Camila Cabello - All These Years (Official Audio)

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 12, 2018
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  • Aakanksha S  1 years ago

    Who thinks that she did right by leaving Fifth Harmony?

  • Emaya Spencer  yesterday

    Lorelei Clarke She was the youngest and probably was left out of a lot of stuff

  • Emaya Spencer  yesterday

    Aakanksha S she’s doing sooooo much better

  • Kyla Hearts  1 months ago

    2018: *After All These Years*2018: *Why*2019: *Señorita*

  • Larissa Porto  4 hours ago

    2015: I Know What You Did Last Summer


  • Justin Regmi  1 years ago

    Her music has so much pain but her personality is so happy cheesy chubby kinda...And thats what makes her perfect...

  • Andy Mendez  19 days ago

    I agree with that

  • destiny brewer  25 days ago

    Puppy Lover also tbh that was very inappropriate because she was in the group. But ok

  • Eloisa eam  1 years ago

    Camila: all these yearsShawn: Why

  • Tony Daniel  2 days ago

    @arianna delgado also in an interview she went on record saying she found it surprising that all these years wasn't his(shawn) favorite song from the album

  • SHAMILA IS REAL  27 days ago

    Heh H the reason why is because they don’t get to see each other as much because they have tours and they have to focus on their careers. They barely see each other

  • Cloud 4.5  1 years ago


  • Kylie Morelus  18 days ago


  • Anna Ramirez  25 days ago

    Who’s here after señorita?🕺🕺💃💃

  • Why: you say Hi like you just met me All these years: it was just a quick “hello”

  • d.s.m  3 days ago

    Kylie Morelus lmao fr

  • Kylie Morelus  18 days ago

    This is loki a mystery that shawmila fans will get to the bottom of oh yeah "seems like your happy with her" in this song and Shawn said, i think in "when you're ready" Shawn was saying how he say that she was happy with some other guy...or was it in "why"??? I don't remember the song is playing and I can't think...THIS SONG IS FIRE

  • Is it just me or the description of the person in this song actually perfectly fits shawn?

  • destiny brewer  yesterday

    Andrea Orb I mean your not wrong and I always have wanted her to be with Shawn if he makes her happy that’s all that matters. Just I don’t want it to ruin they friendship.

  • Andrea Orb  yesterday

    destiny brewer sorry but Camren is not real, now it’s SHAWMILA ❤️😍

  • SuperChiko4000  1 years ago

    That's a great song

  • Ella Kate Sears  5 months ago

    SuperChiko4000 omg ik

  • Tleb Sisters  7 months ago

    ikr? it is amazing

  • Lucía Farias  1 years ago

    "This album is not reeeaally about boys tho" -Camila C.

  • Lucía Farias well... basically shawn is a grown man, not a boy so- 👀

  • vera licciardello  a months ago

    @Diasmc Coelho well said!

  • Jane  1 years ago

    “I think “I miss you” means even more than “I love you”. Because you can love a lot of people but there are really just a few you can miss” -Camila Cabello

  • hnin.  14 days ago

    Diasmc Coelho GIRL learn how to write properly before you insult me LMAO. and how are you so sure that it’s lauren she’s talking about, huh? are you her like personal producer and songwriter? you literally don’t even know the facts, you’re just assuming and that’s gonna get you nowhere. if you’re so invested in camren, then i bet you call yourself a true fan of camila and lauren. being a true fan means you’re gonna support both of them no matter what, even if they’re not together and are with other peo...

  • Diasmc Coelho  14 days ago

    @hnin. If you are a Shawmila you better leave me! It's obvious she makes songs to her love, not for her friendzoned friend. :)Ok, bye!