What if GREENLAND Melted?

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 3, 2019
  • Isostatic rebound isn't expected to be too great over Greenland, and instead is greatest over parts of Canada, Scandinavia, and Antarctica, so I didn't include it. Also whatever rebound occurred would likely be offset by Antarctica's continued melting.

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  • welsh brexiteer
    welsh brexiteer  an hour ago

    Greenland was discovered about 1200 years ago, they called it Greenland, and why did they call it Greenland, because it was green, it's now covered in snow,if it turns green again it will be going back to like it was 1200 years ago.

  • I AM A PICKLE!!!
    I AM A PICKLE!!!  4 hours ago

    What if was in the title

    What If wants to know your location

  • SuckTitles
    SuckTitles  18 hours ago

    I wanted there to be an ice covered UFO, not a stupid lake.

  • Aardvark Mann
    Aardvark Mann  19 hours ago

    its a mad dash to hell if we keep putting our home on the back BURNER!!! NO PUN INTENDED! wait yeah, pun intended...

  • Aardvark Mann
    Aardvark Mann  19 hours ago

    guys its ALL GONNA MELT! alot faster than anybody thinks because were all still stuck on oil, coal and gas for power, and that makes carbon for the air we breathe instead of oxygen the amazon WOULD provide if we werent burning it down!

  • American Aussie HoloKai

    Australia is the largest island 🇦🇺🇺🇸🤙

  • Steven Nevets
    Steven Nevets  yesterday

    Ain't going to happen. Although it would be nice for those living on Greenland as it would truly be "green" again. How neat is that.

  • Paladine
    Paladine  yesterday

    humans simply must stop tilting the earth so much

  • Amalgamated Potato Packing Pocatello

    What if ???
    It is gone already ..
    the heating cannot be stopped unless we remove what's already pushed the WORLD CO2 up 33%

    What if ??? presumed it is an aberration....stupid question !

  • catmandont100
    catmandont100  2 days ago

    For those of you who believe that Floating Icebergs and Floating Glacier extensions would ADD to sea level rising...it is Absolutely impossible.
    The Ice weighs EXACTLY the same as the water it displaces. Either of these that contain Dirt, Rock or ANYTHING heavier that water, means that when melted completely, sea level would go DOWN slightly.

    Lesson here: If it's Frozen and Floating....it will cause Sea Level to go DOWN when melted.

    OK...Nice Chat....Have Fun.

  • Franklin Waddell
    Franklin Waddell  2 days ago

    The "world" is nuts then!

  • bigike1313
    bigike1313  2 days ago

    Tony Heller debunks this. https://youtu.be/Yqmez68DMMc

  • Franklin Waddell
    Franklin Waddell  3 days ago

    Wish THEYED drop all the kilometer crap. I deal in miles OK? I live in America... You could at least say "blank" kilometers or "blank" miles! When Move elsewhere I'll start using kilometers but till then... I'm a "mileage" type!

  • sole agui
    sole agui  3 days ago

    excellent information!!! Thanks 👌🏼

  • DSAK55
    DSAK55  3 days ago

    Real estate value would rise dramatically

  • John Giuliano
    John Giuliano  3 days ago

    If you put two glasses of water in the freezer, one full of ice cubes and one without ice cubes, which one freezes quicker? The one with ice cubes. The one with ice cubes in it is the North Atlantic/Arctic Ocean. The ice cubes are the Greenland ice sheet. 99% of the ice in the ice sheet was locked up under yet more ice. This locked up ice could not exert an albedo effect, due to being shaded by the top layer of ice. But once it’s thrown into a glass (the North Atlantic/Arctic Oceans since it has to go somewhere after melting), thrown into a freezer (the North Atlantic/Arctic Ocean in wintertime), and exposed to sunlight (the frozen North Atlantic in spring) the water in that glass is going to freeze more quickly than it previously had, and exert an albedo effect (the reflection of solar radiation, leading to a cooling effect) across a much greater area than it exerted (0 area since it was ice underneath ice) before it moved into the ocean. For reference, the albedo of open ocean is in the negative range, ocean ice is between .5 and .7, the albedo of fresh snow is .8, the albedo of asphalt is .04, and the albedo of ice underneath yet more ice is exactly 0. To compound things, ice over open ocean covers an area that would otherwise be absorbing more heat than the bare land left in the wake of an extinct glacier. And even a shallower glacier still exerts the same albedo effect. To further compound things, the ice cube effect causes ocean water to freeze further south, causing a more dramatic albedo effect due to more solar radiation being reflected, possibly becoming exponential and leading to an ice age. That’s what would happen if Greenland melted, ironically. When you eat a snow cone, your brain freezes, even though your brain is bigger than the snow cone. Same principle. Yes, there is mixing going on. It’s not absolute, but there’s a battle going on between the mixing and the ice cube effect, and sometimes the ice cube effect wins.

  • bigike1313
    bigike1313  3 days ago

    It won’t so what is your point? Ice is still accumulating and getting deeper.

  • Gomez Addams
    Gomez Addams  3 days ago

    Lets start melting Greenland!!! That would be sooooooooo cool!!!

  • cutie cute
    cutie cute  5 days ago

    if green land melted most people there will be Chinese

  • jdewey100
    jdewey100  5 days ago +4

    Should add Antarctica's sea level contribution when modeling a full melt scenario, plus all remaining global ice.