Gianina ACCUSES The Girls Of SABOTAGING Her! | Dance Moms | Season 8, Episode 8

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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    Here is a clip from Season 8 Episode 8. Hope you enjoy!


  • Troy Becerra22806
    Troy Becerra22806  10 hours ago

    Canton Ohio? Isn’t that where Cathy lives what happened to Cathy?!?

  • Emīlija Paula Stivriņa

    omg just leave giganina alone. Those moms are way to rude

  • The Moe Show
    The Moe Show  yesterday

    When i hear canton Ohio i always think of the rotten apple cathy 😂

  • GallopingIzzy
    GallopingIzzy  2 days ago +2

    If the group falls apart... does that mean...

    my little kendal can be the next maddie? 🤩

    TIAM TAVAKOLI  3 days ago +1

    All I could pay attention was Gia’s foundation lmao.

  • Zeynep Ayse Saglik

    GiaNina is such a brat no offense

  • BLiNkOnCeREv .T
    BLiNkOnCeREv .T  5 days ago

    Sarah looked like she was about to throw hands HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Rehat Bhullar
    Rehat Bhullar  5 days ago

    Abby's shirt always says her name on it

  • Brianne Scott
    Brianne Scott  5 days ago


  • Jae’s Fun kit
    Jae’s Fun kit  5 days ago

    GiaNina always says that the girls are accusing her, yet she is accusing the girls

  • III hunted
    III hunted  5 days ago

    who else misses the old team?

  • Aleson Coleman
    Aleson Coleman  5 days ago +1

    I swear everything started falling apart after the original team left

  • Aoibhe Fahy
    Aoibhe Fahy  5 days ago

    Ought that gaining is a BRAT

  • Casey EDITZ
    Casey EDITZ  6 days ago

    Welp GiaNina is orabably a Brat
    Edit: well i love ellianna's dancing but i hate yolanda

    BADDEST KIDDO  7 days ago

    Tbh I thought the BRYNN’S mom was worse but Presley mom is worse like she so rude and she’s a bully

  • Taylor Briggs
    Taylor Briggs  7 days ago

    I hate Ashley so much. She’s so full of herself

  • Sophia Vlogs
    Sophia Vlogs  7 days ago

    It’s weird when Abby says canton Ohio.. and everyone doesn’t get upset about the candy apples. I miss the old dance moms

  • x._Gacha Daizy_. x
    x._Gacha Daizy_. x  7 days ago +1

    As soon as Abby announced that Gia and Elliana has a duet, rewind it back and look at Lilliana’s face? She looks so jealous, it’s clear that Lilly has always been jealous of Elliana, and to be honest Lilly’s mom Stacey is way more annoying and crazy than Yolanda! Elliana deserves everything but Stacey is always tearing her down
    Like and reply if u agree xx

  • It’s just me Nothing too special


  • Marina Reese
    Marina Reese  7 days ago

    Now this is a chance for my little Kendall ..........