News9 Live Tornadoes on May 9, 2016 (Wynnewood, Katie, Sulphur, Stillwater Tornados)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 10, 2016
  • Live coverage of large, deadly tornados in and around Wynnewood, Katie, Sulphur, Roff, and Stillwater, Oklahoma, on 5/9/2016. The largest of these tornados is preliminarily rated as an EF4. From 4pm to 6:30pm, live coverage from KWTV News9 in Oklahoma City, OK.

    Live coverage from KFOR:


  • StEaK The Strong
    StEaK The Strong  7 days ago

    I don't think in this scenario people care what "can only be seen on 9". Stop plugging the channel and your program and just track storms and tell people what's going on. Let's see the destruction stuff AFTER the situation over

  • Gennie Owens
    Gennie Owens  21 days ago


  • Gennie Owens
    Gennie Owens  21 days ago

    Westos add a republic comments

  • Gennie Owens
    Gennie Owens  21 days ago

    Add a republic comment

  • Gennie Owens
    Gennie Owens  21 days ago


  • A Google User
    A Google User  2 months ago

    If I had a dollar for each time he said "tornado."

  • Carl J Martin
    Carl J Martin  3 months ago

    tgis dude is kinda a dickhead, he acts like hes the one chasing

  • Kelly Penrod
    Kelly Penrod  3 months ago +1

    David Payne, LOL!
    When I hear his name I get this mental image of him running in circles, with one of those little toy helmets with the flashing lights on it, with his head rotating 360 degrees with his mouth wide open and sounding like a tornado siren!
    He is all drama all the time!
    And a couple of his chasers are just as bad!
    Do they get the job done? Yes, and do it well, just wish they would just calm down, and slow down.
    More facts less drama.

  • Chris Gritzmacher
    Chris Gritzmacher  4 months ago +2

    Gary England never had to get coked up on busy storm days.

  • Patti Hanlon
    Patti Hanlon  4 months ago +9

    What a mouth on this guy!! He even overrides his colleagues when they were talking first....unbelievable trying to understand what went on.....the poor people who were trying to get information!

  • Dave Haney
    Dave Haney  5 months ago

    Looks like a long dingle berry hanging down from some dudes hairy butt

  • RBLXCat
    RBLXCat  5 months ago

    bro its a typo check the last words

  • Tres Michelle
    Tres Michelle  5 months ago +1

    Oh, “IN Joy”, not “enjoy”.

  • Ryan Kirk
    Ryan Kirk  5 months ago +2

    Too slow BOBBY

  • Ryan Kirk
    Ryan Kirk  5 months ago +1

    This guy knows how to control the weather station.

  • xyzct
    xyzct  6 months ago +1

    The tornado was EF4, but the coverage was EF5.

  • M'Liss A
    M'Liss A  6 months ago +3

    ...this meteorologist has that Weather Channel intensity 😂

  • Phil 68-71 USN
    Phil 68-71 USN  7 months ago +3

    I am from " Tornado Alley" Wichita. KS..YOU see or hear about make sure you are not in its Path.
    Get in the truck/ car..and get your family the hell out of it's way. Your can replace the house ect
    BUT..a family member is not replaceable...Tornados usually travel South west to Northeast..but that changes get your eyes on it..and off the damn your surroundings..listen to the radio..get out of that house..and watch it from 2 miles away...then your have your family right there with the safe zone...screw the are all safe...

  • Bernd Klüver
    Bernd Klüver  7 months ago +1

    If you survive this it's like you survive a battle in a war in Vietnam or Irak. My thoughts are always with you America if this happens. Poor Oklahoma. This is simply a nightmare. This can destroy your economy and even your life.

  • WhiteOgre
    WhiteOgre  7 months ago +9

    I live in Oklahoma and this meteorologists David payne is so damn annoying. He gets way to excited and forgets how to talk, constantly repeats himself over and over. He was a horrible replacement for Gary England.