Hurricane Michael - Category 5 Winds at Landfall

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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  • PublicCommerce
    PublicCommerce  10 months ago +172

    It's a good thing he got that notification to tell him there were high winds in the area.

  • Y T
    Y T  10 months ago +89

    I love how excited Jeff was when he was in the eye.

  • Neal Richards
    Neal Richards  10 months ago +121

    Only Jeff could find the largest naturally occurring wind vane in the continental U.S. by chance.

  • hebneh
    hebneh  10 months ago +70

    I'm baffled how that one Walgreen's sign remained intact in all of this mayhem.

  • David & Chloe Anuszewski
    David & Chloe Anuszewski  10 months ago +69

    It must be special to be in the eye of a near Cat 5 hurricane. You even got footage of the stadium effect. Best video of Michael by far. That's a money maker right there!

  • Colt 45
    Colt 45  10 months ago +18

    Amazing footage of the eye in that monster storm. Great job but dangerous I heard him praying, glad you made it safe.

  • Steven Garnham
    Steven Garnham  10 months ago +25

    This dude must've been in heaven. As much as they love chasing super cells and tornadoes this must've been the mother of all storms for chasers. 155 mph winds in a storm lasting a couple hours. Dayum.

  • toneofease
    toneofease  10 months ago +22

    might be the best footage i've ever seen

  • MIke The Wood Worker
    MIke The Wood Worker  10 months ago +23

    A hurricane is just like a tornado but it just keeps on giving that’s just crazy video thank you for the share

  • RitaMae W
    RitaMae W  10 months ago +9

    Not for rebroadcast. Hopefully it won't get stolen without giving you credit like the BP sign.

  • Rey Alonsagay
    Rey Alonsagay  10 months ago +12

    This footage really reminded me of Super Typhoon Haiyan roaring through the Philippines. It will be a long rehabilitation for the people affected by the storm.

  • Kevin's Bible Study and Current Events

    Amazing video of Hurricane Michael!

  • VeeDubTDI
    VeeDubTDI  10 months ago +13

    Absolutely incredible video, Jeff! The shots from inside the eye wall were simply awesome.

  • Guttablk hoodstarr
    Guttablk hoodstarr  10 months ago +19

    Jeff you are the super human of the world I thank you for your braveness been following you a long time on periscope I only report to you get the real weather news you don't sugar code ish lol (blue shed)

  • Chris Meyer
    Chris Meyer  10 months ago +13

    Cannot overstate the surreal ness and the feeling with the pressure change inside the eye. I’ve only once experienced being in eye of the storm and it’s just so incredible and awesome to experience!

  • Rod Silver
    Rod Silver  10 months ago +9

    You are my hero!!! You may never see one like that again.

  • Wolfie 27
    Wolfie 27  8 months ago +4

    I happened to be in this...
    We lost so much...
    All of our neighborhood gone.
    My house somehow stood.
    We had no power for a week..
    We couldn't go to school for 3 weeks, we had no signal so we couldn't get ahold of our loved ones...
    Everyone was so scared...
    I still can't believe I'm alive after all of this...
    All of the old building I went to when I was little...Gone...
    All of the memories flashed before my eyes...
    No body new it was going to be this bad...
    It was just supposed to be a category 2....The next day it was a 3....The next morning a 4...
    God I still remember the wind..
    The sound will never leave my head...
    Hurricane Michael may have taken our homes...Our towns or city's, but it will never take the memories we had...

  • gypsycyn1
    gypsycyn1  5 months ago +2

    This is in Callaway at the corner of highway 22 and Tyndall parkway. The media keeps showing Mexico Beach, which is bad, but Callaway, Parker, Tyndall AFB, Panama City, Springfield, Southport, Lynn Haven, Bayou George, Youngstown, Fountain, St. Joe Beach...these areas got smashed and most won't make the news. Drive through most of these areas and it's like time stood still and the storm just happened yesterday. I'm so grateful that my house survived, damaged but still here. So many lost everything.

  • Heather Forrester
    Heather Forrester  10 months ago +36

    Incredible footage as always, Jeff. That holy grail shot of the eye opening was literally amazing and beautiful, although contained within a massive path of destruction. Would you say that Michael tops Harvey as a wind destruction event, while Harvey tops Michael as a flooding destruction event?

  • Debbie Hund
    Debbie Hund  10 months ago +15

    There was an article I read somewhere that there is a good possibility, due to how low the barometric pressure got with this beast, that the NWS/NOAA could reclassify this as a Cat 5 once all the data has been analyzed.