Lionel Messi - Impossible to Repeat? - HD

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 2, 2017
  • Many times we thought that some moments in the history of football were absolutely unique. But there is one man who changed everything - LIONEL MESSI. He has broken quite every record and proved why he is the best ever!

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    MagicalMessi - as magical as Messi


  • MagicalMessi
    MagicalMessi  a years ago +1071

    One man who has changed everything... LIONEL MESSI!

  • joepower007
    joepower007  yesterday

    Now six Golden Shoes Breaking Every recods, the most complete football player in the world ever, That's My opinión.
    Grande Messi !!!

  • William Sinkolongo

    26 more goals t0 700...go Messi go👏👏👏

  • NawFaL
    NawFaL  2 days ago

    What's there that messi cannot do... There will never be another Magician of football ❤

  • Prime M.
    Prime M.  4 days ago


  • Vadi Vehlan
    Vadi Vehlan  14 days ago

    I'm still wondering how come Messi not won single Puskas Award. What a stupid Fifa decision? Not even single goal qualified to be best. Something not right.🤣🤣🤣

  • Ishean mmo
    Ishean mmo  14 days ago

    we need an update 2019 more records broken lol

  • santi team
    santi team  14 days ago

    everyone: this is imposible of happening again
    L E O: ya'll mind if i yeet breaks a record
    Y E E T breaks another record

  • Dubai892JK
    Dubai892JK  14 days ago

    Messi has one problem now, he plays in Shit teams!!

  • Mithun das
    Mithun das  14 days ago

    Greatest video ever made on messi.

  • gopal singh rajpurohit

    I lv ❤❤this man 3000🙏🙏



  • Aarav Kalra
    Aarav Kalra  a months ago

    Now there will never be a hand of God goal because of var

  • Pat
    Pat  a months ago

    Who is the commentator at 1:45 ?
    Who is the commentator at 3:10 ?

  • Michael Caoile
    Michael Caoile  a months ago

    Fact ronalda is a GAY!! Messi is the BEST!

  • Hey There
    Hey There  a months ago

    Printing error he scored that goal in 2007 not 2003

  • Ahamed Rifat
    Ahamed Rifat  a months ago +1

    Really He is Unbelievable 😍
    Magical Messi 💕

  • MOURIYA Mouri
    MOURIYA Mouri  a months ago

    Don’t mess with messi

  • J D
    J D  a months ago +1

    Class. But who knows, maybe we may see a player as good. All we do know is, Ronaldo and Messi will never be eclipsed. No way. What they've achieved, and to stay at that consistency for so many years is truly remarkable. Only when these two retire will we truly realise how good they were.

  • 2Review2 mrgoda
    2Review2 mrgoda  a months ago

    Messi is the kinda of a player that u make in fifa and go on a amateur difficulty and just score goals.