The sounds IMPOSSIBLE for humans to replicate

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 5, 2018
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  • Miel is a keeper if she didn't dump you because of that hair cut.

  • I Stole Your Waffles is Anthony still w miel

  • Young The children  3 months ago

    @ᗷᗩTᗰᗩᑎ yeah batman 🦇👱‍♂️ know better damn man

  • Lercci132  8 months ago

    Your girlfriend is cute but your not

  • MbS  20 days ago

    @Lercci132 omg i love you lmao

  • Bananne  1 months ago

    Lercci132 Seriously? I think a better question is, who hurt YOU? Whatever, people are so attention seeking these days that they’ll do anything for it. Not meaning to be rude, but come on.

  • Dimitri ello  8 months ago

    Why is everyone making fun of Anthony's hair? It just looks like spaghetti gone wrong

  • 0MindSwept0  20 days ago

    @whothis gayassguy that's the meem

  • whothis gayassguy  20 days ago

    Aren't you making fun of his hair by saying that

  • Pat Malia  8 months ago

    Poor Anthony... Clearly, he's too broke to afford a haircut! He's a Youtuber, after all!

  • Mirkachu  3 months ago

    He won 33k

  • Bowen Fei  7 months ago

    His old emo hair was way better

  • taryn beasley  8 months ago

    your hair makes me want to throw myself out a window

  • taryn beasley  8 months ago

    its a whole joke, he understood that. Why else would he heart it?

  • Travelbird  8 months ago

    @Tyffanee Lavely me too xD

  • xTheSecretDiaries  8 months ago

    what happened to your hair

  • MariTV  8 months ago

    He grew out for a costume and I think he likes it now so

  • Chase Hopkins  8 months ago

    First thing I thought

  • Whatzwiththizzz -  8 months ago

    I love you Anthony, but you're going to have to choose. It's either me or your hair!

  • voiurs  4 months ago

    His hair

  • Whatzwiththizzz -  8 months ago

    😳☺ Been here since day one! 😁👍

  • I agree with you,  8 months ago

    Jezus Crist Anthony your hair 😔

  • Dj .mp3  8 months ago

    @JC L *Jezus Crist* is our new lord

  • JC L  8 months ago

    Dj .mp3. *jEZuS*

  • Wesley Woodson  8 months ago

    Are you sticking with that hairstyle?

  • Dmac  8 months ago

    I like it lol at least it’s original and his own style. Anyone can get a haircut fr

  • Emmalyn Barclay  8 months ago

    what is your hair man