Top 10 Undrafted Players of All Time | NFL Films

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 11, 2017
  • Although undrafted, these players left their mark in the NFL as legends. NFL Films breaks down the top 10 undrafted players of all time.

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  • Manny Calavera
    Manny Calavera  9 hours ago

    Kurt Warner. I am one of a handful of NFL Europe fans (when it still existed) and I used to go to the Amsterdam Admirals games in the late 90's. I got a chance to speak to him once, and been rooting for him ever since. His story has been an inspiration to me. He is the athlete who comes to mind when I think of "never giving up".

  • Mitch Young
    Mitch Young  yesterday

    Fun fact...James Harris was drafted by the Buffalo Bills and then played for the Rams as starter at quarterback 5 years before Warren Moon went to the CFL.

  • Development Design

    10. Wayne Chrebet
    9. Tony Romo
    8. Rod Smith
    7. Antonio Gates
    6. Warren Moon
    5. Adam Vinatierrie
    4. Marion Motley
    3. John Randell
    2. Night Train Lane
    1. Kurt Warner

  • Carlos Torres
    Carlos Torres  2 days ago

    romo isn't even in the top 2 of the dallas cowboys - he cant be higher than drew pearson and cliff harris.

  • Carl Anderson
    Carl Anderson  2 days ago

    CFL and the NFL should merge, you'd be surprised how many great players are in Canada and not to mention they'd be apart of the NFL draft, they would have to adopt NFL rules.

  • Jim Land
    Jim Land  2 days ago


  • Bridget McArthur
    Bridget McArthur  2 days ago

    Tony Romo broke up with Jessica Simpson via text ON HER BIRTHDAY. EFF him!

  • Bridget McArthur
    Bridget McArthur  2 days ago

    Tony Romo broke up with Jessica Simpson via text ON HER BIRTHDAY. EFF him!

  • Google User
    Google User  3 days ago

    Apparently Warren moon was not held back because of his color... Once he showed what he could do he was welcomed in the NFL. I get so disgusted when everything is claimed to be racial by the media. If it was a racial issue they would have never let him be a QB no matter what... But if you really want to pretend otherwise I guess the media tricked you... How does it feel to be a sucker?

  • Ozair Hussain
    Ozair Hussain  3 days ago

    If Romo had the team Jerry built now, he might have made it to an NFC Championship Game

  • The Avenged Rev
    The Avenged Rev  4 days ago

    Jessica Simpson a 10?...yeah okay.

    Carrie that’s a 10!

  • brasspick
    brasspick  4 days ago

    24:08-24:10 Krieg with the Cards LoLoLoLoL!!!

  • Coach Bobby Wilson
    Coach Bobby Wilson  4 days ago +1

    wes welker?

  • Rad Raad
    Rad Raad  4 days ago

    How dare they disrespect tony like that

  • Jr
    Jr  4 days ago

    Jesus they straight disrespected Tony Romo

  • Jarret Dean
    Jarret Dean  4 days ago

    James Harrison?

  • Kobe Bryant
    Kobe Bryant  5 days ago

    what kinda idiot says romo isnt #1

  • Kishawn Todd
    Kishawn Todd  5 days ago

    Aaron Foster..? Why he not up there

  • T K
    T K  5 days ago

    Since Motley was bigger than most DLs of his time, in today's NFL he would be around 300 lbs with speed and agility...truly a scary thought.

  • Luke Haase
    Luke Haase  5 days ago

    I hope to see Philip Lindsay here eventually.