UNEXPECTED Fan Interference in Sports || COMPILATION

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 7, 2019
  • #Sportsfans #CrazyFans #Compilation

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    Today we present Fan Interference in Sports Compilation.

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  • tom edmonds
    tom edmonds  17 hours ago

    How did you not include the White Sox father and son fans who beat up Tom Gamboa of the Royals??

  • barrettproduction

    I love going to a baseball game to watch the game and catching fly balls. But not while it is next to the field of play. It just messes up the damn game, damn drunk's.

  • Burr Anderson
    Burr Anderson  yesterday

    The so-called music ruins everything.

  • Yungdaggerdick 69

    Has nobody realized the idiot at 6:23 was going to catch the ball with his phone in the same hand😂 wish they would’ve caught the ball and broke there phone that’s some funny shit

  • Amadou Diawara
    Amadou Diawara  2 days ago

    2:04 funny af😂

  • Tyler Bogaard
    Tyler Bogaard  2 days ago

    That hockey ref who full speed decked that fan was epic.

  • Dub
    Dub  2 days ago

    People are idiots.

  • Mikey
    Mikey  3 days ago

    This is why i watch soccer this shit happens like once every fife years in soccer

  • joel lara
    joel lara  4 days ago +1

    Why are there lots of ads? And why are there a lot of baseball clips in this video?

  • Jakob Westerlund
    Jakob Westerlund  4 days ago

    All the baseball ones are repetitive asf

  • DutchLeMan
    DutchLeMan  4 days ago

    patriots dont cheat.

    JNTHN WLLMN  4 days ago +1

    11:16 OMG!!! that's Stu!!!

  • SlitzSight
    SlitzSight  4 days ago +31

    Life lesson

    Never interfere with an ice hockey game.NEVER

  • Blood Time Maximus Full Throttle Productions

    8:50 is what you come for and, it ain’t much.

  • SB30 G
    SB30 G  5 days ago

    2:05 I saw that game I was there in Arizona

  • Rey Anthony Dahan
    Rey Anthony Dahan  5 days ago +2

    am i the only one who see Standhardinger 1:29

  • Brenda Shelton
    Brenda Shelton  5 days ago

    That man that faked being a coach 😄

  • Greg Georg
    Greg Georg  5 days ago

    It is not olimpiakos fans it is aek fans in the second clip

    SMOKEY  5 days ago

    Is there such a thing as expected fan interference?

  • Masondb07
    Masondb07  5 days ago

    It pisses me off the most when the dam fans catch the ball and the players are two inches from catching people at just fucking retarded