The Last Time the Globe Warmed

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 4, 2017
  • Try CuriosityStream today: like you help make PBS (Thank you 😃) . Support your local PBS Member Station here: an enormous, lush rainforest teeming with the Arctic. Well there was a time -- and not too long ago -- when the world warmed more than any human has ever seen. (So far)Produced in collaboration with PBS Digital Studios: thanks to Nobumichi Tamura for allowing us to use his work: to follow Eons elsewhere on the internet?Facebook - - -


  • Joe Murratti
    Joe Murratti  6 months ago +1126

    If only there was an organism on earth that consumed excess CO2 and let put oxygen. We could put these things everywhere. 🤔🤔🤔

  • Reaper
    Reaper  2 months ago +151

    the title of this video should be: when Greenland was green

  • Captain Stroon
    Captain Stroon  1 months ago +75

    Fighting global warming to save the rainforests sounds oddly counterproductive now.

  • Gary's Gaming
    Gary's Gaming  2 months ago +72

    Ahh come on guys don't worry about it, we are just one supervolcano away from becoming extinct and the planet gets a new type of life form

  • Penny Lane
    Penny Lane  a years ago +2041

    What's important to keep in mind is that a quantitative difference in the rate of change can mean a qualitative difference in the effect of that change. E.g. if the change is slow enough for a species to adapt, it adapts. If it's faster than it can adapt, the species is gone. Which in turn might cause other species to go extinct, even if they could've otherwise adapted.

  • Caspian Lee
    Caspian Lee  4 months ago +163

    I agree with you, 56 million years ago is not long ago.

  • Lawrence Veinotte
    Lawrence Veinotte  3 days ago +2

    yes we are still in an iceage, but iceages only make up %25 of earths climate history, a more normal/average earth climate is co2 in the thousands and zero year round ice at the poles.

  • daveat191
    daveat191  21 days ago +12

    How about a timeline between Ice Ages, sea levels, warm periods, the homo species, forests and desertification, super volcanoes and their relationships ending with current global warming.

  • 613Natural Fitness
    613Natural Fitness  6 months ago +22

    The earths history is so amazing and vast. Even if you spent every second of your life studying it you woudnt even get close to knowing it all.

  • TenThumbs Productions
    TenThumbs Productions  a years ago +1907

    Basic cable news should be swapped for Eons, that would be fantastic.

  • Libertys Son
    Libertys Son  14 days ago +3

    Republicans were driving SUV's and causing global warming 56 million years ago?!?! They are even more diabolical than previously realized.

  • owen suppes
    owen suppes  5 months ago +12

    I just want to point out that the Eocene maximum was not the same baseline we are dealing with in today's Holocene maximum( the narrator mentioned this as well). So comparisons of emissions and radiative forcing only go so far in informing projections.

  • Zenmaster6
    Zenmaster6  3 months ago +18

    I just want to say that I am a fossil collector and hunter and (you can see in my profile) I have found huge Palm fronds from the Paleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum event as far north as British Columbia Canada.

  • Neil Óg
    Neil Óg  2 months ago +56

    "..the climate began to cool..." The Ice Ages are death events through freezing. Long live CO2!

  • jamesklr1
    jamesklr1  21 days ago +4

    Why didn't they use hybrid vehicles?
    Didn't they get woke

  • Triggered Wehraboo machine gunner

    So there going to be alot of rain forrest instead of deserts? I TAKE MY HORSE TO THE OLD ALABAMA

  • Carlos Sanchez
    Carlos Sanchez  7 days ago +8

    When you buy land in the artic for future housing. Stonks!!

  • Vitlaus
    Vitlaus  7 days ago +5

    Screw this nerd, rainforests should cover the globe . . . Mwahahahaha

  • Shirin Rose
    Shirin Rose  a years ago +145

    I wonder what it was like in the rainforests at the poles during the long night of winter.

  • no way
    no way  1 months ago +4

    Maybe some crazy ancient industry let its pollution get out of control, humanoid of some species