Into the Breach - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 28, 2018
  • The remnants of human civilization are threatened by gigantic creatures breeding beneath the earth. You must control powerful mechs from the future to hold off this alien threat. Each attempt to save the world presents a new randomly generated challenge in this turn-based strategy game from the makers of FTL.

    Find more info at or @subsetgames

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  • Nuclearpigz
    Nuclearpigz  2 months ago

    Nintendo and subset worked together... Gentlemen, our chances of getting FTL races into Smash *increases*

  • Nuclearpigz
    Nuclearpigz  2 months ago

    Subset Games are the most legendary human beings on the planet.

  • Jackie Farrow
    Jackie Farrow  3 months ago +1

    Bring this to the 3ds!

  • hitm
    hitm  3 months ago +1

    This game is so cool! go pick it up!

  • Dark Soul Cole
    Dark Soul Cole  3 months ago

    Yes, I am happy this is here, yes I wanna give this developer all my money, and No, I am not happy FTL is still not on the switch, WHERE MY FTL PORT AT?!?!?!?

  • imaloony8
    imaloony8  3 months ago

    I was kind of disappointed by this game. The main attraction here, the combat, is super solid. The whole system is really well designed and makes each encounter feel like a unique puzzle with many different solutions. It feels REALLY good when a plan comes together in this game.
    The problem is... well, that's all there really is to the game. The creator's previous game, FTL, was practically infinitely replayable thanks to its randomized encounter system, randomized galaxies, ships to unlock, weapons and subsystems to find and unlock, and crew to recruit. On top of that, it had a bombastic finale with a really tough but satisfying final boss.
    Into the Breach's game is much less replayable. First of all, it's much, much more structured. Rather than a branching web of widely different galaxies to explore, you get the same four islands each time with slightly different missions populating them. Secondly, the bombastic finale here is more of a fizzle than a bang. It's just a two-part mission, and it doesn't even really have a final boss. There's a boss in part 2 of the mission, but it's no different from the other bosses you've seen up until now, and to win you don't even have to kill it.
    The game is also far, far too easy. In FLT, it took me dozens of attempts and tens of hours before I finally got my first win. And that first win felt so sweet because of it. But here, in Into the Breach, I managed to beat it on my second try. I got by via the skin of my teeth, but even so, it feels like I shouldn't haven gotten it that quickly.
    There are new teams to unlock which is nice, but the actual progression within each individual game feels... weak. You don't get enough credits to spend, you don't get to visit the store frequently enough, and each mech's customization feels severely limited anyways.
    I like the game and I'm glad I played it. And don't get me wrong, the core here is solid and finely polished. I just wish everything surrounding it got that same level of polish. It feels somewhat unfinished, if I'm being honest, which is hard to say because I love this dev. Maybe we'll get an expansion some day that really fleshes everything out. I dunno. Until then, this game is just okay.

    • Nuclearpigz
      Nuclearpigz  2 months ago

      Into The Breach was no FTL but I still had fun playing it. I just think it was too easy to 100%.

  • Vezerlo
    Vezerlo  3 months ago

    Strategy games are so fun IMO, I remember playing them on my old laptop on one of those free online game websites.
    Definitely on my list.

  • Violet Caster
    Violet Caster  3 months ago

    I did find this game to be strangely placed for a final announcement, though it does look cool. And who knows, maybe this will be the perfect tide-over before Wargroove.

  • JiMii78
    JiMii78  3 months ago +4

    why do I play strategy games when I suck at them...

    • Amit Hamburg
      Amit Hamburg  3 months ago

      Ollie there's only one way to get better :)

    • Ollie
      Ollie  3 months ago

      Haha same. I love them though!

  • rom bay
    rom bay  3 months ago

    Can someone tell me what for game this is and why is this one so special? (to me, it looks like fire emblem with tanks)

    • rom bay
      rom bay  3 months ago

      Static Parsley62, Thanks!👍
      I will look more into it.

    • Static Parsley62
      Static Parsley62  3 months ago +2

      It's a tactical/strategy game. It's kinda like Advance Wars (think of it as Fire Emblem but with modern soldiers). It's a really good game if you love strategy. Being a fan of these Devs, this is a must buy on the Switch considering it was on Steam and was praised highly.

  • Yap Kai Yang
    Yap Kai Yang  3 months ago +1

    Anyone else thought this was Pacific rim?

  • Vyse195
    Vyse195  3 months ago

    Once I'm done with Monster Hunter I'll pick this up.

  • Maiko Marx
    Maiko Marx  3 months ago +1

    Sooooooooo does this mean FTL on switch?

  • Eira
    Eira  3 months ago +1

    I love me some SRPGs, can’t wait to dive in.

    • Eira
      Eira  3 months ago

      Not really

    • Fabricio BaconB
      Fabricio BaconB  3 months ago

      More like DCSRPGs (Dungeon crawler Strategic Role playing game)

  • Fernando Caballero
    Fernando Caballero  3 months ago

    Front Mission ReBorn

  • green mushroom
    green mushroom  3 months ago

    I’ve been waiting for this forever!

  • removezoul
    removezoul  3 months ago +19

    Nintendo can you stop please? I already bought half of these games on steam. Now i have to buy them again

    • SurrenderFire
      SurrenderFire  2 months ago

      removezoul wait I just realized damnit I whooshed myself

    • removezoul
      removezoul  3 months ago +1

      +SurrenderFire 'twas a joke

    • SurrenderFire
      SurrenderFire  3 months ago

      removezoul you don’t have to buy them again also these games will be more successful by being on switch and pc so shut up

  • Blues
    Blues  3 months ago +1


  • Corpse Thrust
    Corpse Thrust  3 months ago +4

    I had no idea this existed but it looks awesome

  • Falcon X Punch
    Falcon X Punch  3 months ago +3

    looks like front mission ate Final Fantasy Tactics, I like it!!