10 Video Game Products That Actually Work!

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 4, 2018
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    Do you ever wish there was a Mario kart in real life? Well... THERE IS. And it's AWESOME. Join us as we unbox 10 video game products that actually work, and comment down below which product you would totally get for yourself!

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  • Ethan Alvarado
    Ethan Alvarado  7 days ago +1

    little do they know. . . that was my Halloween costume one year.

  • ZombifiedBuizel
    ZombifiedBuizel  7 days ago

    Matt to be honest you look like a villain (I can't spell).

  • Jahiem kirkman
    Jahiem kirkman  21 days ago

    did you get the hidden blade off eBay

  • Preston Crosby
    Preston Crosby  21 days ago +1


  • iamAbout84Cats
    iamAbout84Cats  21 days ago

    Matthias, What Tanner meant by Apothecary blowing up was-"RAID: Shadow Legends" wit HUNDOS of Rare, Epic, and yes..LEGENDARY Champions
    cant forget doze dookie commons and uncommons ofc, AND ITS F2P!! wow~! really?, yh dood it is F'real its FREE, so play it maybe ^w^

  • Orr Knaan
    Orr Knaan  28 days ago

    Hay It IS maaaaana I am leaning about it in Jewish studies

  • The 4 Musketeers
    The 4 Musketeers  1 months ago

    the benefit of the phone charger is that it lights up and it also has two USB ports

  • Harold XD
    Harold XD  1 months ago +1

    Yes u do look like him Matt

  • Jaggat M
    Jaggat M  1 months ago

    These three caught on camera for the first time, boy those days 🙄

  • Joystick Jaxton
    Joystick Jaxton  1 months ago

    if matt was doing what hes doing in this vid he could use reuses or refuese

  • Aman Mathur
    Aman Mathur  2 months ago

    love the ending lol

  • Dargonhuman
    Dargonhuman  2 months ago

    When they complained about the blades on the Brute Spiker, I knew instantly that they never played Halo; in the game those are made out of metal and used for melee strikes.

  • LZ Youtubers
    LZ Youtubers  2 months ago



  • Task Force Nine
    Task Force Nine  3 months ago

    STIMPAKS DON'T JUST increase HEALTH! It heals injuries, THAT is important for SURVIVAL mode!


  • PhanTomFoolery _
    PhanTomFoolery _  4 months ago

    PNG for the win!

  • mikemiggiddy
    mikemiggiddy  4 months ago

    Mano's blue, ehhhh...

  • little lucha
    little lucha  4 months ago

    Minecraft totally cool fortnite dumb

  • Matthew Kenney
    Matthew Kenney  4 months ago

    You must construct additional pylons

  • The 3D Printing Corner

    I want to see what that does with a 50 pound kid on it, should go like heck

  • otaku bastian
    otaku bastian  4 months ago

    Ore you have a lot of mony let man at arms make 1 fore you