Camila Cabello - Consequences (Official Audio)

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 12, 2018
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  • Tavoi Aiono
    Tavoi Aiono  yesterday

    Fuck that photo is sooooo hot!!! Damn girl.

  • tiki taka anki
    tiki taka anki  4 days ago

    Key & Peele brought me here

  • Krzys Buko
    Krzys Buko  7 days ago

    Is it just me , but I hear some weird sound artifacts, (my headphones are ok, tested on another ones) what about u all?

  • tageted individual

    mooi nummer

  • Andres Tizolchan
    Andres Tizolchan  7 days ago

    Love this song keep listening to it. CAMILA CABELLO I really love your songs

  • Elysha Kawesa
    Elysha Kawesa  14 days ago


  • Ella
    Ella  14 days ago +1

    The crotch shot over a sad song is so weird this could be a meme who’s her manager

  • Strawberry Cupcake

    (Story time that’s related to this song kinda,if u like drama then read ahead about my fun love story)anyway,Hah,y’all know that moment when you meet such a gorgeous looking boy back in 6th grade then u forget about him and then 7th grade happens and you guys become such close friends and everyone thought u both were dating and u didn’t realize how u truly felt about this guy and everyone said he liked u and then 8th grade happen,and u realized that you fell,you fell hard for him but that year the friendship between you two had broken off so u try to talk to him and he seems so uninterested and he starts dating a girl that just got out of her relationship.....and ur first school days becomes hell cuz u see that boy u love,dancing with his girl....wishing that was you,and you cried in the bathroom for like the entire time and went home and cried some more and I still remember how I listened to “somethings gotta give”, and “consequences” by Camila and that made you cry even more....months pass,summer is over and then 9th grade starts and as u see him walk past you across the hallway you see him and think u feel nothing and later on u start liking someone else,and you’ve been dating him for 9 months now,and this guy is the ex of ur crush’s girl, but ur crush and her break up and move their separate ways so that gets interesting and u get the chance to treat that guy how he deserves to be treated and one time when ur friend FaceTimes you and then confessed that ur crush that you were cute back in 6TH GRADE AND UR JUST LIKE HAH 🙂LIFE IS GREAT and u wonder why he didn’t say shit and never made any move whatsoever and rn ur kinda super unhappy with everything cuz u have such insecurities and never feel good enough and then one of ur friends starts dating ur “ex-crush” (she knew you liked him as well before) and doesn’t even tell u so u had to hear about them being kinda a thing from someone else and then u sit there and wonder how do girls keep getting that guy u were so in love with so easily,they ask and they get what they want and u don’t know what to do atm and no one knows about it so ur just stuck in a relationship where u care for that guy and love him but.....a piece of you still melts and has your heart racing so quickly as you see that crush from 2 years back,it’s 10th grade and u don’t know what to do with life at all,and ur “ex-crush” made ur current bf insecure cuz his ex girl left him for my “ex-crush” and thinks he’s more “good-looking” so it’s like ur lowkey taking pitty on ur own bf which seems really bad but u just care about his feelings that much and don’t want him to go through the same shit he did with his ex,y’all know when that happens cuz SAMEEEE 🙂🙂🙂

  • Shalia Figuereo
    Shalia Figuereo  14 days ago

    I'm crying, and I usually don't cry wtf

  • Loyreth Jimenez
    Loyreth Jimenez  14 days ago

    "We are never so at the mercy of pain that when we are in love" No matter how much we resist, every action brings a reaction and every love brings a consequence.
    I hope and its consequences are just being happy.

  • Winter Bird
    Winter Bird  1 months ago

    Honestly my favorite song of the album. I'm considering making a cover !

  • Naki Value
    Naki Value  1 months ago

    Was looking for real friends pop punk band not this nasty whore

  • Mary Grace Faulk
    Mary Grace Faulk  1 months ago

    Hey fellow Camila Cabello fans! Go check out my cover & little bit of emotionally vulnerable meaning behind what this song means to me! The link is below! 🖤😘✌🏼

  • Andy Kiwi
    Andy Kiwi  1 months ago

    No consequences just need to get rid of the jealous ones

  • Peachy 23
    Peachy 23  1 months ago

    Crying to this song, as of right now

  • Rachel
    Rachel  1 months ago

    This song brings back feelings of heartbreak I haven't felt in years..

  • Z Ja
    Z Ja  1 months ago +1

    I’ve been singing this song for over a year saying “daddy tissues”. Damn I got some daddy problems 😂😭

  • Marta Konarzewska
    Marta Konarzewska  1 months ago

    Omg... I gonna cry... 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Pavlina Georgieva
    Pavlina Georgieva  2 months ago

    I have a crush on my best friend but i had to move and tonight I'm missing her a lot (I'ma girl. She doesn't know I have a crush )I came back in my hometown (where she lives too) for a couple weeks but she didn't had any time to see me and I'm dying...

  • Nuara Bernardes
    Nuara Bernardes  2 months ago

    THANKS 🌹