MLB Instant Karma

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 7, 2019
  • I love a little revenge! I love it when a person celebrates too early and chokes! #Comedy #Baseball #WesleyAPEX

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    Outro Song - In Your Face by Children of Bodom

    *** i do Not own any rights to the video clips used. All rights belong to the MLB. This is strictly a video made by a fan for fans! ***


  • WesleyAPEX
    WesleyAPEX  3 months ago +18

    Subscribe to my fishing channel!

  • Hikku Rikku
    Hikku Rikku  9 hours ago

    2:40 I love how Beltre just protects everyone from a fight! this guy really loves the game!

  • Motion Forgixn
    Motion Forgixn  7 days ago

    the moraleys one isn’t karma

  • Injustice Anywhere Threatens Justice Everywhere

    That last one was staged as fuck.

  • Shane Mitchell
    Shane Mitchell  7 days ago

    2:05 first base coach taking the place of the runner

  • Washed Otaku
    Washed Otaku  7 days ago

    This last guy xD

  • Isabel Garcia
    Isabel Garcia  7 days ago +3

    Am I missing something how is the one with Gomez slipping after his bat broke karma?? What did he do

  • eastbro
    eastbro  14 days ago

    How was the Angel's win Karma? It was a Grand Slam at the Bottom of the 10th?
    What about Toronto's elimination of Texas after the brawl ?

  • Dave
    Dave  14 days ago

    Texas Rangers are trash and so are their fans.

  • Hunters of the Wild

    I fucking hate odoer

  • Lisabeth Chiu
    Lisabeth Chiu  21 days ago

    Well he is mike trout so ya

  • VFD13 O.
    VFD13 O.  21 days ago

    the stanton one is on jackie robinson day

  • Christopher Francis

    Love the Bodom at the end!

  • Benjamin Voegele
    Benjamin Voegele  21 days ago +1

    How was the Morales celebration karma???

  • Thomas H
    Thomas H  21 days ago

    The way the hype just dies down after Morales fucks his sad. Glad he won the World Series later on.

  • CrociatoAzzurro
    CrociatoAzzurro  21 days ago

    That was not a bat flip by Morales. Not in the category of Karma. He's played for my team before and the guy is a very respectful person. Video gets a Thumbs Down.

  • CrociatoAzzurro
    CrociatoAzzurro  21 days ago

    5:33 - 6:00

    These two Boston announcers are idiots. Why would 2 players who's first language is Spanish be speaking to each other in English and say "I'll get you back" ?

  • Cheap Reviews
    Cheap Reviews  21 days ago

    You saw what Beltre did kids? thats how you do it. if a fight breaks out, no matter what, always hold the other person, not your friend/teamate.

  • Daniel Boles
    Daniel Boles  28 days ago +1

    You know, as a Rangers fan, I really would've loved to have a title. But, at least I know people all over the country got joy out of Bautista getting punched out

  • Macey St. Lawrence

    2019 anyone👇! Great video. Good idea for it