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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 27, 2019
  • Everyone wants to get caught up on Kingdom Hearts' story before the new game comes out. But Brian David Gilbert will do you one better: he'll help you understand EVERY story.Subscribe to our YouTube channel! https://goo.gl/D8prdfLike us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/PolygonFBFollow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/PolygonTwitterFollow us on Instagram: http://bit.ly/PolygonInstaAnd for more gaming and entertainment coverage, visit www.polygon.com


  • Jinx McGonegal
    Jinx McGonegal  6 months ago +10166

    Please for the love of god, I saw someone comment this and now I can't shake this from my troubled mine - rank all Pokemon from least to most edible. Please, for the love of god complete this task

  • kikml22
    kikml22  6 months ago +2473

    "You sweet summer child, you babe swaddled in the cashmere blanket of ignorance, you ask too little of me." Is the greatest line ever written

  • Verikarma
    Verikarma  6 months ago +2234

    him going to the other wall and just casually revealing another conspiracy theory board is great

  • Seeker of Light
    Seeker of Light  6 months ago +2748

    "Kairi will continue to not matter" ... your prediction came true. The story keeps 'saying' she matters but continues to fail to actually make her matter.

  • edboy484
    edboy484  6 months ago +2324

    "Maybe the sword was a key the whole time, and when you stab someone with it, it unlocks their death"

  • Ben Snyder
    Ben Snyder  2 months ago +397

    "Who's this guy?"
    "Thats Vanitas"
    "... why?"

  • Joseph Delahunty
    Joseph Delahunty  6 months ago +502

    I feel like Tom Nook probably committed a lot of crimes. You wanna talk about that?

  • ChubbiestThread
    ChubbiestThread  3 months ago +281

    Alright but where does this all fit into the Legend Of Zelda timeline?

  • larvitarse
    larvitarse  6 months ago +1695

    did he make this just so he could make the ventus diagram joke

  • Christoph TSS
    Christoph TSS  5 months ago +929

    "Kairi will continue to not matter."
    Depending on your sense of humor, this line got either much less funny or infinitely funnier after the release of KH3.

  • Jack MacCormick
    Jack MacCormick  3 months ago +230

    "This is the Simarilion, or JK Rowling's Twitter" had me dead

  • Nick Tholen
    Nick Tholen  6 months ago +1128

    1/12 Introduction into the ordinary world: Brian comes into work on a fresh, quiet Monday morning, as if himself a spring babe, ignorant of the mammoth task about to be set before him.
    2/12 Call to Adventure: “Brian, the fans are clamoring for a recap of the Kingdom Hearts storyline, and we’d better strike while the iron’s hot with only days before the release of Kingdom Hearts 3!”
    3/12: Refusal of the Call: After sorting through countless fan theories and KH wiki pages Brian has a meltdown and realizes the story is completely absurd and that there’s something missing from his understanding.
    4/12 Meeting the Mentor: Brian meets with his most battle-hardened Kingdom Hearts fan-friends to seek clarification for the mess that is the KH story. He only becomes more confused.
    5/12 Crossing the Threshold: Brian begins making his heroes’ journey outline for the KH franchise, a task he’s all too eager to get over with. “How bad could a story full of Disney characters be,” he thinks as if to comfort himself.
    6/12 Tests, allies, enemies: Brian begins to layout the heroes journey through Kingdom Hearts which seems almost a simple task, at first.
    7/12: Reaching the innermost Cave: Brian rediscovers that the prequels and interquels and presequels and pre-interquel-sequel-sequels are a thing.
    8/12 Enduring the Supreme Ordeal: Trying to connect all the nonsense together almost brings Brian to his knees as he discovers he is still missing a piece of the puzzle.
    9/12: Seizing the Sword: Discovering the villains tridecagon; norting a boy; hilarity ensues.
    10/12 The Road Back: Brian feels confident he’s finally found the variable he needed to have true understanding of Kingdom Hearts and all its lore, though truly deep down he realized he had only sunk lower into the hellish pit of madness.
    11/12 Resurrection: Brian returns to work and finds a simple message on his desk, “let your heart be your guiding key.” He immediately burns it, understanding the implications it could potentially boast and his near final descent into his own world of darkness.
    12/12 Return with the Elixer: Kingdom Hearts 3 is released with a 4th on the way. Brian knows they’ll want a new video when they release it after the inevitability of dozens more sequels, interquels, prequels, and prequel-interquel-sequels. But how will he respond to the call?

  • James Lukens
    James Lukens  5 months ago +522

    You are the only person I’ve ever seen correctly name Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days as “Kingdom Hearts Three-Five-Eight Days Over Two” which is the official canon way to read that title. I’m thoroughly impressed with your due diligence.

  • debin
    debin  6 months ago +4896

    I’m sure this video also fits the structure of the monomyth.

  • Soko the bi
    Soko the bi  4 months ago +460

    Key componets to an unraveled
    .elegant start
    •putting stuff on wall
    •explaining things

  • Jei Bunny
    Jei Bunny  4 months ago +266

    Brian singing "Simple and Clean" is something I never thought I ffffFUCKING NEEDED-

  • Emma V
    Emma V  5 months ago +136

    The slow descent into madness as KH's plot gets more and more convoluted is both terrifying and hilarious.

  • MetanteiTriforce
    MetanteiTriforce  5 months ago +131

    That hot take on Kairi had me BUSTING A GUT that wasn't a prediction that was a prophecy

  • Tyler Folsom
    Tyler Folsom  5 months ago +89

    Dear Polygon,
    Never stop producing this video series.

  • TheDreamerExtreme
    TheDreamerExtreme  6 months ago +230

    "Kairi will continue to not matter!"
    I hate how true this still is