The Last Time the Globe Warmed

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 4, 2017
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    Imagine an enormous, lush rainforest teeming with the Arctic. Well there was a time -- and not too long ago -- when the world warmed more than any human has ever seen. (So far)

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  • Lala Haha
    Lala Haha  3 hours ago

    How does the release of carbon during the PETM compare to how much C we are releasing?

  • Paul
    Paul  yesterday

    Let's face it, no one is willing to cut back on their lifestyle to prevent global warming, so stop appealing to the public, governments around the world must contribute to making anti global warming instruments and gadgets, for example, huge space mirrors to reflect sun Rays away from earth, and artificial ground cover to absorb heat in the hottest dry uninhabited areas on the earth's surface, together these inventions will protect the earth for the future.

  • Allen Helton
    Allen Helton  yesterday +2

    Wait a minute, I thought only human industry and transportation caused global warming.

  • Gang Of Four
    Gang Of Four  2 days ago +1

    Not to worry disinformation man. We are heading into another ice age ! Nothing much to do with humans. The sun us the driver of the climate on earth !

  • Nicholas Walsh
    Nicholas Walsh  2 days ago

    Exactly one question: will winter still be cold?
    If not then I'm fine with global warming

  • abc stats
    abc stats  3 days ago

    Everyone have to watch this video to know the truth about climate change..
    Most Polluting country of all times ranking here :

  • Julio Casim
    Julio Casim  3 days ago

    Human are destroying our planet now.

  • walterk1874
    walterk1874  3 days ago

    And then we got hit again.? The proof is on the ground.

  • NEM
    NEM  3 days ago

    All these idiots that say climate change is a natural cycle and it has happened before don't seem to realize that in the past it took of thousands of years NOT decades!!!

  • Zen Maestro
    Zen Maestro  4 days ago

    How DARE you!!

  • Johnathan Miller
    Johnathan Miller  4 days ago

    70 million years ago the Co2 levels were at 4000 ppm . right now we are at 405 ppm . I think we have a little time . And look how much our technology has grown since 1900 . Do you really think we will still need fossil fuels in another hundred years ? And since 1900 we've put 125 ppm into the atmosphere .

  • j k
    j k  6 days ago

    The music is crap

  • MrRobtwothirds
    MrRobtwothirds  7 days ago +3

    It has been obvious for many years, even decades, that the human caused extreme climate change story is a scam. They fiddle the figures- that much is known, the CO2 causes climate change theory was debunked over a century ago- that is another fact, even if CO2 concentration makes a difference still humans contribute less than 0.2% of all greenhouses gases, they could not make no measurable difference anyway. Even when everybody realises it is a scam we will still be told we are all wrong, and they will continue the plan which suits the people who are in a position to carry out the plan- and that is very different to what suits the interests of ordinary people.

  • The Daemonic Nerd

    23 and 20 degrees? thats still chilly in my books

  • Glenda Locke
    Glenda Locke  7 days ago

    ive seen data that says the other way .so who do you believe?

    NOT SO SLIM JIM  7 days ago +1

    Is this like the 1978 film telling us that we were going to have a new ice age within 100 years?

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith  7 days ago +1

    Excellent video

  • Twining Is everything


  • John Auner
    John Auner  7 days ago

    The floating of the Earth's crust over the molten mass below is subject to change(right - wingers won't like the idea. that something big happened on Earth long ago.) - for example in a huge glaciation where Arctic Ice mass torques the Earth crust by 90 degrees - puzzling the fossil record. Rural internet sucks - so did not hear the spiel here finished - perhaps he addressed this event.?.?

  • B Haddock
    B Haddock  7 days ago +3

    Watched a late 1970's documentary on the coming mini ICE AGE. Voice over by "Spock". All science FACT backed by CLIMATE EXPERTS... Are these the same scientists the predicted global warming?