Aljamain Sterling: I'm Not Afraid of Petr Yan! | Joe Rogan

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 11, 2019
  • Taken from JRE MMA Show #70 with Aljamain Sterling:


  • Luke Robinson
    Luke Robinson  14 days ago

    Bantamweight the absolute best, most exciting division for the ufc right now

  • mv0921_ _
    mv0921_ _  2 months ago

    That would be a number 1 contender fight he is just scared of em.. i dont blame u bro

  • Nathan Ramos
    Nathan Ramos  2 months ago +1

    is petr yan asian??

  • Fab StillSmokin
    Fab StillSmokin  2 months ago

    Hes going to kick and run like he awlays does. Aldo is literally illiterate, dumb people are easy to get mad.

  • fknbusht
    fknbusht  4 months ago +1

    Yekaterinburg city in Siberia where Petr Yan from. Is it looks dangerous?

  • tommaso Mark
    tommaso Mark  4 months ago +2

    Finally someone said it Jimmie Rivera was beating Yan until getting dropped & personally I thought Rivera won

  • mv0921_ _
    mv0921_ _  4 months ago +1

    Peter yann what a boss killer

  • Toni Zubchenko
    Toni Zubchenko  4 months ago +3

    yan's story is pretty fascinating. originally his focus was in boxing. but then he wanted try out some MMA in the same club in Omsk where he had been boxing at the time. According to his coach, he had only 3 or so training sessions in MMA before his debut win (for which he got 700$) in 2013

  • Sam Jost
    Sam Jost  4 months ago +1

    Siberia is huge and a lot of it isn’t cold or dangerous, Americans have such a bad perception of Russia

  • Caleb Nastasi
    Caleb Nastasi  4 months ago +1

    Come to Moscow, it's fucking awesome here.

  • J Sama
    J Sama  4 months ago +5

    When a child says I am not afraid ....
    Most of the time it means that he is 😉👍🏻

  • neel j
    neel j  4 months ago +2

    Prove ur self against moraes in the rematch....... then go for cejudo!!
    Till then ur trash talk against Triple C won’t work.

  • christopher reynolds
    christopher reynolds  4 months ago +1

    The comment of conor & masvidal was spot on from Joe!

  • Alexandra Y
    Alexandra Y  4 months ago +3

    lol Chicago is 100 times more dangerous than Siberia

  • Johnathon Hiner
    Johnathon Hiner  4 months ago

    When did "Legg Warmers" on the hands and the wrist become a cool/ how the times have changed in a crawl backwards.

  • Ninety Nine
    Ninety Nine  4 months ago +1

    Petr Yan is a dangerous motherfucker man that's a big risk if they fought

  • Prateek Bhandare
    Prateek Bhandare  4 months ago

    Come to fenerbache

  • Trouser Troll
    Trouser Troll  4 months ago

    I like Aljo but why turn down the fight? That Russian hillbillie would come here. Get your black ass on the plane and show them what those Long Island Guidos taught you boy.

  • viva1amota
    viva1amota  4 months ago +9

    Tony Fergurson vs Jorge Masvidal at 170 .. Tony Wins !! goes down to 155 beats champ than goes up at 170 and becomes

  • Ian macdonald
    Ian macdonald  4 months ago

    what about peter pan ... bitch?