How Amazon Fends Off Unions

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 22, 2019
  • Amazon workers have held an increased number of protests over the last year, which is one sign that momentum to organize has picked up among some of its 650,000 worldwide employees. But unionizing efforts so far have not succeeded. Amazon increased minimum wage to $15 an hour last year and offers generous benefits. It's also fending off unions using tweets, training videos and internal hires. Watch the video to learn what unions are all about and how they could impact Amazon and its workers.

    *** Correction *** This video incorrectly refers to Amazon's spokesperson as Rachael Lightly. Her name is Rachael Lighty.

    Three big unions that are talking to Amazon workers are the Teamsters, the United Food & Commercial Workers Union, and the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, among others. Recent worker protests point to organizing efforts.

    On Amazon Prime Day in July, a handful of Amazon workers at a fulfillment center in Shakopee, Minnesota, went on strike. It was the first strike by U.S. workers during the company's annual sales events that started five years ago, and one of several protests that's taken place in the U.S. in the past year.

    Throughout Amazon's 25-year history, there have been multiple rumblings of workers trying to unionize. So far, none of the efforts have been successful. With record-breaking sales numbers and newly doubled shipping speeds, however, momentum to organize has picked up among some of Amazon's more than 650,000 worldwide employees.

    Efforts to curb union activity inside Amazon include a leaked training video that was sent to Whole Foods managers in 2018. In it, an animated man wearing a yellow safety vest says, "We are not anti-union, but we are not neutral either. We do not believe unions are in the best interest of our customers or shareholders or most importantly, our associates."

    It goes on to give tips to managers for spotting union activity. "Make it a point to regularly talk to associates in the break room. This will help protect you from accusations that you were only in the break room to spy on pro union associates." Amazon notes the training video has not been used since last year and says it was in compliance with the National Labor Relations Act.

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    How Amazon Fends Off Unions


  • Bob Wieland
    Bob Wieland  28 minutes ago

    If you join a union then your just a machine and no better then the worst worker in your field unions destroy our jobs

  • Mark Wexler
    Mark Wexler  12 hours ago

    Stale and tired arguments. Unions no longer have a place since working conditions and pay are much better plus unions crowd out labor. Not to mention federal labor laws do the job of workplace compliance that unions used to do. Time and time again when given a choice, the majority of workers don't want unions. It's big labor unions that push the union issue simply to bolster the declining membership while creating these strawman arguments that leftist professors roll out each semester to the fools susceptible to the propaganda. It's these useful idiots that march in place of actual workers for class credit, they are even in this video. Oh and the narrator is beyond boring.

  • Aaron Wantuck
    Aaron Wantuck  17 hours ago

    The ONLY reason why Amazon now pays $15-20 per hour and offers benefits is becasue Sanders proposed a bill that would make companies like Amazon pay extra federal taxes for every worker they employed that was on government assistance.. aka food stamps, housing and so on so the corporate welfare would not be passed onto to the tax payer.

  • Rohit Singh
    Rohit Singh  19 hours ago

    Who benefits from the unions? Not the workers for sure.
    Union is a sham that is ran by power hoggers who wants the power of Numbers but everything favors them and only them. You do not have to take my word as truth, just go and see the life of a worker related to a union and compare it with the life of Union office bearers.

    Am I against Unions, no but I cannot put my trust. If employer is a satan than believe me Union leader is at least an Imp as none of them cares about worker.

  • ant cri
    ant cri  22 hours ago

    Unions, Where laziness, ineptitude, and indifference will take you just as far as hard work, skill, and dedication. The purpose of a union is to keep the upper echelon union leaders rich.

    FEAR NOT  23 hours ago

    Most employees do not work the honest eight hours.We are sometimes late or leave early or just don't run flat out eight hours a day.But we want it to be fair. If we got what we deserve wonder what that would look like.

  • Al Foster
    Al Foster  yesterday

    They raise money for the Democrat party, quit lying. Unions were useful in the day less so now. I like the threat of a Union rather than the Union itself.

  • Eric
    Eric  yesterday

    Better keep that union talk quiet else you'll be looking for another job! I've seen it happen all to often

  • T. H.
    T. H.  yesterday

    Im a amazon stock holder.
    Do not unionize amazon!

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker  yesterday

    Rachel Lightly said it all. You lazy workers need to find a lazy unionized job!

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker  yesterday

    Progressive? A well paying job does not need to be progressive. It needs to do its business. Not your whines and wanting to pray during working hours.

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker  yesterday

    Those of you Amazon employees who purposely packed my pork rinds incorrectly need to be terminated and sued
    Amazon is to work not worship or decide what Amazon can sell!

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker  yesterday

    AOC lost the new you’re contract AND SHE BRAGGED ABOUT IT!

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker  yesterday

    Somalis this is America. Quit being lazy or get another job!

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker  yesterday

    No google you have no right into how to spend Amazon’s money or set work standards. You lazy idiot. You should be sued for inciting an unsafe workspace.

    The employees are replaceable even though they are not useless like Google engineers

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker  yesterday

    You go to work to work. Not to pray. If you get to pray I get to just goof off.

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker  yesterday

    Unions have NO right to tell Amazon how to run its business or how to deal with LAZY employees.

    1 . Humane workloads= I want to be lazy and still be paid.

    2. Job Security= I want to run the successful business into the dirt. You don’t see the full picture and no laws are broken!

    3. Stop unfair write ups=I did something wrong and don’t want to be accountable.

    4. Invest in our communities= I want you to donate to charities if our choice.

    5.End retaliation= take away the company’s rights to discipline and stop riots at work. On strike for a Union is o a lazy worker.

    Everything on thus strike board is lazy workers wanting pay for being lazy.

    “IF YOU DON’T LIKE WORKING FOR THE somewhere else and leave success alone as you are to lazy to climb the ladder. There are plenty of people who would love your job.

  • S B
    S B  yesterday

    Unions in MANY industries are a scourge. They destroy competition and often times secure contracts through unscrupulous methods. There's a reason unions as a whole are on the decline. Almost everything they 'fight' for are federal laws at this point. So at this point, they only attract lazy or unskilled workers. If you're skilled you have no problem getting work and getting fairly compensated for it.

    GOOSE  yesterday

    Unions are garbage and nothing but trouble. Don’t like it quit, trust me there’s someone gonna take your job and be grateful. Unions are 100% garbage, look what they did to GM. GM is barely turning a profit due to all the garbage they promised the unions. Fire them all and screw all unions and their members too!!!!!!

  • Jason Woodruff
    Jason Woodruff  yesterday

    Amazon workers have absolutely nothing to loose by starting a union.