Gianina ACCUSES The Girls Of SABOTAGING Her! | Dance Moms | Season 8, Episode 8

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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  • Kenzie ALDC
    Kenzie ALDC  1 months ago +6742

    GiaNina was being so bratty! But Yolanda tho
    tHiS tEAm iS fAlLing ApArT 💀

  • Angelina Official
    Angelina Official  1 months ago +1154

    Tell me a time when the OG girls ever had a fight or was this bratty...

  • Rida Hashmi
    Rida Hashmi  14 days ago +708

    At the top of the pyramid is...Elliana
    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Not even a single soul:

  • Saeyoon_5 :3
    Saeyoon_5 :3  14 days ago +157

    I feel like this new team Abby has is more bratty then the old one(Personally).Like if you prefer the old team comment if you prefer this new team.

  • Maddison Macphee
    Maddison Macphee  14 days ago +790

    These girls are turning into their mothers.. is that a good thing?
    -Doctor Holly

  • Oyin Olubayo
    Oyin Olubayo  1 months ago +7554

    I don't understand how Gianina can say the girls were trying to sabotage her when it's a group dance, I mean it doesn't do them any benefit if the group dance gets messed up

  • Lola Reid
    Lola Reid  14 days ago +550

    Not to hate but Gianina is always crying and not to sound like Abby, can she not stop?

  • life of Joulya
    life of Joulya  28 days ago +499

    Gia is a BRAT “I think they wanted me to fail” WHO IS YOU

  • Curly Self-Taught Gymnast
    Curly Self-Taught Gymnast  1 months ago +265

    The way Abby always says “Gi-A-Ni-NA 😂

  • Carly Mck
    Carly Mck  14 days ago +278

    When she said "Canton, Ohio" I thought the CaNdy ApPlEs!

  • AJAC 0910
    AJAC 0910  1 months ago +4282

    The OG's were so close and adorable sure they had their differences but that's nothing like this girls
    Edit: WTH! Thanks for the likes

  • Pop Studys
    Pop Studys  7 days ago +118

    Gianina want’s to be like Jojo,but her real personality it’s onlly like Kendal’s

  • kErMit uR LoCaL mEmE
    kErMit uR LoCaL mEmE  7 days ago +47

    Brady and his mother are the new Nia and Holly, unproblematic.

  • Chicken Sauce
    Chicken Sauce  21 days ago +228

    "The dance is called Blue Bloods"
    Jeffree Star: hold my eyeshadow palette!!

  • Dalilah Velasquez
    Dalilah Velasquez  7 days ago +59

    7 years ago:*girl not there but still gets top*
    girls:*claps anyways*
    This season:*dont even smile*

  • Catalina M
    Catalina M  14 days ago +88

    I die laughing everytime Abby says gI- A- nInA 😂

  • ALDC Dreamer
    ALDC Dreamer  14 days ago +71

    I just love how Yolanda claps for Eli when she was at the top of the pyramid 😂

  • Judith Alkuino
    Judith Alkuino  7 days ago +46

    the OG’s were with each other for 7 years and never fought.
    the new team has been together for nearly 2 months and have fought so many times already

  • Dajana Lucaj
    Dajana Lucaj  7 days ago +69

    These kids are turning into their mothers........ and is that really a good thing?🤔
    -Doctor Holly

  • DSTY
    DSTY  1 months ago +8205

    GiaNina is just like a younger version of her mother.