Lexie Liu - Love and Run (Official Music Video)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 12, 2019
  • Lexie Liu - Love and Run (Official Music Video)
    2030 EP out now: https://88rising.lnk.to/2030

    Directed by Ashley Armitage

    Edited and Colored by Sofia Dieck

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  • Ale TC
    Ale TC  4 days ago


  • Feni
    Feni  21 days ago

    So goooooodddddd 🔥

  • Carlin Vivian
    Carlin Vivian  21 days ago

    Oh wow how is it under 1 million :(

  • 悪魔s a t a n
    悪魔s a t a n  21 days ago

    why isnt she in the 88rising concert??? :( idk the reason why

  • syakira juliana
    syakira juliana  28 days ago

    she's underrated, we need more of her stans

  • aina computer
    aina computer  1 months ago


    I feel so much asian pride and love for my 88rising fam whenever I listen to any song on this amazing music collective.
    everyone forgets about us, the Asians, it seems these days. and we have so many talented, gifted, and intelligent people and create beautiful artistry whether it be glorious music like the artists in this collective or artists somewhere else or fellow Asians doing our thang or whether their art be joji making comedy and everyone laugh as filthy Frank (those videos were fucking art fight me)

    much love. I'd be honoured to one day be apart of 88 rising but I doubt but will forevs Stan!

    and yaaaa I know I'm Korean and white mixed.

    my mum lives in Korea and has for over 8 years so far on purpose and my family made a point to raise me with more influence from my asian heritage side which is no problem with me! but just to shut down anyone who sees me and tells me to STFU and call me white or something bc it happens a lot with white people I noticed irl but everyone else but thst odd mic og white people I've met (not all just a handful) that try to invalidate my asian half is hugely outnumbered and outshined by people who say they knew I was mixed or knew I was asian or said they assumed I was asian/mixed or even foreign but just didn't want to rudely ask but sry delirious rambling

  • Zico Lo
    Zico Lo  1 months ago


  • YJ T
    YJ T  1 months ago


  • hi i
    hi i  1 months ago

    she looks alike Feifei sun

  • Antony Cool
    Antony Cool  2 months ago

    Good song

  • ToxicRika
    ToxicRika  2 months ago

    This whole album slaps. I love you Lexie!

  • Ben Relegaño
    Ben Relegaño  2 months ago

    why they change the music video?

  • lu yee
    lu yee  2 months ago

    Broke up yesterday... Take my love and run, you make me insane I’ll take all the pain and the madness,Whatever goes down down down down down,Love you forever I’ll always be around,take my love and run, I’ll still be strong

  • Sisca Claudya
    Sisca Claudya  2 months ago

    woaw 💕

  • faathir muhammad
    faathir muhammad  2 months ago +1

    Chinese Rihana

  • Setting Mind Music
    Setting Mind Music  3 months ago +2

    My fav song my lexie also happens to be the least viewed. People are sleeping on this.

  • 噩神
    噩神  3 months ago


  • Daniel Right
    Daniel Right  3 months ago

    Remind Shu Ci best years)

  • Ankitha Macha
    Ankitha Macha  3 months ago

    she kinda looks like beauty from asntm

  • Woodoo Alex
    Woodoo Alex  3 months ago

    На пришельца похожа