One of the Worst Man-Made Disasters in History

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 3, 2017
  • Residents of the valley of Vajont in Italy had reservations about a new hydroelectric dam--especially when cracks began to appear in the nearby mountain. Their worst fears were soon to be confirmed.From the Series: Make It Out Alive: Dam Disaster


  • Peter Gray  1 years ago

    And the most shocking development? No one was prosecuted or lost their jobs at the governmental level, despite clear evidence of negligence and incompetence.

  • MC matthew Cuevas  11 days ago

    that is so true

  • Richard Bool  14 days ago

    Thanks I was looking to see if any body had been charged with such negligence "Obviously you had the answer"

  • CrazyCaluz  1 months ago

    Gotta love the upbeat outro music after a depressing story 🤙🏻

  • phreak761  16 days ago

    @Adam and Eve our first parents You are going to hell.

  • jack mila  19 days ago

    @Craig Tucker yea I was wrong saying that is a documentary becouse it s not, but non becouse it aint serius but becouse is just a 4 fucking minute video, and why the fuck you talk about the 737 it s a complete different situation, camone man be serius

  • Josh Brobud  21 days ago

    One of the worst man-made disasters in modern history is the Kardashians.

  • plo  11 days ago

    @Aniko Gyurcs millions of people made them rich and they haven't killed anyone, get some perspective

  • Aniko Gyurcs  15 days ago

    Josh you are so right. The Kardashian’s are the worst manmade disaster !

  • DeePal072  17 days ago

    You can still see the dam, it resisted the pressure of the massive wave, without breaking.It's well built, only in the very, very wrong place.

  • Adam Bandel  11 days ago

    @plo oh look another fool who has no idea what he's talking about besides talking points he hears from scared people.Wrong. Nuclear waste takes up almost no space, and we already have many ways of utilizing it rather than disposing of it, and converting it. And on the horizon are dozens of new ways to utilize it. So...nope. Try agian you fearful pathetic pussy afraid of technology.

  • plo  11 days ago

    @Adam Bandel 'safe' nucleur plants all have toxic waste that takes millennia to be really safe. Concrete does not last long.

  • stiimuli  17 days ago

    "....making it one of the worst man made disasters in history."queue upbeat music and tagline "Its brighter here!"

  • Hidden Chimp  15 days ago

    stiimuli ya such a fitting outro

  • John Hurst  1 years ago

    Those before and after pictures are crazy

  • J B  15 days ago

    Mud flood.

  • i Love Cops  15 days ago

    Tim has a used SUV with 4 wheel disk brakes.

  • marshalllhiepler  4 months ago

    @ 4:01 immediately after the final words of the narrator: " ... nearly 2000 people died."A happy jingle plays and the message: "Smithsonian Channel, Its Brighter Here"Yeah, you might want to edit that. 😉

  • Genghis Khunt  17 days ago

    Outro is the same no matter what

  • Julian Hsieh  18 days ago

    @23hublock1 No u

  • Derek Mulready  1 months ago

    A similar disaster happend in Wales,I think the year was 1964/5 where a man made hill of spoil from the local coal mines was heaped above the village of Aberfan it destroyed the school most of the children died no one was held responsible there wasn't even an enquiry of merit.

  • Richard Bool  14 days ago

    Aberfan happened on October 21st 1966 there was no enquiry there should of been but Obviously the Givernment is the same now couldn't care less unless it stops their profits

  • Rory J Steel  18 days ago

    @Taffy Ducks I don't understand why you think, I require or desire natural disasters to have a high number of child fatalities?

  • uday bhaskar 0022  16 days ago

    *one of the worst man-made disaster**HBO* :- *( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

  • Teck Guide  13 days ago

    I feel your pain brother

  • “3.6 R not great, not terrible, like a chest X-ray”

  • User 3-12  15 days ago

    The worst man-made disaster in history?Government.