10 Video Game Products That Actually Work!



  • Darrell Wiegand
    Darrell Wiegand  13 hours ago

    That would be a magazine. Clips hold each round and connect to the next. After shooting the clip comes out and releases

  • Kyle Burns
    Kyle Burns  3 days ago

    Stimpacks our health
    Med x is morphine
    Jet slows down time
    In Psycho makes you stronger

  • PeytonCK
    PeytonCK  3 days ago


  • TheLogicalWizard
    TheLogicalWizard  4 days ago

    Disco stick 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Bryce Rossow
    Bryce Rossow  5 days ago

    Tomorrow is my birthday so can I have some likes?

  • Yeah Boi
    Yeah Boi  6 days ago

    I tried that Mario Kart one before

  • Diamond Gaming
    Diamond Gaming  8 days ago


  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf  9 days ago

    Fall out of a down bring Your own needle

  • Paya Jahanbakhsh
    Paya Jahanbakhsh  9 days ago


  • Shannan Mackenzie
    Shannan Mackenzie  9 days ago

    Meanwhile in Canada, they're building new Toys R Us stores all over the place

  • E and M Studios
    E and M Studios  9 days ago

    Can I use your old things like cash or trash for my review channel please

  • Alaina Vanatta
    Alaina Vanatta  10 days ago

    My brother got me the potion lamp for Christmas a few years back. I thought it was really cool and just uses it as a desk decoration. Our dad was disappointed because he thought it was a lava lamp.

  • /\nthony 7yler
    /\nthony 7yler  11 days ago

    It's a clip! And you finally knows that it's a Nerf DART, not a bullet.

  • carculis
    carculis  12 days ago

    Potions are supposed to taste gross

  • Ryan McMullen
    Ryan McMullen  14 days ago

    Watch the West Coast Customs one they made a car out of it it has a Corvette engine

  • sara withers
    sara withers  16 days ago

    Lol when he said this is a GG he put the get good gaming logo

  • Knitwit
    Knitwit  18 days ago

    For the 'Potion' thing, elderberries also taste really gross. They're quite healthy, but just...ugh, they taste disgusting.

  • Sinister Cydiquil
    Sinister Cydiquil  18 days ago

    A mag is different from a clip because a mage feeds rounds into the gun and a clip is pulled into the gun

  • Skyler Clevenger
    Skyler Clevenger  19 days ago

    Omg joseph seed in the flesh LOL

  • Lonestar 25716
    Lonestar 25716  19 days ago

    Fallout 76 is now coming out