Understanding Kingdom Hearts (and every other story) | Unraveled

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 27, 2019
  • Everyone wants to get caught up on Kingdom Hearts' story before the new game comes out. But Brian David Gilbert will do you one better: he'll help you understand EVERY story.

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  • Carson Sotelo
    Carson Sotelo  2 hours ago

    When he said “impetus”, I was thinking “cue Dark Impetus!”

  • TheKillLithium
    TheKillLithium  10 hours ago

    "everything else will make sense in kingdom hearts"....HA!

  • c s
    c s  yesterday

    types into google


  • Clicky McClick
    Clicky McClick  yesterday

    gonna continue to pester everyone about a BDG and Jenny Nicholson collab until I get one

  • elonwhatever
    elonwhatever  yesterday

    When in doubt. Nort a boy.

  • Keiku
    Keiku  yesterday +1

    "ya nort a boy" fucking broke me

  • Aqua Glow
    Aqua Glow  2 days ago +3

    “Kairi will continue to not matter”

    I mean... yeah

  • ASMRddict
    ASMRddict  2 days ago

    This is so GameTrailers

  • Mej Mouse
    Mej Mouse  3 days ago +3

    It’s funny how he said spoiler alert but I still have no idea what happens in Kingdom hearts

  • John
    John  3 days ago

    I need a BDG cover of simple and clean

  • Yamcha
    Yamcha  4 days ago

    Please full cover of Simple and Clean by BDG

  • nunyadiamonds
    nunyadiamonds  4 days ago

    my mom loves you lol i send her unraveled videos and she tells me shes cracking up

  • Callian r
    Callian r  4 days ago +3

    Person: This game doesn't actually matter to the overall plot! It's just filler!

    Me: It's Kingdom Hearts, nothing is filler.

  • Salvation
    Salvation  5 days ago +1

    Would've been hilarious if when Brian suggested that Sora should get norted, someone said "Uh, Xehanort already tried that in Dream Drop Distance and failed." Excellent video though, I have a full understanding of Kingdom Hearts now. Except Dream Drop Distance...Fuck Dream Drop Distance.

  • Jooj Guilhermo
    Jooj Guilhermo  5 days ago

    I want a BDG cover for simple and clean RIGHT NOW

  • Erathvael
    Erathvael  5 days ago +1

    I would love to see you try to explain Metal Gear Solid. I have never come across anyone who even attempted to cover that without sounding like a crazy person. And I worked in mental health, we had schizophrenics try to explain that series, and their efforts sounded like genuine psychotic babble. The non-gamer nurses thought they were just making stuff up.

  • Taco Luvr 156
    Taco Luvr 156  6 days ago +1

    "Return with the Elixir" where Sora, Donald, and Goofy come out with their combined experience to help save Riku and the King...

    Me: "Then immediately lose all of that experience in the next game" 😂😂😂

  • joshua minton
    joshua minton  7 days ago

    You know what to do next,......final fantasy

  • Racquel Marsh
    Racquel Marsh  7 days ago

    I think It's what people want but will never get.

  • julianto triwijaya

    So....much...heroes journey....to the point it became confoluted and confusingXD