Hurricane Michael - Category 5 Winds at Landfall

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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    Hurricane Michael made landfall onto the Florida panhandle on Wednesday, Oct. 10, as a major Category 4 storm -- the strongest hurricane ever to hit that region. 
    Hurricane Michael’s Maximum sustained wind speed was the strongest since Hurricane Andrew came ashore in 1992. The National Hurricane Center clocked Michael's sustained wind speed at 150 mph (240 kph) just before noon local time on Wednesday, Oct. 10.

    Storm Chaser Jeff Piotrowski arrived at Mexico Beach, Florida on October 09, 2018. He began filming along the Florida coast and LiveStreaming via Twitter’s Periscope and on his YouTube Channel Tornado Alley Video. Jeff never skirts the issue. He is know to “tell it like it is” and as he was filming along the coastline, looking at all of the beach homes he said. It will all be gone tomorrow. It isn’t something he likes to tell people but if he can save one life, maybe that one family that was going to try and ride out the Hurricane…maybe they heard what he has to say and will decide to leave.

    Jeff wanted to continue Live Streaming the event but Verizon’s cell service went down and Jeff was barely able to get a small amount of radar data to keep him safe and could not stream.

    We begin this video just as Hurricane Michael was ramping up near Callaway, Florida. We hope to post more video of before Hurricane Michael made landfall and then aftermath footage.

    We ask that everyone please donate to one of the many, many charitable organizations who are on the ground right now, helping people with shelter, food and clothing.
    Also, lets not forget the fur babies who were lost during the storm and are now found, requiring care. The ASPCA disaster response team does an amazing job.

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  • PublicCommerce  (Oct 16, 2018)

    It's a good thing he got that notification to tell him there were high winds in the area.

  • Robert Sproull  (Nov 27, 2018)

    They send out extreme wind warnings when shit is about to get REALLY bad

  • hebneh  (Oct 31, 2018)

    I know, because otherwise, without these warnings, he would never have known that dangerous high winds were occurring and could impact him.

  • Y T  (Oct 16, 2018)

    I love how excited Jeff was when he was in the eye.

  • Loww Ryder  (Nov 3, 2018)

    Awesome video. Was this the same dude that videoed the ecclipse from an airline.

  • Dakota klaers  (Oct 31, 2018)

    I was in the eye and i think i got a better video of it. It was beautiful. Video of the eye not the storm, i recorded the storm from my front porch in a neighborhood and not in the city like his

  • Neal Richards  (Oct 16, 2018)

    Only Jeff could find the largest naturally occurring wind vane in the continental U.S. by chance.

  • Jerry Traveler  (Oct 21, 2018)

    lol.True Stroy

  • YESHUA HAMASHIACH  (Oct 17, 2018)

    frmHIShrt yes your 100percent right there

  • Colt 45  (Oct 21, 2018)

    Amazing footage of the eye in that monster storm. Great job but dangerous I heard him praying, glad you made it safe.

  • toneofease  (Oct 16, 2018)

    might be the best footage i've ever seen

  • It must be special to be in the eye of a near Cat 5 hurricane. You even got footage of the stadium effect. Best video of Michael by far. That's a money maker right there!

  • fuzzy orange  (Mar 18, 2019)

    Been there done that..camille and Katrina...

  • The Engineer  (Nov 26, 2018)

    +Death Angel You're a special kind of prick! So many people have lost everything including me, and really we're all just lucky to be alive

  • Steven Garnham  (Oct 18, 2018)

    This dude must've been in heaven. As much as they love chasing super cells and tornadoes this must've been the mother of all storms for chasers. 155 mph winds in a storm lasting a couple hours. Dayum.

  • Erocktha Zrock86  (18 hours ago)

    +John Thompson Well the best thing is that you did survive. I know you lost a lot. But it could have been way worse...So did you rebuild? I'll check it out.

  • John Thompson  (1 day ago)

    My place was destroyed. There is a couple short videos I uploaded of my old place. And thanks I am glad I survived as

  • VeeDubTDI  (Oct 16, 2018)

    Absolutely incredible video, Jeff! The shots from inside the eye wall were simply awesome.

  • hebneh  (Oct 19, 2018)

    I'm baffled how that one Walgreen's sign remained intact in all of this mayhem.

  • Sparky Jones  (Nov 2, 2018)

    Duh.... it's walgreens. M'kay?

  • Muhammad Zeeshan  (Oct 31, 2018)

    Made of Real Steel maybe :)

  • RitaMae W  (Oct 16, 2018)

    Not for rebroadcast. Hopefully it won't get stolen without giving you credit like the BP sign.