One of the Worst Man-Made Disasters in History

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 3, 2017
  • Residents of the valley of Vajont in Italy had reservations about a new hydroelectric dam--especially when cracks began to appear in the nearby mountain. Their worst fears were soon to be confirmed.

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    From the Series: Make It Out Alive: Dam Disaster


  • adjuster57
    adjuster57  18 hours ago


  • Malcolm Baldwin
    Malcolm Baldwin  2 days ago

    Nice going spaghetti diks

  • The Wide Awake Club

    I would be questioning the date? 9 1963 = 666. These events aren’t natural. These are satanic rituals.

    Making it the second man made disaster in history. Along with the corrupt 9/11 (INSIDE JOB!!) Tjose buildings went down via a controlled demolition.

  • Berlin Mark
    Berlin Mark  5 days ago

    Had never heard of it. Good to learn more history.

  • the rooster
    the rooster  6 days ago

    Still hiding history from the people? Like the bones of the giants.

  • Anthony Kerry
    Anthony Kerry  7 days ago

    Something similar happened in Kenya a dam broke and killed so many people. It was negligence.

  • Thefuzzy One
    Thefuzzy One  7 days ago +1

    Like the first nation said" once the waters are undrinkable .trees are ungrowable and air unbeathable only then will we understand we can't eat money"

  • 6 of 10
    6 of 10  7 days ago

    dams make the earth wobble off it axis specially when there not natural

  • Franz Huber
    Franz Huber  7 days ago

    How is that man made?

  • robertg305
    robertg305  7 days ago

    What a horror

  • Dane
    Dane  7 days ago

    I highly dislike it when narrators are told to narrate by trying to mimick a certain accent, mostly when they are trying to mimick the interviewee's accent. It's so dumb. Get your heads organized, will you? And, please, narrate with your own natural (American, British, or Australian) accent. I mean, it's so cringy and at times I can't even understand what the narrator is saying...

  • Justa Sarcasshole

    I blame all the people who seen the CRACKS and chose to STAY.

    TIKI TIKI  7 days ago


  • PRonda Music
    PRonda Music  7 days ago

    Do research there's a worst disaster in Albania or Serbia where whole town and valley flooded with toxic mud from a mine pool

  • torchman7
    torchman7  7 days ago

    HBO needs to make a movie about this

  • Bhupinder Singh
    Bhupinder Singh  14 days ago

    The worst man made disaster in history is fed.

  • Marlee Elgis
    Marlee Elgis  14 days ago +2

    Proves nature is more powerful than man.

  • Scorcher
    Scorcher  14 days ago

    Gone, reduced to atoms...

  • Snake Forest
    Snake Forest  14 days ago

    Pretty much a replication of the Johnstown Pennsylvania flood in 1889.

  • Brian Thompson
    Brian Thompson  14 days ago

    I disagree, President Trump is the worse man made disaster in history.