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  • Published on:  Friday, February 2, 2018
  • Why won't women respect me?

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  • Audrey Lacer
    Audrey Lacer  4 hours ago +1

    Around 6:30. Wow.... these jerks sound a lot like my mom. Like, when she talks a lot and she's only stating her perspective, ignoring what the other person's point was.
    She's about 49 at least and she still thinks the world evolves around her and she can get anything she wants if she acts like the victim. Karma sure is making her miserable.

  • Flavored Yew5704
    Flavored Yew5704  10 hours ago

    There are only 600000 words in the English language. I asked Siri so it must be right

  • Ephraim Shekelberg
    Ephraim Shekelberg  12 hours ago

    11:00 L M A O

  • Lemonade_Clorox

    oh god, my name is vincent and the third one just makes me wanna die

  • Lemonade_Clorox

    I am entitled to sex because of a fake and untrue title I put on myself.

  • Lauren Schnabel

    This one is my all time favorite!

  • Le plus grand bâtard hypocrite

    🎵 _I see what's happening here_ 🎵

  • Brianna
    Brianna  2 days ago

    I actually do express my actions through text, but only with my friends. Otherwise, it can be a little off-putting.

  • Supreme Meme Sk8er
    Supreme Meme Sk8er  2 days ago +1

    Im not not like other nice guys most rapists don't even ask

  • Dr. Hartman
    Dr. Hartman  2 days ago

    Why is being Dutch bad? :(

  • cube 88
    cube 88  2 days ago

    Bro the dudes roleplaying have to be trolling lmao

  • Disquietude
    Disquietude  2 days ago

    Voice overs - so good

  • Siliziumwesen
    Siliziumwesen  3 days ago

    Never stop singing please.

  • Caleb Burns
    Caleb Burns  3 days ago

    Actually, the number of words in the English language is indeterminate by virtue of its ability to indefinitely compound both native and foreign words, as well as its tolerance for synthesis of new root words. Basically English is a language that literally allows you to string letters together and create new terms, and failing that take words from other languages.
    I'm pretty sure I could describe my love for someone in less than an infinite amount of words.

  • Ceris Beech
    Ceris Beech  4 days ago

    I am pretty sure constantly bragging about being a nice guy after treating someone badly definitely proves they're truly 'nice guys'.

  • Maria Arzeno
    Maria Arzeno  4 days ago

    "I'm not like other guys/girls", said every Nice Guy/Girl

  • Gloria Alosio
    Gloria Alosio  4 days ago +1

    Thanks, Sorrow TV. This made my day. Lol. Stay woke.

  • Slickdown
    Slickdown  4 days ago

    1:20 lol you sound like that Text2voice guy

  • * *
    * *  5 days ago

    Just print out the text and send it to their parents. Hopefully they’ll take steps to teach their sons that this behavior is not okay since they failed to do so while they were young.

  • * *
    * *  5 days ago

    Is there some Incel class where they teach each other to take offense at women not wanting to be grossly accosted online and called names and how they can act like they’re the victim when women rightfully say no?