Lexie Liu - Nada (Official Video)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 18, 2018
  • Lexie Liu - Nada (Official Video)Stream/download "Nada" now: https://88rising.lnk.to/LexieLiuNadaProduction by Bijan AmirDirected by mamesjaohttps://instagram.com/mamesjaoFollow Lexie:https://instagram.com/lexieliu_https://twitter.com/LexieLiuBoxinhttps://facebook.com/LexieLiuBoxin


  • monyonk89  6 months ago

    Me when I open my wallet. Nada.

  • Edyson Classified  2 months ago

    NADA in Spanish translates to "nothing" in

  • Wanda  3 months ago

    I dont understand this

  • Not Vince Offer  5 months ago

    Why she look like the sexy fish from Shark Tale

  • Qr Gr  27 days ago

    Not Vince Offer Im done

  • Viktor Tittel  1 months ago

    i hope she doesn't smell like one hahahahaha

  • Dappis  6 months ago

    We living in 2018 while she's living in Tron

  • Anthony Manahan  4 months ago

    @ItzJust Sharp correct comment! #2030

  • ItzJust Sharp  4 months ago


  • Yosuto  6 months ago

    Damnn what a video

  • Debesuri de Canta  4 months ago

    https://fapgem.com/video/Xb60bo9t4Do/video.html tbm tenho uma música com nada

  • Lxopxrd.  5 months ago

    Will you set a club on fire again by this song ?

  • -Crusoe- Studio  6 months ago

    The way she uses different languages in the same verse to make things rhyme that otherwise wouldn't, is actually really impressive. She would be able to write more complex verse patterns and make it flow together cohesively.

  • e-kent  3 months ago

    white people are so basic

  • Latte Knowsbest  4 months ago

    lol its not that unique but shes still good at it

  • NAIM815  6 months ago

    bruhh her voice sound fye asf😱😱💣💣💥

  • I have fallen in love with Lexie Liu completely!

  • Pan  5 months ago

    Liu lol

  • He Ke  5 months ago

    She is Lexie Liu!

  • Sad Nut  6 months ago

    Holy shit this is absolute fire

  • H J  6 months ago

    This is why i love 88rising, thanks for letting me discover new artists

  • Par Fi Lov  5 months ago


  • Philong Tran  5 months ago

    She sounds like Rihanna. If Rihanna was Chinese. I like her how she mixes english and Chinese. I like it when ethnic artist mix both their native tongue and english. It helps the world be more accepting of the music and culture. There are other artists that do this, i.e. Jay Park, Kris Wu, One Ok Rock, etc.