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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 6, 2018
  • Please watch in HD.
    Feedback is very appreciated.

    I finally did another Grey Anatomy edit after such a long time and couldn't be more excited to show you the result.
    There are barely any Lexie Grey edits on Youtube so here you go.
    I tried to show everything she had to deal with over time.
    And yeah I know that's George's funeral at the end but Lexie never had one so dont judge me.

    Program - Imovie
    Fandom - Greys Anatomy
    Character - Lexie Grey
    Music - Boy Epic - Say something
    Twitter - ohninangel

    - I own nothing but the editing -


  • Orian Vaknin
    Orian Vaknin  a years ago +323

    I love this video It’s beautiful 😍 I miss My Lexie and Mark

  • Maria Martinez
    Maria Martinez  4 days ago

    What episode is 1:38 from??

  • Jess H
    Jess H  7 days ago

    She deserved so much better. I love her so bloody much 💔💔

  • Jess H
    Jess H  7 days ago +2

    I miss my angel so bloody much!!

  • Dawnsss
    Dawnsss  21 days ago

    I was crying the whole time

  • Houghton Lad
    Houghton Lad  21 days ago

    apart from everything on this video but has anyone played detroit become human because the bald black guy is a character on it

  • Jaylen Elizabeth
    Jaylen Elizabeth  1 months ago

    my lexipedia’ 😩💘

  • adamari
    adamari  1 months ago +4

    Lexie was there for everyone. But no one was ever there for her except mark. But when she broke up with mark she truly had no one. She was broken and that hurt me. Her character deserved better

  • Mikaelson R
    Mikaelson R  2 months ago

    1:03 ep?

  • nagia_mpo_ 01
    nagia_mpo_ 01  2 months ago

    does she have a funeral?

  • Magda Tabagari
    Magda Tabagari  2 months ago

    1.38 what epizode??

  • •S e n p a i• •Z x r a•

    Were Lexie and meredith siblings?

  • morgan sonnier
    morgan sonnier  2 months ago

    i love Lexie and she deserved so much better

  • Alexis Iván Mendez
    Alexis Iván Mendez  2 months ago

    I am not crying, I Swear, I am fine.

  • Liddo Bella
    Liddo Bella  2 months ago +2

    The best ones always die😫😭

  • Simply Naomi
    Simply Naomi  2 months ago

    Lexie was destined for greater then settle graces she deserve to be at a hospital with people who cared too people who understood the way she thinks and acts she deserved better I love you lexie❤️

  • Megan Mahoney
    Megan Mahoney  2 months ago +1

    I love Lexie so much...We are very similar....She was a person I could really identify with😭I am like her....I‘ve experienced many things she have too....

  • trisha tran
    trisha tran  3 months ago

    seeing the episodes where amelia, maggie, and meredith living as sisters and taking care of each other i just wish lexie had been a part of that

  • Gacha Eilish
    Gacha Eilish  3 months ago +1

    Uhhh I love Chyler Leigh so much!!!! And I am so happy becouse my name is Lexy too. But her name is LexIE and my name LexY but that‘s not problem. I miss my little Grey :(. And I am literaly crying 🙊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Tiuw Piranhaw
    Tiuw Piranhaw  4 months ago

    Ooohhh im cryy 😭💔 perfect