GTA Online: Unreleased San Andreas Super Autos Cars Gameplay (Engine Sounds, Handling, and More)

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 29, 2019
  • In the last video we went over the dripfeed vehicles coming out on the Legendary Motorsport Website. This time we are checking out the San Andreas Super Autos vehicles set to release over the coming months.

    Unreleased Legendary Motorsport Vehicles Gameplay:

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    ED LOCO  21 days ago

    lol smell like a bitch 8:40

  • chicfilla The Amazing HD

    I like all of these cars

  • The Awesome Pie126
    The Awesome Pie126  a months ago

    Lol "waifu wheels"

  • xxxISCARIOT666xxx
    xxxISCARIOT666xxx  2 months ago

    “ without roofs...”

  • Cain Guzman
    Cain Guzman  2 months ago

    Trophy truck the gasser

  • Hadi LA County
    Hadi LA County  2 months ago

    Can’t see it

  • Enrique
    Enrique  2 months ago +1

    The 69 number on the Annis Hellion killed me lol

  • Venim_ 233
    Venim_ 233  2 months ago +1

    7:47 that takes some skills to break only the bottom sign... nice

  • 4K 60FPS Creeper
    4K 60FPS Creeper  2 months ago +1

    I swear every Arab will buy the hellion when it comes out because almost everyone in Saudi Arabia has this car

  • Dominic Vega
    Dominic Vega  2 months ago

    I want a four door e36 type BMW like the mafia in III. The hellion reminds me if the race SUV you get in vice city when you do all the car dealer missions

  • Brayden Davis
    Brayden Davis  2 months ago

    where’s the bike? 😂

  • Tyshown Ramirez
    Tyshown Ramirez  2 months ago

    Its 700k and 45,000 not 700 45000 thats not cheap plus you got to upgrade it

  • Official LilDm
    Official LilDm  2 months ago

    U just know people are buying the patrol for the 69 livery aahahhahaa

  • Ybermannen
    Ybermannen  2 months ago

    THERE IS A FUCKING VOLVO 242 WITH CAMBER DUDE. and you call it a "meme car" :( :(

  • Samus
    Samus  2 months ago

    Gassers have suspension set up like thet so they dont break stuff when they land after they wheely on a launch. Mostly engine mounts, cause they tend to have massive heavy engines, with custom mounts.

  • Real_Blackwater 1
    Real_Blackwater 1  2 months ago

    Any monster truck fan will recognize the last livery on the hellion

  • Daniel Crud
    Daniel Crud  2 months ago +1

    'Jurassic Changes'

    'Could outrun a T-Rex'


  • Roobert is Ded
    Roobert is Ded  2 months ago

    Mr.BossFTW Releases video about Hellfire
    I sleep
    GhillieMaster Releases video about all San Andreas Cars
    I WOKE

  • Liam Aldridge
    Liam Aldridge  2 months ago

    The engine sounds are changing with the more recent cars. They all sound unique, but also kind of flat. The hellfire was a very dissapointing sound.

  • Elite gamer123
    Elite gamer123  2 months ago

    The muscle cars engine sound so bland