Suboi - N-SAO? (Official Music Video)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
  • The Vietnamese rap queen Suboi returns with "N-sao?". Stream/Download "N-sao?" now:© 2018 Suboi Entertainment exclusive license to Suboi Entertainment Ltd,.Prod. by Zach Golden & Pat MccuskerDirected by Alexa Karolinski alexakarolinski.comExecutive producers: Suboi, Kiwi PhanProducers: Jenni Trang Le, Bao NguyenDirector of Photography: Ray LaversEditor: Tyler FinnieColorist: Eunice GohSound Engineer : Seewhyeff (TTT Recordings)


  • Figureight  10 months ago

    Not gonna lie all the Vietnamese rap I've heard in the past has been disappointing, but this is fire. Already on the repeat with this.

  • MoiDen Entertainment  3 months ago


  • JPEG prod.  5 months ago


  • LeendaDProductions  10 months ago

    YES!!! Suboi X 88 rising <3

  • Azor Ahai  10 months ago

    So after learning Chinese for Higher Brothers now I need to learn Vietnamese. Thanks 88rising

  • Sói UG  10 months ago

    Wowwww, 88 rising x Suboi <3

  • Bat ngo qua

  • Dat Huynh  9 months ago

    Track thứ hai của suboi

  • Bx xn  10 months ago

    Lên cả 88Rising luôn rồi sao ?

  • Phúc Nguyễn  2 months ago

    @Chủ Tịch Long that su phai co nao moi hieu lyric va cam dc nhac cua suboi

  • Kiên JP  4 months ago

    Kid trucks lên trước cả bả cơ , ông gốc việt cơ mà ít người biết chỉ nổi ở nước ngoài thôi

  • kyshimimi  10 months ago

    Isn't the same rapper who rap to Obama years ago? She is amazing

  • Trang Nguyen  10 months ago

    kyshimimi yeah

  • Aleah Ioane  10 months ago

    ...sasha ;-;

  • Aznromeo  10 months ago

    PHUC YES!Vietnam represent!

  • Justin Nguyen  3 months ago

    Phuc yes lol my friends name is phuc

  • Damion Boller  5 months ago

    Damn didn't expect our azn king to be here

  • TulipsToKiss  10 months ago

    I don't think I've ever heard vietnamese rap before but I am INTO IT!!!!!

  • Lil Peee  2 months ago

    The Wandering One every countries have rappers dude

  • Jason Bond  8 months ago

    Her old stuff is pretty good. Been listening to her for about 2 years. you should check it out.

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  • james hiroshi  10 months ago

    i can put a cold Bánh mì near my speaker & heat it with this 🔥

  • haomaru87  9 months ago

    you can put the cold banh mi on top of the cold pho on this 🔥

  • Nhi Nguyen  10 months ago

    You can put a cold phở on it too