Cersei's Death (everyone missed this clue)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 13, 2019
  • You’ll often hear people speak about the Three Big Twists to Game of Thrones Season 8. What we are referring to is something show Runner David Benioff once said: That there would be "three holy sh-- moments."The first was Shireen. The second was Hodor. And he said that the third will happen at "the very end."Here is one of my ideas for what is commonly known as the third big twist of game of thrones Season 8 ... Cersei's death, but not by Tyrion or Jaime or even Arya ... by TommenThis video is both an analysis of events from past seasons of HBOs "Game of Thrones" as well as Game of Thrones Season 8 theories and Game of Thrones Season 8 predictions.Early Access to Videos and Chat: https://goo.gl/8WmV1pSubscribe to this Channel: https://goo.gl/bkvygs | https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB3w...◑ Game of Thrones: https://goo.gl/U7wEce◑ The Witcher History and Lore (NETFLIX): https://goo.gl/Y912cg◑ The Witcher Gameplay: https://goo.gl/dK7p6R◑ Westworld: https://goo.gl/h1CGk3◑ Altered Carbon: https://goo.gl/P3Tcou◑ Stormlight Archive: https://goo.gl/uLQyrN◑ Ending Explained Videos: https://goo.gl/ufqHVp◑ Movie Reviews: https://goo.gl/dRsHGB#gameofthrones #gameofthronesseason8 #forthethrone


  • Fandom D. Saint  2 months ago

    Say whhhhhhaaaaaaa

  • Rick Sanchez  1 months ago

    That's a great Analysis.

  • Amanda St John  1 months ago

    LOL 😂 exactly!

  • Kris Hammer  1 months ago

    Cersei will die giving birth to an imp. Oh the irony that could be.

  • That would rock, but not so cool.

  • James G  1 months ago

    yeah, nah not happening

  • michael johnson  1 months ago

    Jamie says The things we do for love . Then Jamie Pushes her out a window ..... justice

  • Richie Rich  1 months ago

    Justice would be him saying that and grabbing her and jumping out the window with her to both their deaths. Since he was the one that pushed bran.

  • sp21981  1 months ago

    This could happen if he finds out that the baby isnt his.

  • nniiccoo190488  1 months ago

    You forgot to considers bricks, Cersei's kryptonite....

  • Tre Papi  a months ago

    🤣🤣🤣 Facts

  • Kiara Mackay  1 months ago

    nniiccoo190488 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • David Boucard  1 months ago

    Cersei wouldn't commit suicide. You overestimate her capacity for self-reflection and underestimate her capacity for self-preservation.

  • Zidoco  2 days ago

    I mean if D&D cared about wrapping up the story in clean fashion with all loose ends tied up, then maybe we would've have good closing character arcs, but then again, D&D.

  • Jose Ramos  1 months ago

    David Boucard totally ruthless too you gotta love GOT

  • Patrise Ella Army  1 months ago

    I love reading the comments after finding out how she actually died 🤣🤣 a bit more deep and imaginative

  • Momo Bella  1 months ago

    Hmm interesting theory but I think the red keep will fall on her whilst in Jamie’s arms.

  • Evan Abbott  20 days ago

    I have a funny feeling about that.....🤔😁

  • shourya tamta  26 days ago


  • Anthony Rivera  1 months ago

    I love how 0 people predicted how mundane her death would be.... dying in denial

  • S Dreaver  1 months ago

    I don't think it's Jaimie and Cersei who are from Targaryan blood. It's Tyrion. That's why he's always loved dragons, the dragons were chill and let them touch them, and his father always hated him. He knew he was the mad king's bastard.

  • Capitan Del Mundo  1 months ago

    @Travis Simmons nope...had "little people" at joffreys wedding so at least that part can't carry the statement

  • sheldon kowlessar  1 months ago

    Tyrion is a product of the Mad king and Tywin's wife

  • SailorMorgy28  1 months ago

    Narrator: "Here's some more evidence to show he loves her"Tommen: "I love her."

  • Vinnie Moran  21 days ago


  • bridge4  1 months ago