I Got My Closet Professionally Organized

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 23, 2019
  • It's time.... to declutter. Again. So a few months ago we got my makeup collection professionally organized, and it was very, very exciting - so I asked our professional organizer friends at Practically Perfect to come back and help me tackle all of my personal clothes in my closets (and drawers and cabinets). Chaos ensued, but we eventually got it under control and ended up with a beautifully file-folded bedroom!

    PS: also, saw the comments about the fiddle leaf fig plant and the cat - thanks for the heads up! for ur peace of mind, crusty is not a leaf chewer at all (and he has not tried with this plant at all either), but we will keep him away from it for sure!

    You can check out Practically Perfect here!

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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  6 months ago +26704

    HELLO FRIENDS!! sorry for the long delay on this video - we ended up with like 19 hours of decluttering footage and it semi-killed us. but we are here now!! hope u guys enjoy our new video :) EDIT: also, saw the comments about the fiddle leaf fig plant and the cat - crusty is not a leaf chewer at all but we will keep him away from it for sure!

  • Amelia Soline
    Amelia Soline  3 hours ago

    Did anyone else see the Blackhawks Jersey

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez  5 hours ago


  • ASMRwith _ME111

    Safiya is a egirl

  • Anna Selintung
    Anna Selintung  yesterday +1

    Where is the Mr. Kate squad?

  • Never Again
    Never Again  yesterday

    This video made me want to go on a shopping spree

    Edit: im currently cleaning my room with this on in the background

  • Catharine Nguyen

    Where can I get that mirrored closet?? Also, the spring loaded dividers and storage?

  • The Daydream Sisters

    I feel like she might go to the place she donated her clothes too and forget about it. Then buy it...... No offense

  • Theresa Rudroff

    And basically my life

  • Shelby Turner
    Shelby Turner  yesterday

    As someone who loves the container store, I got way too excited when I saw the bins and baskets. #ihaveaproblem

  • mahima batta
    mahima batta  2 days ago

    there are way tooooo many clothes........

  • Studio Pyro
    Studio Pyro  3 days ago

    The sliding organizer at 25:13! Where is it from????

  • Lily Bug
    Lily Bug  3 days ago

    How is the fiddly-fig? 😂

  • Elina grooman
    Elina grooman  3 days ago

    Watching Saf slowly overtake all of the closet space is like looking at that one map of countries England has invaded

  • Erika K
    Erika K  4 days ago

    this video keeps being in my recommended so i just keep watching it over and over. i have probably watched this 5 times in the past month and i don't even mind

  • Sophie Morgan
    Sophie Morgan  5 days ago

    I think we need an update on what it looks like now

  • Raina_The_Rogue / Raina Mist

    watching this video actually made me get off my ass and organize my shit, thank you goddess of lipstick

  • Emilia Horcher
    Emilia Horcher  5 days ago

    Safiya, please do another one of these videos!

  • Gaby Kaiser
    Gaby Kaiser  5 days ago

    Why did this remind me of a bob ross episode?

  • Laura Granell
    Laura Granell  5 days ago +1

    Oh and also we got a plant