Making the song with TheOdd1sOut (Life is Fun - BTS)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 19, 2018
  • James and I made a song about existential dread called Life is Fun :)
    The song is here:

    Thanks to James for having a hilarious voice:

    Thanks to Oxygenbeats for the awesome instrumental:

    M Zhuli

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  • Edward Lee
    Edward Lee  17 minutes ago

    I ship it

  • Wade Moore
    Wade Moore  44 minutes ago

    "May I offer you a rat?"

  • YouTube Gone Wild
    YouTube Gone Wild  an hour ago

    I don’t like my smile because it looks forced

  • Carlos The Saiyan
    Carlos The Saiyan  an hour ago

    Boyinaband should try to rap rap god at a faster rate

  • Chaos Overseer
    Chaos Overseer  2 hours ago

    * You're too slow.*

  • Guinea Cringe
    Guinea Cringe  2 hours ago

    Realizing it’s Monday

  • Katelyn Law
    Katelyn Law  2 hours ago

    I don't mean to hate but I it concerns me when Dave doesn't post for a while, it always makes me feel like he is in a bad place. He hasn't posted for 3 months.. and that's after he explained he hasn't been well mentally. All I am saying is that I hope he is okay. Wich I doubt because he hasn't been posting on Instagram and I don't know if he has any other media than that.

  • Laura Contreras
    Laura Contreras  2 hours ago

    10:16 Haha😂😂

  • wedgeofedge ¿
    wedgeofedge ¿  2 hours ago

    Friday is close to Monday but Monday is the beginning of the week and Friday is the last day. O

  • wedgeofedge ¿
    wedgeofedge ¿  2 hours ago

    Every single number is half of something

  • haynster studios
    haynster studios  3 hours ago

    dave are you dead?

  • Camila Reyes
    Camila Reyes  4 hours ago

    Ya'll are my Brotp

  • Ben Baker
    Ben Baker  4 hours ago

    I ❤️ you James/odd1sOut

  • kjoijoko
    kjoijoko  4 hours ago

    The best part of live is living
    -James 2018

  • FiryGamer
    FiryGamer  4 hours ago

    prince ea kinda copyed dont stay in school

  • TheFuture Kingz
    TheFuture Kingz  6 hours ago

    James can you put this in one of your vid so ok (tomorrow never exited beacuse when u say tomorrow the next day its today not tomorrow WE NEVER BEEN TO TOMORROW

  • PokeGens Player
    PokeGens Player  6 hours ago

    6:55 that mii tho

  • Amber Williams
    Amber Williams  6 hours ago +1

    5:06 *When I hear a group of people say my name.*

  • Amber Williams
    Amber Williams  6 hours ago +1

    *May I offer you a **_Rat_*
    Me: *Is this a Fancy restraunt? LOL*

  • Normal Doggo
    Normal Doggo  7 hours ago

    7:19 I ship it