GOTTA SEE IT: Zack Kassian Ragdolls Matthew Tkachuk After Taking Multiple Massive Hits

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 11, 2020
  • Zack Kassian finally lost his cool after Matthew Tkachuk nailed him with another huge hit, resulting in the Oilers forward getting the better of his opponent in a one-sided fight.

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  • Sneaky Pete
    Sneaky Pete  2 hours ago

    Grow a pair. Mat identifies as a women

  • Sneaky Pete
    Sneaky Pete  2 hours ago

    Flames fans idolizing their wimp. Nothing too see here.

  • Aubrey Aragon
    Aubrey Aragon  5 hours ago

    Tkachuk #19 is pure talent.

  • Aubrey Aragon
    Aubrey Aragon  5 hours ago

    Zach Kassian is a Beast. #beastmode.

  • Michael M McDonald

    Now that's taking a number..

  • BigAProduxions #117x

    Tkachuk got absolutely rag dolled 😂😂😂

  • Troy Beorn Mountain
    Troy Beorn Mountain  13 hours ago

    It's too bad that Kassian didn't knock that numpty's teethguard out of his mouth, whilst rattling some of the teeth that it's supposed to be protecting, instead of it being chewed on the outside of his mouth.

    Bottom line, use equipment as it's (properly) intended to be used, and don't run around doing what Tkurtlegate did without expecting to get your head caved in. Good job, Tkurtlegate.

  • Scott Kaempf
    Scott Kaempf  16 hours ago

    Tkachuk tried skating away like a coward. Glad Kassian got him by the sweater

  • James Owl
    James Owl  16 hours ago

    Matt Kassian demolishes Matthew Tkachuk
    Everyone liked that

  • madilyn robinson

    i don’t really follow the tkachuks but why doesn’t anyone seem like they like matthew?

  • Eirik Rødberg
    Eirik Rødberg  yesterday

    I love the Flames fan. He double up offended kassian. Awesome!!

  • Lisa ann
    Lisa ann  yesterday

    That wasnt very nice..... You think your better than me!!! Lol

  • Bluesky Gladue
    Bluesky Gladue  yesterday

    Rule 607 | Charging. (Note) Charging is the action where a player takes more than two strides or travels an excessive distance to accelerate through a body check for the purpose of punishing the opponent.

    According to this it not a clean hit, he took four strides on the last hit just before he turtled

  • Adam Cavanaugh
    Adam Cavanaugh  2 days ago

    He knew he had it coming... Fight like a man.

  • Rhidgy Rhidge
    Rhidgy Rhidge  2 days ago

    When’s the rematch? Rofl

  • Chris Watson
    Chris Watson  2 days ago

    Man. Ragdolled is right.

  • Fallen Monk
    Fallen Monk  2 days ago

    Good hit. Kassian should have had his head up. Punching a guy while he’s down, pretty pathetic

  • Dan Yell
    Dan Yell  2 days ago

    Tkchuck has fought many times. He's smart enough not to fight Kassian. Why the hell should he. OIilers are loaded with talent, just low on brains. Look at the effective and smart way the Flames use lucic. Hes way more valuable than garbage goal man Neal.

  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith  2 days ago