$40 Gym Vs. $10,000 Gym

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 3, 2018
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  • aprilblenk  1 years ago

    For 10,000 dollars, I wanna walk in an instantly have abs.

  • Rachel mac  21 days ago

    I thought it was only 144 a month or something

  • Janae Miller Media  2 months ago

    LOL! Right!

  • Black ★  9 months ago

    Mate a $40 gym is already expensive.

  • Emil Zeynalli  7 days ago

    Gym which I go to in my country is like 15 manat which makes around 9 dollar

  • Tín Phạm  10 days ago

    I go to 1 dollar gym

  • Angela Mazzeo  3 months ago

    "it's called La Palestra". "that doesnt sound like a gym at all."*literally means The Gym in Italian*

  • siragoylas  yesterday

    yeah because everybody speaks italian

  • Youtuber  2 months ago

    yeahh from ancient Greek

  • Jimsy  10 months ago

    Wasn't expecting to see a man throw his USD10+K Rolex on the desk to prove a point about gravity.

  • jesse morell  17 days ago

    its 10k its not gonna break.. or get damaged

  • Cassidy Dyne  1 months ago

    not too mention the mans shoes he’s working out in are worth a cool $4000+

  • Toasted Buns  7 months ago

    It’s not about the gym tho,it’s the work you put in

  • You bet

  • Ryan  22 days ago

    Of course that’s true, but if you work smart you can get more out of it. While 10k is still a lot, having doctors, dieticians, and trainers to help you will get you in better shape than just working out just as hard without help.

  • Victoria  10 months ago

    Currently wondering why a pregnant woman is way more active than me

  • Mote  1 months ago

    @Stefanos Gos Big misconception. As long as she isn't lifting heavy weights she'll be fine. Our ancestors when they were pregnant still worked/walked miles.

  • FreshPrince ofRP  10 months ago

    That last place is totally worth it. I'm not even a big gym fan and I want to go there.

  • 0001 Gaming  8 hours ago

    @Frosty 😆🤑

  • Frosty  21 days ago

    It’s $833 a month there

  • PillowBillow  9 months ago

    That gym literally reteaches you how to walk!

  • Harry Cummings  1 months ago

    He taught them barefoot running lol

  • Opyx - اوبيكس  6 months ago

    Am I the only one who thinks the cheapest one is the best one ? 😂👌🏻

  • Shreyas N  3 days ago

    Mine is $15 a month

  • Shak Os  7 days ago

    Yup, go to the park and calisthenics

  • Fit n Fab  10 months ago

    I love how the world is slowly transitioning to eco friendly environments. 👍 but I love the idea and program the 10,000 a year gym is presenting.