What Terry Crews "Not Woke" Backlash Exposes, The Virginia 3, & That Isn't Very Gucci Of You...

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 7, 2019
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  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco  6 months ago +1723

    Who's coming back tomorrow for the Friday Show? Wait, no?... Wait, where are you going? Come baccccckkkk and love me. <3
    Liam Neeson & Terry Crews: (00:06), TIA (7:38), Gucci Blackface Backlash: (8:35), Virginia Scandal: (11:37)

  • D D
    D D  6 months ago +1343

    That’ll teach Liam Neeson to open himself up earnestly to us about a past mistaken state of mind! Wait what?

  • Ban Kasai
    Ban Kasai  6 months ago +234

    Are we shaming people for becoming better people now?

  • AP Games
    AP Games  6 months ago +193

    The more I hear from Terry Crews, the bigger fan of his I become. Level-headed, slow to judge, and brings out the best in people.
    I can say the exact opposite about most of the government officials of my state, VA.

  • Karyn Craw
    Karyn Craw  6 months ago +402

    Generally, Terry Crews is a solid person from whom to get perspective.

  • Konaito
    Konaito  6 months ago +731

    I really dislike internet culture lol all these twitter users man

  • jj gg
    jj gg  6 months ago +1364

    I find hilarious that Americans talk a lot about fighting bigotry and advocating for growth and improvement but are the first ones to have their pitchforks out the second someone talks about how they grew up and learnt from their mistakes.

  • Miranda Miller
    Miranda Miller  6 months ago +670

    "I learned a lesson."
    Why can't people see that he's changed? He regrets doing that; he regrets his choices. The fact people are holding this over him shows how far our society has fallen. Forgiveness and growth are practically extinct, which is sad. All that there seems to be room for is hate and persecution.

  • Matthew Baka
    Matthew Baka  6 months ago +61

    What the backlash from Neeson taught us is to never admit how you have changed because people will hate you that you were at a point that you needed change.

  • Sean Orpin
    Sean Orpin  6 months ago +132

    Loving the Liam Neeson comments. He was very courageous to tell this story. I had a similar experience in my own life when I was a teenager and was only shown my own taught/observed prejudices when I broke away from peers and experienced other points of view met other people. We learn through making mistakes so we must be given the freedom to make them and then grow. Here endeth the lecture.

  • Phyo Kyaw
    Phyo Kyaw  6 months ago +23

    The lesson here (re: Liam) is that people don't actually want change or for others to learn from their past or even acknowledge and admit past wrongs. No, they just want blood. That's it. That's the reason why everyone is up in arms about his admission. They don't care that he didn't actually do the crime. They don't care that he feels ashamed for having those thoughts 40 years ago. They don't care that he's changed and become a better person (obviously, he has, does this need to be spelled out?). They don't care about any of these things because all they want is blood. They want to see others suffer. They want to see backlash and pain and (in their eyes) retribution. They are fucking animals and they don't even know it.

  • TheCommonS3Nse
    TheCommonS3Nse  6 months ago +394

    Terry Crews is probably one of the most rational people in Hollywood. He always has such a nuanced perspective.

  • Taehyunggie
    Taehyunggie  6 months ago +299

    These idiots on Twitter are so disconnected from reality that it is crazy. That one tweet claiming that if a "person of color" did the same thing as Liam that the government would be changing laws is so ignorant and just plain untrue. This whole persecution complex and victim mentality crap really needs to go.

  • metal2886
    metal2886  6 months ago +166

    As a British person, I apologise completely and unreservedly for unleashing Lily Allen to the world.

  • Alex J
    Alex J  6 months ago +63

    Reminds me of the Salem witch trials. You have people who are just trying to argue facts and have a conversation and then you have people who are just ready to see someone burn. Funny how the US hasn’t changed much

  • Whatever Forever
    Whatever Forever  6 months ago +19

    I actually hate outrage culture

  • TTeddy REACTS
    TTeddy REACTS  6 months ago +1671

    Liam is obviously still beating himself up over this incident/thought process that happened over 40 years ago and still knows it was disgusting to think such a way. We want people to admit to having such despicable thoughts, but we don't want to acknowledge that they've learned from it, or even let them learn from it. 
    The cancel culture is a dangerous path. I hope this phase of society passes soon. None of us are perfect by any stretch of the definition. 
    I don't defend his past thoughts, but I do appreciate that he's acknowledging his past mistakes and faults.

  • Thomas Kretz
    Thomas Kretz  6 months ago +74

    People who are mad about Liam Neeson and Terry Crews are looking for excuses to be mad. It makes me laugh that Adidas is over here saying "look at me, I'm not racist! Buy my shoes!" Gucci's design does look rediculus... maybe trying to combat the cold with going up to the mouth, but 900 dollars or whatever? Not worth. Go buy a ski mask for 5 dollars or something
    Just make sure it's not black, otherwise you'll be a racist I guess...

  • Fulbor
    Fulbor  6 months ago +78

    Am I the only one not seeing a story about race here at all?
    Somebody was raped.
    The rapist's most descriptive feature (especially keeping in mind where this took place) was the colour of his skin.
    A friend of the victim was do mad he wanted to get into fights with people who share the distinguishing attributes in hopes to per chance get the same guy and beat him up.
    This is a revenge story where he even realized that it was stupid and unnessescery.
    I was once thrown out of a club because one of the dudes I partied with was bald and another bald dude in the club had caused some trouble. That doesn't make the bouncer "hairist" it just means he got a shitty description

  • Viollet
    Viollet  6 months ago +49

    On the Liam Neeson thing. Terry's backlash was undeserved!! (Ya'll that attacked Terry have a nice stay in hell)We all have had hateful or dark thoughts once or twice in our life. If you have not, well then you are a lucky one. Cause I assure you, when something traumatic happens to you or someone close to you something really dark awakens within you. He went out there not to target black folks, but in hopes someone looking like the criminal will jump him. So he can unleash the built up pain, anger and frustration. That's how I understood it. Hell, even if it was him being racist(which he is not). I would feel good knowing he had turned a new page in his life. Cause that gives me hope that ppl change. Even if he was racist he has obviously changed, hence why he is sharing the story. Prob even in hopes that it will reach someone is dark place like he was back then, to not do anything stupid. We should applaud him. Ppl that have made mistakes should share so others will learn. Im gonna go watch his movie now . Bye