Why Actors Take Playing The Joker So Seriously

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 5, 2019
  • These Actors Went Through Major Transformations To Play DC's Joker
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    Joaquin Phoenix is the latest actor to tackle the role of the Joker in a live-action movie, and there’s a lot of focus being put on how much preparation he put into the role. After the performances by Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger, there’s a lot of pressure from fans to nail this character. Oh yeah and Jared Leto played him too.

    But why exactly do fans put so much pressure on actors who take on the role of the Clown Prince? When did this character become something that we expect actors to go super method on, and lose themselves in the process? It wasn’t always like this -- Cesar Romero didn’t even shave his mustache when he played Joker.

    In this video we’re going to take a look at the history of The Joker and how the media crafted a narrative that drove fans to expect a WHOLE LOT from actors stepping into the role of the Joker.

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  • ThePlatinumBloxer
    ThePlatinumBloxer  2 months ago +10189

    Joker: "Why so serious?"
    Screen Rant: Well here is why...

  • Brian Banegas
    Brian Banegas  an hour ago

    the media twisting things, huh? Not shocking

  • The Space Coast Life

    Bruce Jenner as the new Joker!

  • Ethan Joaneth
    Ethan Joaneth  2 hours ago

    Jarred did a good job

  • Justin Landsman
    Justin Landsman  3 hours ago

    Jared leto joker hair style is good and I have it but it's not soon in my profile but I got my hair cut to look like joker even though it's a reference for the movie joker and for the joker in mk11, I can change my hair style in 3 ways now that my hair is long in the front but short on the sides and back, that is good enough for me 🤡

  • The Shreksorcist
    The Shreksorcist  4 hours ago +1


  • Sascha Schneider
    Sascha Schneider  4 hours ago

    This character in my opinion is expression of bipolarity. It's like playing the white and the black swan at the same time. So far Ledger did the best job in this. But I havn't seen Phoenix' Joker yet.

  • Marco Aune
    Marco Aune  4 hours ago




  • Kayïm K
    Kayïm K  8 hours ago


  • Mr. Yare yare
    Mr. Yare yare  8 hours ago +1


  • David Dutton
    David Dutton  8 hours ago

    It's not Chekhov. It's not Raging Bull. There's no reason to take it seriously. It's a friggin' comic book. Also, I watched the 60s TV Batman all the time when I was a kid, and I never noticed Cesar Romero's mustache. Why shave it when you can cover it?

  • daniisaurushax
    daniisaurushax  8 hours ago

    I kinda feel bad about Jared, he tried so hard and ended up barely being on screen and everyone hating him lol

  • Gabriella Roth
    Gabriella Roth  9 hours ago

    Jared Letos joker wasn’t great more due to the writing. They turned the joker into a mobster instead of letting him be the crown prince of crime. The joker is very universally known as a psychopath with no morals and a very chaotic state of mind. Jared Leto attempted to play that character, but wasn’t able to because the writing turned him into something else which is why his version failed, not because of his acting, but because of the writing.

  • Andy Hubbell
    Andy Hubbell  13 hours ago

    We all know heath ledger was the ultimate

  • TK Kaado
    TK Kaado  13 hours ago

    Joaquin Phoenix looks like his own father with facial hair.

  • Christopher Thompson

    This narrator is super annoying

  • KanekiKen HaiseSasaki

    Joaqin Phoenix is the cost of all joker he is the start thats why Batman was born

  • starlord
    starlord  15 hours ago

    people hate on suicide squad joker....But I liked him, I could due without the laugh but its hard to do a joke laugh right.

  • NyNy's World
    NyNy's World  16 hours ago

    Jarod Leto was the best joker in my opinion even though the joker was mostly view as crazy he was quite stable in the head for the role which I feel is probably what made people mad he seemed more like a mafia guy or gangster but I like how he seemed deep into his head I can’t really explain it though

  • Stephanie Crabtree
    Stephanie Crabtree  17 hours ago

    Everything is a matter of opinion, and in my opinion I loved the role of Joker in the Suicide Squad. He took the role and made him human where he felt love for someone other than what he craved.... POWER... but still keeping him crazed