Ultimate Show Off Fail Compilation | Worst Show Off Fails And Crashes | 2017

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 25, 2017
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  • IVAN  2 years ago

    i was laughing soo hard when the yellow corvette did a clutch burnout😂😂😂

  • Lmao!

  • matthew kane  1 months ago

    Do you think he had the E brake on? I think those dudes owe me $600..

  • Here to hear  1 months ago

    Damn! These people with "smart" phones are like flies on shit, running to every mishap.

  • deminybs  3 hours ago

    @Gregor Jamieson I might xD

  • Gregor Jamieson  3 hours ago

    @deminybs WE don't have every version. Those ppl have it on their phones lol we have one version. Unless of course you've tracked down all the other ppls videos that they shared to YouTube and felt compelled to post this comment on them all 😆😆

  • onewheeldrive Lin  8 months ago

    Good luck getting you new clutch and flywheel installed with dat six hundred dollars.

  • paypatay1  2 months ago

    5:30 when shirtless he-man has to pick up his bike then put on his fanny pack

  • peter olsen  15 days ago

    paypatay1 , me too!

  • Mase Sharp  19 days ago

    Biggest meathead wanker ever. So much attitude, so few brains

  • Dave Belisle  2 months ago

    The clip of the yellow vette smoking the clutch makes me cringe

  • Fred Wojtek  4 days ago

    Guy filming "Uh that's not the tires smoking" Driver gets out, what? Yeah that wasn't the tires....lmao. Too much $ and not enough since!

  • Moises Rivera  5 days ago

    When he said bye 600 dollars I think he meant the tires

  • tjf4375  2 years ago

    No wonder aliens have never bothered invading.

  • no ididnt  11 days ago

    @Nodrodsky How about "every time some idiot pulls out his cell phone something happens"? It's the trigger effect.

  • ichiban2point0  1 months ago

    The aliens are waiting for humans to eliminate themselves so they can just move in.

  • A classic Vette automatically demands respect.. No need to show off

  • wcompto  5 months ago

    Nothing funnier than the tanning bed muscle man that face-plants in front of everybody.

  • no ididnt  11 days ago

    I can see that the "stupid" lamp was lit with a blow torch in the dialog below.

  • Richard Maxwell  1 months ago

    @Nommadd57 LOL

  • Emmett Williams  2 months ago

    I like watching these videos because it makes me feel better about my driving.

  • Denis O'Brien  1 months ago

    Volvos....made so safe that if an attempt is made to make them unsafe, they self destruct!

  • john hanrahan  17 days ago

    Mom: "While we're on vacation, you are NOT to drive the Volvo, OK?""Um, OK mom, sure. I'll take good care of it."