What Terry Crews "Not Woke" Backlash Exposes, The Virginia 3, & That Isn't Very Gucci Of You...

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 7, 2019
  • Oh? You thought it’d be a smaller show?! YOU THOUGHT WRONG. Heh.
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    Liam Neeson Update:

    Gucci Sweater

    Controversies in Virginia
    Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
    Produced by: Amanda Morones
    Art Director: Brian Borst
    Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Max Iskiev
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  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco  9 months ago +1718

    Who's coming back tomorrow for the Friday Show? Wait, no?... Wait, where are you going? Come baccccckkkk and love me. <3
    Liam Neeson & Terry Crews: (00:06), TIA (7:38), Gucci Blackface Backlash: (8:35), Virginia Scandal: (11:37)

  • evilkitty2007
    evilkitty2007  4 months ago

    i think Liam's message is the one we need to hear most and don't, that its okay to grow...to realize your mistakes. seeing someone that influential admitting personally that he's made these mistakes and was able to reflect and see the wrong is important.

  • Elvin Ramos
    Elvin Ramos  6 months ago

    How is that a racist comment if he’s admitting to being wrong? Wtf is wrong with you idiots😂😂

  • That'sTerrorists, Bro!

    In the span of 20 seconds (1:39) : "the lady journalist", note the qualifier there, gender is relevant information (otherwise he would not feel the need to point out that the journalist was a woman). Contrast that with "A very dear friend of mine was brutally raped" where he omits gender because it's not relevant then despite the fact that gender is very relevant in sexual assault. We highlight the information that is important and meaningful to us and downplay the information we either want to diminish or distance ourselves from. While he was talking about implicit bias and how that affects how we think and feel about race, implicit bias regarding gender was functioning. I think that is what struck me the most, he goes on to say that (2:40) "we all pretend that we're kind of politically correct ......you sometimes just scratch the surface .... and discover bigotry, and it's there". It is to us what water is to fishes, we very rarely ever acknowledge the social conditions within which we swim; and so they go unchallenged, uncriticised, and eventually seem natural and inevitable to us, destroying with it our future. I like that he called it out, it is as rare as it is necessary for me, to reach out through change towards the future.

  • mynameisMicrowav
    mynameisMicrowav  7 months ago

    As far as as the last story goes when it comes to Virginias crisis; I agree with you that we're looking at two separate cases, but I disagree with the two cases be separated into blackface and sexual assult. The two cases, and a common theme in this whole episode, are those who choose to admit and grow away from their pasts, whether undereducated, driven by anger or otherwise, and those who steadfastedly refuse to let their growth be known. We know for a fact that Liam neeson will never be conceived as racist apart from this, because until he expressed that he once had those feelings. (Though I personally believe that those feelings were tied to black people in the same way that if his dear friend expressed that the person who assulted them had blonde hair) Liam had done NOTHING to lead people to believe that he had racist tendencies in the slightest. And the same goes for the attorney general, though he was pressured by events around him. Change and learning should not be a point of incrimination.

  • Beverly nocluze
    Beverly nocluze  7 months ago

    Clothing was wrong. Still wondering how it was in stores. Angry.

  • jlypham
    jlypham  8 months ago

    People start somewhere. Then they grow (hopefully). And it's hard to describe this journey to others - so people should celebrate the courage to describe where you were, esp. if it's shameful to you now, vs. punish people for ever having been ignorant. We all started off ignorant in many ways.

  • Maryl Sanz
    Maryl Sanz  8 months ago

    Terry Crews is an individual and he gets to say whatever he wants.

  • malekmadek
    malekmadek  8 months ago +1

    Terry Crews has a lot of underlying transphobic and homophobic beliefs that I'm surprised more people haven't heard about recently. Just check his Twitter and Instagram lmao he literally brags about starting controversial conversations because he gets paid for every mention/interaction

  • jobriq5
    jobriq5  8 months ago

    9:00 Not sure if I'd call that blackface or just plain ugly

  • Olbohn
    Olbohn  8 months ago

    Everyone seems to be missing the elephant in the room here with the Liam Nelson incident. It wasn't hatred directed specifically against black people. It was hatred directed against a person who committed a crime who happened to be described to be black. Had that rapist been of Asian descent or Hispanic, would that make him a racist against those races? No, it does not.

  • O. L. Laditan
    O. L. Laditan  8 months ago

    Rodriguez is wrong tho. I saw 12 years a slave

  • Julian De La Calzada
    Julian De La Calzada  8 months ago

    "Antifa protest at berkeley" lmao

  • hinata167
    hinata167  8 months ago

    Black history month started strong 💪

  • Brian Cole
    Brian Cole  8 months ago

    It'll be nice when we on the left can learn not to actively and intentionally destroy each other. There are so many much more vile and dangerous enemies and we are surrounded by them, yet we continue to look within and try to purge our own. It has to stop.

  • Silly Sally
    Silly Sally  8 months ago

    Black people are allowed to be upset. They are a very pained group of people who society has hurt.Jesus Christ. Why is this so hard to understand

  • Armando Boensel
    Armando Boensel  8 months ago

    You and everyone watching know if the 3 men were Republicans the News coverage would be on going out relentless to the point of ridiculousness.

  • Luc Grand
    Luc Grand  8 months ago

    Yea Liam Neeson isnt racist. It was a perfectly understandable reaction. A black man RAPED someone close to him. I've seen women and men swear for the opposite sex after a bad break up and usually associate their gender or race of an individual to the bad behaviour. It's actually logical, unfortunate but normal and he did catch himself and everyone is guilty of this and incredibly hypocritical.

  • lycan2500 1
    lycan2500 1  8 months ago

    The Liam Neeson and Terry Crews situation is exactly why I detest Identity Politics. Might as well start using Scarlet Letters. Also, if the Dems don't stand down, they have 0 chance of winning the governorship next cycle. They should force their people to back out to have any chance of convincing their constituents in 2020. It would be dumb not to

  • Kwoi In Hell
    Kwoi In Hell  8 months ago

    its funny cos white biches are hating on Liam...