Quick D: Static Helicopter Blades

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 12, 2019
  • Captain Disillusion gets pedantic about the description of a common camera effect.

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  • Elielson Nascimento

    great video! thanks captain ! you're the best

  • Szpieg 2000
    Szpieg 2000  5 days ago

    3:15 camera is fake isnt it?

  • super autismo
    super autismo  5 days ago +1

    3:54 JESUS


    The production values of this video are unprecedented in youtube

  • MicEdge
    MicEdge  5 days ago +2

    My physics teacher showed this to me in class, and even he gave the wrong explaination.

    I think i have to quit studies and watch YouTube

  • gottarunmemeboi lolz

    In every video, i know the words, just not in the order you put them in

  • Hank Richard
    Hank Richard  7 days ago

    5:14 when I saw the red I thought is would say WASTED

  • lance lin
    lance lin  7 days ago

    why is his hair blending in with the camera????? 3:11

  • Grickery
    Grickery  7 days ago

    I've done this by blinking very quickly, while looking at a ceiling fan.

  • Xppp1
    Xppp1  14 days ago

    I cant believe CD is fucking DEAD

  • B n
    B n  14 days ago

    Hi Captain D how can i send you a video to demistify

  • Timur Timak
    Timur Timak  14 days ago

    That moment of a ceiling fan falling onto a human head was very dissonating.

  • Marcus Vinicius
    Marcus Vinicius  21 days ago

    So if I punch someone and they dont see it coming does that mean they just need to adjust their frame rate ?

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black  21 days ago

    Is not a true Captain Disillusion video without him being injured, right? But if it happened in EVERY SINGLE VIDEO then it would be predictable and...

  • Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson  21 days ago

    The original video title was Frame Rate, but a load of photography students who think they know better "encouraged" the change

  • Luke Iannone
    Luke Iannone  28 days ago

    You were doing the ceiling fan at double time it wasn’t matching the right rpm

  • Mr. Cat
    Mr. Cat  28 days ago

    This guy is so god damn smart!

  • Rahul Koli 2
    Rahul Koli 2  a months ago

    man u r awsm love from india. thnx

  • s gg
    s gg  a months ago

    you are amazing you do it all alone with all those editing😊

  • deslomator
    deslomator  a months ago

    Now that's a crossover!