Strict Rules Margot Robbie Has To Follow To Play Harley Quinn

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 11, 2019
  • This Iconic DC Role Has A Lot Of Rules To Be Followed...
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    Playing an iconic supervillain role is no easy task -- especially for Margot Robbie, who stole every scene she appeared in for 2016’s Suicide Squad. When another actor decides to go all method for a role, there’s not really much you can do. This was definitely the case for Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad. As Jared Leto shaved his whole body and transformed into The Joker, Marogt Robbie was forced to go along with the ride, pretty much abiding by the rules and standard Leto set to get into character. Harley Quinn was first introduced in Batman: The Animated Series and her voice was one of the more iconic parts of the show. To help transform into the live-action role of Harley Quinn, Robbie had some strict voice-acting rules to ensure she played the part right. Thankfully, the Australian actress was already used to changing her voice after playing a key role in “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

    The actress was fully committed to performing the part, but there were some pretty strict rules to follow along the way. Learn what it was like for Margot on-set, how the director forced her into something on the first day, and what it was like performing with a method actor like Jared Leto. Many of these rules and restrictions transferred over to her role in the upcoming Birds of Prey movie as well.

    Join us at Screenrant as we break down Margot Robbie’s iconic role and her big turn as Harley Quinn in the DCEU!

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  • Milly De La Rosa
    Milly De La Rosa  57 minutes ago

    5 minutes??? !!!😳

  • Ree Msp
    Ree Msp  2 hours ago

    One of these is wrong, she actually chose her outfit and she loved it, she was working with the designers cause she was a part of it, she was inspired off of something else

  • Roy Arellano
    Roy Arellano  4 hours ago

    Hands down Margot Robbie is the best

  • SoulscheMattiks1978

    I took her less seriously in the movie with that weird attempt at a Jewish New Yorker accent


    somehow i wanted more of deadshot...

  • Reyna Pilapil
    Reyna Pilapil  10 hours ago

    I totally understand why others got obsessed with Harley or shall I say MARGOT coz she perfectly nailed the role ♥️😍

  • Laughter Talks
    Laughter Talks  11 hours ago

    Same old crap. He gets to do what he wants, the female is tortured.

  • Lil Potato
    Lil Potato  11 hours ago +1

    I have a poster of her lmao

  • stanislavski7ify
    stanislavski7ify  14 hours ago

    So tired of hearing people say Leto went method. No rehersals and giving gifts has NOTHING to do with method acting... And btw, he sucked!

    SKYFALL  16 hours ago

    her ass is to big hahaha

  • Pamela Skubish
    Pamela Skubish  18 hours ago

    Margot was an awesome choice!

  • Crown Commando
    Crown Commando  21 hours ago

    Beautiful with a rocking body

  • Esraa Jaafreh
    Esraa Jaafreh  22 hours ago

    Holding a breath for 5 minutes makes you braindead !!!!

  • jeannie barnette
    jeannie barnette  22 hours ago

    i think she was made for it

  • Noel xxx
    Noel xxx  23 hours ago

    In the voicing department, probably Miss Rauch- from the Big Bang Theory, would have been better.
    But in the looks department Margot has no competition

  • Kimmy Tug
    Kimmy Tug  yesterday

    Fans can be soooo dangerous.
    Which is the most oxymoronic statement but it's 1000% truth.

  • Niv
    Niv  yesterday

    wow! she is an amazing actress just for this role. much appreciated Margo! thank u!

  • Mhandy Ropal
    Mhandy Ropal  yesterday

    thought maeve wiley and margot robbie are the same : / so i guess i was wrong..

  • Pea Games
    Pea Games  yesterday

    Margot Robbie doesn't need action role. She does them all herself. She is genius.