Johnny Depp & Ricky Gervais on the Graham Norton show [3/3]

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 9, 2011
  • Graham Norton chats to Hollywood icon Johnny Depp, Oscar-nominated actress Carey Mulligan, comedy superstar Ricky Gervais, and top stand-up Ed Byrne.NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED!


  • Slice  2 years ago

    ''never mind the cocaine''

  • Line bosman  1 months ago

    I cried of laughter

  • Bäng Gäng Wien  1 years ago

    never mind the "cocaine" ! ;)

  • Stef Webster  3 years ago

    "Why did you have pirahnas' & bats?""Well it was important to have them"The absolute best possible answer to that question!

  • Bannedfrom Youtube  3 months ago

    No it wasn't. His next question should have been why is it important?

  • pooleroes  5 months ago

    cracked me badly LOL. "I mean never mind the cocaine! but why the bats and the piranhas??"

  • mbober  3 years ago

    Johnny Depp and his perpetually changing accent

  • Vibeke Schneidermann  2 months ago

    @tittyfarmlands9 France...

  • CMG  4 months ago

    K. Popper Florida

  • Edward Deaney  1 years ago

    Johnny Depp and Ricky Gervais seem like people that would never be friends, but they are the most amazing friends together.

  • NaughtyTooth  1 years ago

    I've never seen Johnny Depp act so comfortable before

  • John  2 months ago

    He seems very comfortable with Ricky being there

  • HarvesterOfShadows  3 months ago

    I know right. He seemed very open here, as opposed to other interviews where he stutters alot and is very nervous and it takes him like half a minute to form a sentence.

  • Jolly St. Nick  2 years ago

    When Johnny looks at Ricky and Ricky puts his hand up like "dude don't, I'm already about to lose it"

  • TheJukeHead  3 years ago

    "I'm going to hell, but there's cheese and ham"

  • animated shorts  9 months ago

    Hell wouldnt accept him either way

  • Daisy Chambers  4 years ago

    Johnny and Ricky just seem to be the perfect Bromance XD I love them together!  They work off each other so well!I loved Johnny and Ricky at 5:00 xD!!

  • Wayne J  3 months ago

    I would really dig having a few beers, ales, stouts, etc with those two. Sure it would be a trip.😎

  • cameron mann  3 months ago

    Andy murray update

  • everafterwasmine_  1 years ago

    "I was a virgin until Ricky"

  • SHOOKEN  1 years ago

    Muhammad's red chair story was iconic!!!

  • Ariel Summer  3 months ago

    The BEST

  • CB Glass III  4 months ago

    As a Radiographer myself (here in the US), I hope Muhammad is enjoying his career in our most awesomest of fields. Medical Imaging rules! B^)