amy M
    Amy M  7 months ago +1887

    He can rip an apple
    He can bend a pan
    But does he own aIrPodS ?!?!?!?!?!

  • blxe mxxn
    blxe mxxn  2 months ago +20

    She looks like frickin Hanna Montana lolllll...😂😭🙈

  • Chris Sleepsick
    Chris Sleepsick  5 months ago +41

    Sage: busts Windows out of cars

  • Lori Ketcham
    Lori Ketcham  18 hours ago +1

    I’m not first
    I’m not last
    But when Ryan uploads
    I click fast

  • • Blossom Pie •
    • Blossom Pie •  4 months ago +12

    Honestly, I thought 'ya' meant your and 'haha' meant...
    Edit: Don't judge me, ok? I had a brain fart moment...

  • Sophie and Joe
    Sophie and Joe  7 months ago +3021

    S P R I N K L E T H A T

  • Sofia Maas
    Sofia Maas  5 months ago +9

    How does Ryan say these things without bursting out laughing

  • Alessio Sanzari
    Alessio Sanzari  4 months ago +12

    0:41 anyone else slow down the speed just to see that it said ‘idk why i made this dramatic edit about it’
    Ryan, u wasted 2mins of my life.
    I love u 💕

    CRUSΛDΞR GΛMING  21 days ago +6

    Hey sage can you beat this?!?!?!
    Army of Naruto running weebs.
    Me: replays that scene from lion king in my head

  • Star Sailor
    Star Sailor  3 months ago +5

    Me: Sage i lost my car keys
    Sage: 😏 yeets my car window
    Me: WTF DUDE!?!
    Sage: 😐